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Richard and I will officially start house hunting next year, which is pretty exciting! But before we have even looked at any places, my mind is already going crazy over how I would like to style and decorate, and what’s important to us when we start looking. Bar the essentials like 2 rooms. We both have said the kitchen is important. We both love to cook, and we have lots of kitchen utensils…too many for our current kitchen! It’s just so cluttered! So I’d love to be able to put shelving up to store/display it all! Like this.


It’s like a mini kitchen for a professional chef! We don’t quite have this much stuff! But I love how organised it is!

There are some features we would love too! Kitchen island, doubles stove and maybe even a butchers block as an extra large chopping board..yes I know.. Big ideas! But when you think about it, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. You’ll cook all your family meals there, it’s often a place where people naturally stand and chat…it’s the heart of the home!

Although our kitchen at the moment is a lot bigger than our old one, it’s still no where near big enough for us! That’s why I’ve been looking online to figure out what I’ll need to do if we get a place and it’s not quite right. Of course, the first thing I need to do is create a plan on the features and DIYS I might like to have. I need to decide what I want my kitchen to look like and what features I want. Right now the first thing that comes to mind is subway tiles, with a mid grey cupboard and bronze handles…I think it would look good no?


You may want to complete the kitchen renovation project yourself, or you might want an expert to complete the work for you. Either way, I suggest that you speak to a professional before you begin. Even if you want to try kitchen remodeling yourself, they’ll be able to offer you suggestions on how to go about it. I think Richard and I would like the challenge of doing it ourselves…I totally think I could tile a wall…

I also suggest that you have a look online to find out what type of new modern tech you can buy for your improved kitchen. While the aesthetic of my kitchen is important, Richard is eager to fill it with new technology. He’s discovered a whole new world of smart fridges and heat induction hobs. One saves energy, making cooking easier and the other tells you what’s in your fridge while you’re out. Men and their gadgets! As long as I have a fridge, a cooker and a coffee machine…I’m good!

  Savvy Home Blog

Ok so this is like my dream kitchen!! Bright white tiles, but grey cupboards with copper features! With a breakfast island too! Well one can dream!

To decide what type of design I want for my kitchen I’ve been looking at blogs and design sites. There you’ll find images of completely laid out kitchens. Also check out sites such as Apartment Therapy for ideas and inspiration to help you make the right decor choices to suit you and your budget!

I feel like it could be a good year!

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