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 Bigger spaces can be super expensive. There are great space saving solutions that are brilliant in helping us get more out of our areas. But if there was a way to find more space, then who wouldn’t want to avail of it? If you live in a house or even a flat with an attic, there is a space above your head just waiting for your attention. Right now it might be cold and dark, or musty and unloved, but with a little imagination, it could be a great bit of extra space.
It might not look like it from the outside, but your roof space could hold a wealth of possibility. The best thing about it is the fact that you could get an extra room, without having to move, or even build a costly extension. You can gain valuable floor space with just a little imagination. This could save you thousands.

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How about an extra bedroom, home office or study? Isn’t the attic the perfect space for the inner writer and artist in the family? It could make a great craft room, library or even work out space.

Once you have decided on what you want to do with your extra space, you need to look at measurements. Space can be tight. This is especially true in cities like London where loft spaces are amazingly popular. A company like East London Loft Rooms will be able to guide you.

Some people can get put off once they poke their heads up into the roof space. Get up the ladder and fix up a light on an extension if you don’t have a light already up there. Shine some light on what your dealing with!

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As long as you can stand up at the highest point of the roof, you have possibilities. Velux windows will transform any space easily. Roofs can have dormer window spaces added, simply by building up from the existing walls. The amount of space you can see now could be quadrupled with very little effort and cost. Once the space is lined decorating can be done very cheaply.

Look at these cute loft ideas for inspiration!