So this is my second gift list from Etsy, my first was this one all with a cactus theme.  This etsy gift list is all about baby. I know so many people who are expecting, and I’ve spent hours searching on Etsy to get cute unique gifts that I thought I’d show you some of my finds…It’s definetly not making me broody at all..


1. Whale Bookends, Etsy, £46.75  2.Mountains and cloud mobile, Etsy, £47.55  3. David Bowie doll, Etsy, £75.60 (I totally want one)  4. Fox socks, Etsy, £4.75  5. Cloud baby romper, Etsy, £10.29+   6. Toy box, Etsy, £248.35   7.Wolf romper, Etsy, £35.66+



1.Unisex brogues, Etsy, £26.15+   2. Paper toy bag, Etsy, £14.84 (we have one of these and they are super awesome) 3. Baby bear flag, Etsy, £20.60   4. Elephant wall mount, Etsy, £47.55   5. Hi baby blanket, Etsy, £69.22  6.Flamingo leggings, Etsy, £22.19+    7. Cloud dream catcher, Etsy, £66.78


God I remember spending a small fortune on Etsy while I was pregnant with Archer. Including these lobster claw scratch mits, which I can’t find on Etsy anymore..


Look how tiny he was…but alos check out the awesome mittens too…i’m totally not broody at all.