Becoming an adult and saving money…



So in the last four years I have learnt to be pretty savvy with money. After I graduated I spent hours and hours every day applying for countless countless jobs…it wasn’t a great time, so much so I remember doing this post about my thoughts on uni and if it’s worth the money..ah good times…But after a year of interning a lot for free and doing the odd jobs here and there, I started Wooden Flamingo, and worked part-time doing bar work then marketing. So em and Richard from the start had to get use to living on a very tight budget. We still do especially now we have Arch, and we are lucky in the sense that bar my uni fees and one small credit card, we don’t have any deb. But even with our very modest budget, we try to save even if it’s just a little each month for a rainy day or a disaster breakage.

No having a home maintenance budget can be pretty important, especially if you own your house. That’s a benefit of renting, if anything breaks in your home that isn’t yours, your landlord has to pay out to get it fixed. But even if you rent it’s always good to have a bit of money saved.

You’ve heard of a rainy day fund, right? Well, think of the home maintenance budget as an emergency fund. There will often be problems with the property, and things you need to sort out quickly. It could be heading to to hire an electrician. Or it might be paying roofers to come out and fix your leaky roof. Whatever the emergency, you need to have money set aside to deal with it. We save money for potential problems such as our car needing work or if our washing machine or fridge break as they are owned by us. Just saving a little money each month can help with this, so if something unexpectedly comes up..your not scrounging to pay the bills.

If you give yourself a certain amount which can cover a variety of mishaps, once you reach that budget you can then start saving for something else a little more renovating your house or something more simple like doing up the bathroom.

Whether you like it or not, there’s no escaping the fact that home DIY is sometimes a necessity. If your like me and love it, it can sometimes be a constant list of things you want and need doing. We put a little bit money away each month so when I want to constantly update our home, I have that little bit of money to do it. Plus there are savvy ways to DIY on a sourcing pieces for free, or swapping skills with friends, so you don’t need to save a fortune.

It’s crazy to think how much saving we need or should do..I mean the idea of saving for possible repairs, wanting to save for a house, saving for Archer’s future..there’s no way we could ever be able to save enough, but a little bit is better then nothing and hopefully we have lots of years to save for Arch.