I think it’s pretty standard that when you move into a new place, be it rented or owned, the bedroom is often the last room to get done.  Our house is slowly coming together, though our bedroom looks like a mini laundrette. I’ve already come to terms that doing up the house is going to be a loooong project. We are coming to the end of our small budget, and we haven’t even touched the horrid brown upstairs bathroom, so it’s going to be a good year or two saving up to do I know the house won’t be done anytime soon. But I’d like to get our bedroom done within the next few months or so because it’s super important to have a relaxing place to sleep..

So for each room I’ve done a mood board, and as I reveal the rooms when they get done  I’ll go over our inspo and crap like that! But I’m kind of stumped when it comes to our bedroom. I’ve tried to keep a sort of theme through the house regarding colour and style. With muted white walls I’ve paired white and bare wood with bright accents. I’d say our style is rather modern with an eccentric twist…yeah let’s go with that.

But with our bedroom I want warm, cozy and personal.. so I’ve been trailing my favourite Pinterest for some ideas.


I’m not going to say function is more important than style, don’t worry! Actually, I’m going to imply the exact opposite. Your style is an option, so it’s probably the thing that you feel most passionate about. Let’s face it – it’s hard to get that lovely home “hygge” feeling off something that you must have.

So by getting the functional side of the room out-of-the-way, you’re free to focus on the decor. Make sure your bed is of good quality. If you’re not currently sleeping comfortably, then do something about it and have a peruse of a Tempur bed and mattress guide. If you’re a parent – it goes without saying that you’re always exhausted, so go for something super comfy to help yourself out.


Lighting is important in the bedroom. We are lucky to have a large window, so during the day we have lots of lovely natural lighting, but for the evening, we currently have the worst blue light which came with the house. I want something similar to this above. A light fixture which gives off lots of light. Pair it with a dimmer to control the amount of light, and you can set the tone for whatever evening.

We also plan to either add table lamps on bedside tables or sconces, for just a little extra light by the bed for reading, blogging or trying to find Archers dummy when he’s in with us…so like every night..


We are super lucky that upstairs, under the carpet, are wooden floorboards which apart from one giant chip board section (thank you past owner) they are in good condition. So I’m thinking I might white stain the wooden boards for our room then get a rug to cover the flooring a little to make it a little more cosy. I love the room above with all the natural light, wooden features and giant rug.


So I’m kind of in love with this bedroom, especially the over half pink wall. I’m considering doing something similar but not having a clean-cut line, maybe a blended in blurred line instead? Also I see lots of throws, pillows and cosy accessories in my bedroom future!

One thing that’s already sorted, just needs to be framed, is our feature picture for above our bed. I took a bunch of seascapes while we were away in Devon, and I’ve had one printed large-scale which is so pretty and relaxing. Perfect for our bedroom sanctuary. I also have lots of personal family photos spotted about too!

Here’s to be hopefully get a lovely bedroom sanctuary soon!