Ok ok so you guys remember my aim yesterday, well I pretty much did it. Well our room is clean but as per usual I went off on one of my tangents and spent four hours hand dying some fabric of which I’m going to use to cover our head board..but then I got grey dye all over my cardigan so I decided to dye that then the washing machine broke so I couldn’t wash my  newly hand dyed items and it all got out of hand, so I  had to wash my garments in the shower… so I lost a couple of hours and as a result got blue hands….

But back to our bedroom. It’s clean its organised, but I  feel it’s not quite I have noticed damp coming through the walls, oh the joy of our old cottage, so I am waiting for an ok from the landlords to paint the walls with antifungal white paint, which I see as a plus because I would rather have white fresh walls anyway.

You can’t beat white walls, especially as we have so many colourful features in our room, my Urban Outfitters Quilt which you can get here if your interested, Richards Iron Man painting and our upcycled furniture. Lots going on, white walls will bring a fresh look to the room.

So it is going to be a work in progress but here are the pictures of my hard work so far. Hope you’re enjoying your Tuesday!



The Urban Outfitters quilt, it’s double-sided and so cosy on cold night! plus it’s such an awesome design. I’ve paired with some vintage pillow cases that i got from my Grandma, I love pairing different patterns together.



So our white dresser originally was in this alcove behind the bed, but Richard made this hanging closet above to make use of the drop behind our bed, such a great idea for my ball gowns especially. Plus i like having all the colours and textures on show.


So I have dressed the dresser up with a small collection of my vintage books, I am addicted to the colours and textures of old books. I also made a concrete planter and a paper weight which i spray painted gold. Tutorial to come on DIY planters in the upcoming months.






Plants, you can never have enough plants, and what do you think of our little knitted flamingo made by Steeple Stitches?





I tend to put a lot of my items on display as if they were pieces of art, this is an old-fashioned umbrella from my local charity shop. I love the blue and pearlised handle.



I’ll end with the flamingo!

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  1. Bob

    Well done – it looks great – don’t think you’ll need the interior designer course, it comes naturally to you!

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