So both being from a big family, birthday present ideas can be difficult. Especially when there are so many birthdays close together. Richards birthday is in two weeks and then I have my adorable twin nieces, Amelia and Eliza’s second birthday a week after. With other babies on the way through friends and such, getting inspiration for the little bundles of joy can be difficult.

Last year we brought the twins a cherry tree. You may be asking why a tree, but we thought it would be lovely for it to grow as they do. Plus cherries come in pairs..right?

Anyway we got them some colouring stuff too. But as the little princesses they are and the masses of family and friends can sometimes leave  finding gifts tricky.


Just a quick photo of the infamous twins with their dad (my brother), adorable yet destructive. Kidding aren’t they just the cutest.

So after scouring the wonderful world of ETSY I have found some adorable gift ideas for the youngsters in your life.



Every princess or prince needs a crown, and these are just adorable. The twins get dressed the same, but sometimes they have different colours of an item. So no arguments of course. These are from Dream Child Studio and are just perfect for a summer party.



Every child needs a funky roll up artisan bag for their crayons. A future Frida Kahlo can’t just have any old pencil case. These come in a variety of colours and patterns. From Dancing Kat.



If your going to get a crayon case, why not take a step further and get these shaped crayons. They come in so many different shapes, and I would love these for me, not just the twins. From Ivy Land Designs.


For perfect dreams or to bling out your kids tee-pee. Animal shaped twinkle lights. I am like dying at the cuteness of these. From Ginew.


il_570xN.515367358_gxvaLet your child be the hippest out there, wearing the converted animal print fashion. These dear print leggings with contrasting chevron fabric are to die for. From Asolon Clothing.



Play kitchen essentials. High tea cakes and fancy tea bags. Made from felt and gorgeous array of colours, gah, I mean look, look at the little tea bag. From Blythe Love.



Looking at these makes my ovaries jump out. How cute are they. They do a range of ages from this beautiful shop The Little Bunny Co.



This is from the same shop above, The Little Bunny Co.  I want one of these for myself, but they would look hella cute on kids. Especially on the twins.



You can’t go wrong with the little dress. Perfect for little ones and its such bright and vibrant colours.

So cute, don’t think I have said cute enough through this post. From Lady Out Of Carolina.


It’s  not making me feel broody at all….

If you decide to go ahead and buy one of these (and how could you choose only one?) save £5 by using this link!

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