Ok so carrying on from yesterday, I have been looking at cheap ways to make the day/evening great. On the day I will probably end up doing something completely different and winging the whole thing, but oh well it’s always good to have some ideas for inspiration!



How cute does this outdoor cinema party look, I really want to do this as we have a projector….gah! I am so excited its crazy, the last party I had was for my 21st, where I had some friends over for a bbq! I kind of want to feel like a kid again, with the bite sized foods, balloons lots of colour and birthday crowns. Add alcohol to the mix and it will be great…hopefully!  This is from Oh Party.  So we have a projector,and I have an endless amount of blankets and colour linens.. So maybe pick up some solar lights, popcorn kernels..and done..


If you guys are new to this little corner of the internet, you might realise soon that I have a small love for pom poms! I really want to try out some giant ones for the party! How beautiful does this look though..I couldn’t find the source so if you know it leave me a comment.


Look at the contrast in this picture, I love all the little details. I’d love to do macaroons but they are so hard..last time I attempted them they came out more like woopie pies..If anyone knows of a really good recipe for how to do these or some awesome flavours leave me a comment! Theme of clashing stripes and polka dots?  This is from Studio DIY. Could I mix all this with the cinema theme too…


I got this image from The house that lars built and it shows a snippet of decorations used for a bridal shower, but I like the idea of incorporating flowers and balloons together..Maybe I should wait for a formal party to try this…Or can I incorporate it with stripes, polka dots and cinema…

So some very different decor ideas, I think most of all I want it to be fun, cosy and colourful. If you have any ideas you think I might like, recipes, decor, cocktails leave me a link in the comments!!



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