Maybe every parent holds a secret desire for their little one to be the next best at anything. As parents, we are convinced that our children are talented and going to shine! But getting them involved with sport and ball sports, in particular, is good for them whether they end up representing their country or not.

The fact is sports that encourage balls skills are brilliant fun. They also give children a great sense of achievement as well as dexterity and coordination. Encouraging your little ones to get their hands on a ball as soon as possible brings big rewards.
A whole lot of fun

Any form of playing together is about bonding, and it starts way before your children can even walk or talk! It’s that first smile that sets you off as a parent. It’s the best reward in the world. You then notice their eyes light up when you play favorite games. It’s not too long before any family are enjoying the games that start to help eye and hand coordination. There’s no Dad or Mum, who isn’t completely charmed as their child starts to find their feet and the delights of trying to kick and throw a ball.

Real physical benefits

There’s nothing more most children enjoy than time spent throwing or catching a ball. Whether it’s a tennis ball, football or basketball, similar skills of coordination are developed. Hand and eye coordination are core competencies in life, and there is no better way of encouraging them than working with a little catch and throw.

The same applies to the brain. As a child starts to plan where a ball will go, he or she has to use considerable mental powers to make a complex process come together. These are great stimulants for development. The actual ball sport is not too important. But obviously, one that utilises footwork skills such as football is going to bring more all round coordination.

All the research points to the fact that the earlier we start to introduce these games as fun challenge the quicker the skills will develop. Racquet skills are another example, and tennis, in particular, is a sport that encourages a sense of hand to eye co ordination.

The Importance of Practice.

As age develops sport becomes a bit more competitive. Practice becomes more relevant. Learning the importance of dedication and practice can be a great attribute for a child. It teaches them that life can be hard, but that it can be rewarding.

As a parent, you want to be able to pass on lessons about determination and the real benefits of not giving up. A dry lesson would just over their heads, but ball sports, in particular, allow them to get a real sense of verifiable gains. A ball in the back of the net or a hoop, gives a real sense of satisfaction.

Team work

There is no better place for a child to learn about responsibility and shared fun than by being a member of a sports team. There are big rewards here, and it can help a child to find his or her feet socially. That means that they will start to learn to contribute and learn that it is far better to play a useful role in a team than be the star! Teamwork is a great learning ground for being a member of society. Socially being in a football, rugby or soccer squad is a great groundwork for friendships later in life.

Rewards for effort.

There are few prouder moments for a Mum or Dad than to see their child collect their first trophy. If you are involved with a team at whatever level, you can really make small faces shine with rewards for effort. From best players to best team and everyone in between. Football trophies from Premier Trophies give you a great selection to choose from. Those trophies and medals are emblems of real achievement that will stay will your son or daughter for ever.

Celebration time

One of the great moments of being on any team is the chance to celebrate together. That doesn’t even have to be a victory. An end of the year of season celebration could be a big day out or family style picnic or BBQ. It’s just a great way to bring families together and appreciate the shiny-eyed kids running around feeling a sense of pride.