Furniture can be super expensive, especially if your moving out for the first time, or going from living in a furnished place to then buying or renting somewhere empty! I’ve lived in both so I thought I’d share some tips on investing furniture and how to furnish your home.

While bargain furniture is often appealing, spending a little more on certain items can make sure it lasts longer. Look around for pieces worth investing in like beds, sofa and mattress etc.

It doesn’t mean you have to spend a boatload of money. Furniture stores often have huge discounts, where you can get brand new items for half the usual price, or look for things on eBay, a good sofa in good condition can always be upholstered, or a bed frame with a lick of paint can look as good as new..obviously get a new mattress…think there are a few things you should get new and a mattress is definitely one of them.

Some furniture components can wear quickly especially when it comes to metal. Things like metal fixtures on doors and cabinets can often rust and get stuck.

The best way to handle this is by getting such pieces of furniture refitted with high-quality components. To stop metal fixtures degrading, you might want to pick up some long-lasting door hinges or stainless steel drawer runners. Or if you get an awesome piece of second-hand furniture but the mechanisms aren’t great these is a way to keep the beautiful antique piece but have it actually be usable.

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Refitting furniture fixtures is a simple D.I.Y. job you can easily handle yourself. Also changing fixtures like handles and draw knobs can really make a piece look new and refreshed.

You can  fix furniture yourself if it gets broken sometimes, but if not maybe find a new purpose for it? If a draw is broken beyond repair why not use the other draws as cool shelfs, then the main aspect of the draws…like the empty box, can be turned into like a box side table. Get some cute hairpin legs and paint it two different bold colours then you have managed to reuse an old piece of most likely trash and make a few pieces of awesome furniture.

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There are many creative ideas for reusing old furniture. These can make for fun home projects as well as making sure you’re getting more than your money’s worth out of your furniture.

If you have no use for your furniture anymore, consider that it might be worth something to someone else. Passing on old furniture to friends, relatives or charity shops will put it to good use. You might even be able to make a little money back by selling it. I’m thinking of starting a regular post about my favourite round ups of popular furniture?? Thoughts?