Bye bye summer..

We are officially in Autumn and i’m already thinking about what to do with my garden next summer, plant some little bits with Arch maybe? I do miss having a green house, as it was so easy to grow veg and flowers..but i’m already thinking about throwing a garden party..




We will be having a bbq like thing for Arch’s first birthday most likely next year and I love the idea of doing something like this..Lot’s of cushions and blankets..watching a film under the stars.

I love flowers and I didn’t really get a chance to plant much this year..due to being heavily pregnant..the belly kind of got in the way. But there are few house on our street which are covered in flowers..and well it looks amazing and  I kind of wish I could paint our front door a bright colour and cover it in a climber.


I mean how beautiful does this look?Ah I want it.


Our garden is rather small so the wildlife isn’t that vast, unlike my parents house. Attracting the critters is dad obsession…he spends every weekend making up bird feed, to the point we have a swarm of birds every morning, and let’s not forget the rabbit that was in our garden..which i’m pretty sure was someones pet..but he came everyday for 2 weeks..seemed to love it. I love the idea of having a house near a forest, with a large garden where a deer or two might suddenly appear filled with wild flowers..awesome no? but then I can imagine there would be a problem tunnelling animals too though..oh well take the good with the bad..


I want to just have a garden filled with wild flowers that I can pick everyday for my vase…that would be the life..


But as we approach winter I love the idea of making my garden look appealing even though flowers are few. Having fairy lights everywhere can make cold brisk evenings pretty amazing, add a fire pit and you have yourself an awesome evening. Oh the possibilities. Aww just wrap up warm and stay indoors with a hot chocolate..just as fun!


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