So I love Etsy, it’s handmade, it helps local craftsmen and you get one of a kind items. But. And it’s  big but, it can be tiring trailing through all the items they have on there. For everything you search for you have about 9000 results, of which most aren’t what you’re looking for, but to find that gem you often have to sift through. I’ve spent a lot of time on Etsy, looking at different sellers and favourite lists, so my plan is to bring you an etsy list of must haves and favourites a few times a month, to save you the hassle of spending hours looking through countless products and to introduce you to some of my favourite sellers.

Ok so this list today is cactus inspired. I have always loved cactus’, purely because they are impossible to kill, but also they are pretty awesome. So I tend to be drawn by anything with a succulent or cactus pattern on it…and here are some of my favourites. Please remember to check postage before you fall in love with items on Etsy, as especially with items from abroad it can be super expensive.

cactus-etsy-wishlist-musthaves-blog-decor-baby1. Cactus stamp, Etsy, £3.46  2. Cactus Rattle, Etsy, £9.00   3.Cactus enamel pin, Etsy, £6.00  4. Cactus fabric banner, Etsy, £25.00

5. Cactus baby vest, Etsy, £20.40+   6. Cactus pillow, Etsy, price unknown   7. Cactus embroidery hoop art, Etsy, £30.00


cactus-print-etsy-wishlist-list-decor-gifts-etsy-favrouties1. Cactus organic baby blanket, Etsy, £39.23+   2. Cactus You’re a prick card, Etsy, £2.75   3. Cactus,instant comfort pocket box, Etsy, price unknown

4. Cactus Print, Etsy, £7.77    5. Cactus dog teepee, Etsy, £66.70   6.Cactus coasters, Etsy, £24.33   7. Cactus scratch mittens, Etsy, £5.49


So there are my favorites cactus print item. If I had a puppy i’d totally get the cactus teepee. Rather wishing Arch was a small baby again so I could get all the baby cactus gear too.


Hope you are all having a good weekend


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