Ok so yes I am doing a post on a tin can. But these iconic beauties are well-known all over the world due to Andy Warhol. I brought a can when I was in Canada years ago and I still have it on my desk as a pen pot. Now just think how excited I was when I saw these beauts in Morrisons. Yes Morrisons.



As I was walking down the aisle the colour caught my eye. Now firstly I found rows of dented cans, and I am not ashamed to say that I went through the Campbell’s stock on the shelf for like 10 mins until I found perfect condition cans. There were 2 other designs, but that would of taken me re-arranging the whole shop to find un-dented versions. Anyway they were 99p each. Totally worth it. Look at the design, the colours the funky typography. My heart melted. Now I saw some of these on Ebay ages ago from the states so I don’t know if I just missed the big fad over here or what. But better late then never.



And the soup wasn’t bad either. Yummy with a bit of black pepper and a pitta. Now I am just curious if other people suffer from this but I can’t eat soup without bread, and before I was on my health kick, I would eat it with a lot of bread. I’m just a dunker. As soon as the breads gone I’m like meh… don’t think I want the soup. It’s the same with a cup of tea. I like to have it with biscuits. Dunk Dunk Dunk. Just me?

So we have had quite a few downloads of our confused flamingo. Hope you’re enjoying it. Leave a comment, or tweet us a picture if you have coloured it in.We’d love to see. Maybe we might do a competition…who knows.