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I think it’s pretty safe to say that when you have kids, anything remotely cute you want to get them, I’m trying my hardest constantly not to over buy or spoil Archer. If I had endless money, there’s no doubt he would be dressed to the max in super cute outfits, and have every colourful book under the sun, but instead I buy rarely, and try to really support the small business community. I love Etsy and have come across some little shops recently that I thought I’d share…and I think I might start a dressing the little man post, because I know how difficult it can be finding colourful, bright and full of pattern clothes. boy’s sections are always so tiny right? Anyway. Moving on to some cute things I found which just show you how on point the world of product design is right now! Enjoy all. Everything will be linked below.




  1. Two toned cup, Peek and Pack, €8.00,   2. Salvador Kokeshi, Peek and Pack, €35.00,   3. Make a face, Moon Picnic, £34.00,   4. Cardboard People, Moon Picnic, £16.50,   5. Giant ice cream, Moon Picnic, £18.90,   6. Paper city, Moon Picnic, £12.50,   Frida Kokeshi, Peek and Pack, €35.00,   Alphabet Pebbles, Moon Picnic, £16.00


So above are a couple of new shops for you to check out Peek and Pack and Moon Picnic. I just brought some magazines from Moon Picnic, and when they arrive I will instagram them…so excited! But both shops have items that are to die for, design genius and just adorably cute too!

Happy Friday all!



1. Pineapple Print Organic Bloomers, Lola and Stella, Etsy , 2. Organic Baby Set with hat and swaddle blanket. Bear print, Lola and Stella, Etsy , 3. Paper Plane T-shirt, Earth Cadets, Etsy , 4. Bear Fabric Bag, Tell Kiddo, Etsy , 5. Leather Baby Shoes, Born Bespoke, Etsy , 6. Organic Cactus Print Baby Blanket, Lola and Stella, Etsy , 7.Fox Coat, Olive and Vince, Etsy , 8. Cloud Pajama Set, Shop Hello Sunday, Etsy , 9. Cotton Stripe Dress, Swallows Return, Etsy

I love Etsy for baby things, it’s all handmade, with a lot of organic and eco-friendly pieces. Also due to the vast majority of things on Etsy, more often than not, you will find unique pieces that other people might not have. I could spend a fortune on Arch, though he’s growing so fast, I’m happy with the hand-me-downs from his gorgeous cousin fin, and just buying the odd piece here and there. Though I’m in love with the cloud pj’s and the fox coat..maybe when he’s a little older and not growing out of a clothes size every few weeks.


Have a good weekend all and Happy Easter!




This is my gran and Archer when he was a few weeks old. My gran had been poorly and my mum was a little worried she was becoming more and more fragile, so we decided to make the 3 hour trip to go see her so she could meet Archer. Archer’s middle name is Charlie, named after my uncle who died  just over a year ago. I found out I was pregnant with Archer about a month after he died, so Charlie was given in remembrance of him, which means an awful lot to my gran, who took his passing extremely hard.

I think we all know how important family and friends are, but sometime we all get too busy, and we forget to send the card, or to make that call, or to even just catch up with loved ones. When I remember something I have forgotten to do, or I think oh I should really give so and so a call I find myself saying are you really THAT busy? The truth is yes I am super busy, raising a baby, doing commissions and running a business takes a lot of work. But I still manage to find time to watch tv during the day, or to sit on facebook or pinterest…I really think I need to start fixing my priorities. Spend less time liking a status and more time chatting to friends and family face to face.

This year I made it my mission to get more organised with birthdays and special days like mother’s day. So far so good! I got cards and presents out on time, with even a day to spare. I think it’s nice, even if it;s just a card, to send to someone on their anniversary to let them know your thinking of them. Especially if like us you live miles away from all your family!  You could also look into getting a personalized gift from somewhere like DNA2Diamonds that they can cherish forever.

Talking on the phone  isn’t really the go to communicative route anymore, but for the older generations it means the world to them. I know when I ring my grandma or gran, they are thrilled to have a chat. Though with my dad and aunty being the tech savvy people they are, when they are with my grandparents, we facetime each other. They really enjoy seeing Archer over facetime. Thats for sure.

We get stuck in daily routines where we end up doing the same thing all the time. Again, we lose oversight of some of the more important aspects of life when we do this. If you’re just not able to spend quality time with someone you love, book some holiday and go away with them. You’ll be able to explore the country (or another country) together without having to worry about work or anything else. Whether it’s the beach, the hills or just a trip down the road to another city, it’s a great way to de-stress and spend some quality time together. Me and Richard try to make sure we see our other families as often as we can, though with his shift work, it’s not always the easiest, but when we can, we do.



So on Monday we took Archer to London..for the very first time, and it was pretty exciting. Especially as I havent been to London since I was 20 weeks pregnant. I was getting some major withdrawal. I love how inspired I feel even just walking around London. I always come back feeling super charged and wanting to grab my camera or a paint brush! I think London is by far one of my favourite cities, and I love that it’s just a short train ride away! We spent a whole day there, of which Arch barely slept. I think all the hustle and bustle kept him happily entertained for a good few hours. We ate good food, met up with my sister and my mum, browsed the British Museum and walked miles. It was just a really lovely day. One which I would like to try and schedule in at least once a month, especially as my little sister has taken the plunge and moved there!



Arch was very well-behaved and navigating a baby with a pram, nappy changes and finding hot water on tap was pretty easy! A lot easier than I thought it would be! Stairs at the underground were a bit of a handful, even with extra people to help. So we ended up walking most places…which in my eyes is the best way to do it. If you’re not in a rush, walk. You will always find little places and streets you will want to return too!



Abby channeling her inner russian goddess. I really don’t know how we survived before picture phones. I took my polaroid camera, and my phone and that was it! I think I’d like to attempt to do a fashion shoot in London with Abby just using my iphone.


My favourite thing about London are the details. The shop windows, the buildings, the people. We went to Covent Garden and everything is so stylishly done! I loved having a quick look in Chanel…plus I’d quite happily have a giant lit up pink 5 in my house!  I think I’d like to do a series on London for great places to take your little ones… Arch really liked Covent Garden purely because of all the lights, and the live music playing…but I think next month I’d like to do an aquarium. If anyone has any good ideas do share. I totally reccomend the British Museum. We just did the Eygpt area, and even Arch was pretty fascinated by the mummies.

Until our next trip!

How a baby affects your home

IMG_4631 Can’t believe Arch is nearly 4 months old! Doesn’t he look cute! If you want to follow all the various pictures I put of him up, check out our Instagram page.


I honestly think I deserve the award of Most naive, when it comes down to having a baby. I never really thought about things after pregnancy. Of course I knew I’d have this littler person that would take up most of my time and love. But I think everything else just went over my head. I was convinced that after giving birth I would bounce back and feel my normal self again, when in fact 4 months on and I’m still getting over pregnancy and labour. Plus I never imagined how it would affect my home.

Richard works 13 hour shifts, with a 6 day on work schedule. For those 6 days I find myself in survival mode. Eating when I can… Often toast, and slowly covering my lounge floor with baby clothes and toys. By day 6 I’m completely wiped, but his day’s off  see me rushing around to deep clean my home in time for the next 6 day pattern and work on my commissions and blog. It’s pretty exhausting… Why did I think I’d have a baby and automatically fit into this perfect routine?

Right now I’m in bed working, after I spent most of the day with a snotty arch, who has a cold. He’s was so moody because he was tired, but would he spit out his dummy so he could breathe properly and sleep…nope! So instead of taking naps today we played, we read all about planes about 20 times, and we snuggled while watching Despicable Me. He’s now blissfully sleeping next to me in his basket..and I know it’s all totally worth it. But I can’t help thinking I want to go from survival mode to living mode.

Obviously…if someone could sponsor a maid for me for a few years that would be great cheers. It’s also recommended that you look at experts like Xtreme Clean to help get your carpets and other features back to their best. If someone could sponsor this too…that would be great.

Build A Home Office

I have half an office, but I am considering clearing all the boxes from my side so that I can keep all my work crap  tools in one area, thus hoping to declutter the rest of my house. Plus on evenings like now when I have put Arch down early for bed I can be in the room next door where I can hear if he wakes…we havent got a monitor yet..I know I’m just super unorganised right now. But anyway for those of you building or decorating a home office hopefully these inspirational tips should help you…and yes I’m aware I should follow my own tips.

Make Life Easier

I still think a maid would make my life easier, or having any set of parents living close enough so they could step in at a minutes notice. But apparently, if you can make daily tasks a little more comfortable and efficient it will give you more time for those other tasks. So for example, by  increasing the water pressure to improve your showers, you can save yourself time and energy…unless like me you barely get to shower because your child hates the bathroom, and screams when you leave him alone for more then 5 mintues.

Add Passion

Archer is my passion, I love him to bits and I consider him my greatest achievement, but I do think everyone needs that bit of downtime. Whether it’s doing a bit of DIY or crafts, or simply watching your favourite vloggers on you tube, we need a little bit of chill time. Setting an area side for art or practicing music can be a great way to put a smile back on your face.

So thoise of the tips so far…i’m still looking for that magic one of how to get jump into a routine straight away, but I must admit that the most beneficial advice I have seen regarding having a new baby and being a working mum, is just take it slow, a routine will fall into place soon and that lists are a must.


How about we re-visit this topic in a year. I’ll let you know where I am with the laundry by then!

Cute things to help your babies bedtime routine

So as the months start to fly by, and Arch grows bigger and big he’s not going to be in his moses basket soon, there are a few things on our list we need for the nursery. Practical things like a monitor and cots sheets, then some little things to help make Arch more comfortable, a mobile, cute toys and a night light. Having a bedtime routine can help get your baby used to sleeping at night and more importantly knowing to sleep at night.

So we try to bathe Arch every other night, depending on Richards shift work, as if I’m on my own…sometimes it’s not practical, due to time. Having a soft fluffy towel, lavender baby bath bubbles, and a few toys can help make bathtime fun and relaxing. We like to have a couple of toys, to distract Arch from the fact he’s having a bath..he wasn’t super keen on baths…he’s getting to slowly enjoy them. Plus it my mind it might tire him out a little. Just in time for bed.



Try a different spin on the orignal rubber duck with services ducks. This can be a fun teaching moment too…These are from Not on the Highstreet and cost £8.00.original_giraffe-bath-book

We like to read to Arch before he goes to bed. Reading is great for their development, plus the colours and the sound of your voice is calming and fun for them. You could kill two birds with one stone and get this fun bathtime book to read when your baby is in the bath. This is from Not on the Highstreet and costs £15.99.

Next night lights can be a great way to keep a little bit of light in the room, but just enough to let your baby know it’s time for bed.


I love this nightlight, so much so it’s on our Christmas list for Arch. It’s just so cute! Plus keeps in with the theme of Star Wars nicely…This is from Not on the Highstreet and costs £16.50.


This is a cute night light too, also from Not on the Highstreet and costs £22.


Awesome robot night light, these come in so many different designs too! Plus as an added bonus, you can change the colour! Not on the Highstreet again and costs £42.95.

If your not feeling a nightlight, lamps and other type of lighting are alwasy options and can be fun to find lightd to go with your them. A cute neutral theme like animals or nature can be sweet, and you could pair it with a cute bumblebee lampshade. There are so many options for you to choose from, which makes lamps a popular choice for most nurseries.

For a softer atmosphere you can use interior LED lights or drape fairy lights across the ceiling. This will create a twinkling night sky effect. This will be wonderful for your child to look at and gentle on their eyes too. If you don’t want to change your current ceiling light fitting, why not change the bulbs you use. You can get candle light effect bulbs that are much kinder and create a soothing environment for your baby to sleep in. You can also use these in nightlights and lamps.

Your baby is going to be sleeping a lot during the early stages in it’s life. You need to ensure that you can make the nursery dark when needed. If too much natural light gets in, it can give you a very grouchy and tired child. Block out the light with thick curtains or blinds. Sertting a nightime routine, can really help your baby get used to sleeping at night. Bath time, story time and snuggles will help your baby know its time to sleep. We like to feed Arch, getting him inot his growbag, read a story then put on Ewan to help him sleep! Thats his ortuine, with every other day having a bath.

Have fun with the design, when decorating your nursery, making it calming and relaxing and dream inducing for your little one. Mobiles are a great way to calm your baby once they are down and ready for sleep time.


Cute mobiles to help your little ones dream sweet dreams..Not on the Highstreet and this cloud mobile costs £30.00original_wooden-aeroplane-mobile

Right up RIchards street…if you don’t know…he’s pretty obsessed with planes…but I do thnk this is super cute! From Not on the Highstreet and costs £20.00.


You can personlise this moibile, and it’s just so super cute..i’m in love with it. From Not on the Highstreet and costs £65.00. The ‘R’ will be replaced with the letter of your little ones name.


Bedtime is one of my favourite times, and not just because it’s when I can take a breather. We enjoy reading to Arch and having that little bit of playtime before he goes down for the night! Plus he’s super cute when he’s asleep.


A stylish homely home versus a baby proof safe one.

Today my health visitor came to visit Arch and bluntly said that I would need to baby proof soon, and that having a cluttered house isn’t great for a baby. Is it me or is that not a little rude? My house may be slightly cluttered but in my eyes its homely. I’m surviving looking after a baby and running a business out of my living room. So it’s not going to be perfectly neat or minimalistic. Also can I mention that I am a new mum with a nearly 14 week old baby..urgh some people right!?

Anyway I’m never going to have a perfect house, and my clutter and neon decor everywhere is what makes my home stylish and homely. When Arch get’s to his exploring age I will deal and baby proof how I see fit. I don’t think having a baby should mean that you can’t have anything nice in your home..I will find a way to have a stylish yet baby friendly home..I will.

So let’s look at the main obstacles which can be a problem when trying to baby proof.

Stains on your carpet.Don’t fret too much about your carpet worst comes to the worst professional carpet cleaning is always an option. Something I may have to look into when we move out of our rented place. Plus rugs were designed to hide horrible stains, or just plain ugly carpet.  So keep your style, and just keep in mind rugs or cleaning are always an option. Or hardwood floors..

Clutter. If like me you work from home, clutter can be a real issue, so why not think about cornering out a room downstairs where you can work. A closet turned into an office is always an idea, especially if like me  your office is shared as your baby’s room and is upstairs. If I had a walk in closet in my room, or even one downstairs, it would be so much easier to have my little office there. So my ‘cluttered’ livingroom could be more organised and baby proofed. But lets think about ways to baby proof while keeping the clutter you want in your home. Shelves and cabinets to display little things, or things that might be a harm to your baby is a great way to keep your style there, without endangering your child. Just remember with heavy pieces of furniture to secure them to the wall.


This looks so cute, and it keep important documents and little things that children might find, high up and out of the way. Plus note the lack of clutter…

Your house becoming a crèche. If you’ve got a garden, use it. I enjoyed (in the Summer) sitting outside with Arch. It was nice and relaxing plus, a great way to keep cool and get Arch some vitamin D. But as Arch get’s older, having the garden will come in handy as a safe area for him to play in. Especially as we have double doors from our living room going out. Get a sandpit maybe a slide, and it saves having to try to entertain Arch inside all the time. Especially if it’s a lazy day and we aren’t going out. Plus I seriously can’t wait to plant seeds like tomatoes and watch them grow together! This will also help minimise the amount of toys which may be constantly out scattered across your house…well during the Summer anyway.

Statement pieces are a great way to create a winning vibe within your rooms. But think about dual purposes. Our new sofa which is being delivered soon (yay), is a sofa bed, and has a chaise longue which has storage underneath. A space I am going to store Arch’s toys in once he has gone to bed. This gives me a chance to claim back my living room during the evening when he’s in bed. This is a great way to help reduce your home from becoming a creche all year round. Also having some pieces of furniture kept out of the way, like a bar cart on wheels, which can come out to be used when your baby is asleep will help transform your space from child friendly to an adult space quickly and efficiently.


If you want more fancy pieces for your home, Go for items which can be kept out of reach, or which are durable enough to stand a baby or child playing around or on it. Rugs are a great way to add colour and texture to a room. Keeping it homely, and getting stylish light fixtures will keep your home stylised, unless you birthed a 6 foot child, there’s no way they can get hurt or damage the statement pieces on the ceiling.


Lastly think about your decor. Having bright colours and different textures will keep your baby/child entertained and inspired while fitting in with your taste. When Arch is in his cot while I tidy his room or sort his clothes, he lays there nice and calm just staring at his gallery wall. Having fun things on your walls, or even artwork done by them can be inspiring and great for child development. And a great way to keep your children inspired and safe without denting your want for a stylish home. I love how colourful and effective the empty bright coloured frames look on the wall below. Also how awesome is that lampshade?

alltibohemianMix and Chic

If all else fails, and you have a spare space, or large area of a room you can corner off. Make an awesome playroom, so awesome they won’t need or hopefully want to place anywhere else.

teepeeMy Life and Kids

I love the idea, if you don’t have a spare room, cornering off a little area in your living room that’s painted brightly and sports a colourfully patterned tipi tent for your children to play in. How awesome does the stripe decor and colourful bunting look paired together too.

happy-1024x716My Life and Kids

Every kid dreams of having a swing indoors…so why not go that step further and create a mini climbing wall like in this playroom above, and add bright colourerd spots to give a happy playful area texture and warmth. This playroom looks awesome!


When I start needing to baby proof our home, ill let you know if I win my battle to keep my house safe yet stylish.

Tips to making the most of having a newborn baby


So Archer is 3 month olds now. 3 months..crazy right? It’s been the hardest 3 months of my life. Totally worth it but boy do babies completely turn your life upside down. But the comment I always get when I talk about the sleepless nights and the teething troubles,(yes Arch has started teething already…I birthed a toddler apparently) is they aren’t little for long. Enjoy it. Which is exactly what I am and trying to do!

Times have changed since I was little. I remember my dad pulling out his 35mm camera and snapping away with the excitement of getting the photo’s developed and putting them in an album. Now we are in the digital age, a lot of the time we take pictures on our phones and with our digital cameras, pop them up on facebook send them to family friends over email and thats often where it ends. I’ve taken so many pictures of Arch, I find myself taking at least a couple a day. Normally funny positions or faces he’s pulling that I send to Richard while hes at work. But some of the more funny and cute ones I have got printed at Photobox. As there are so many vouchers for that site it really is cheaper sometimes then printing your own at home. That and my printer is on the brink so it’s a lot less stressful. I’ve started a photo album which I’m making into more of a scrapbook like I found the pictures I ordered were a little too big to fit in the slots. Look at the following link for a few tips for taking photos of babies. For example  be careful when it comes to using flash as it can be harmful for their little eyes which are still developing.

Newborn photos are very popular, and there are so many places ranging in different prices to get your little ones snapped professionally. This is a great option if you don’t have a fancy camera and you feel your phone pictures just aren’t cutting it for you! Or if you just want a few picutres that look utterly awesome.

But don’t forget to docuemtn the little things, even just how they change from month to month. A friend of mine told me how she took a picture of her daughter every month surrounded by the same toys to look at how she changed from each month to the next! I loved this idea and paired it with memory cards, which are super cute by the way, and the difference in Archer jsut over 3 months is crazy!


I love that Arch is flipping off Winston the whale in this picture, but look how tiny he is and how much he changes in the next 2 pictures.IMG_3972



It’s crazy how much he has changed in each picture. But I love I have this as a timeline. Why not start doing it now? Even if your baby is 6 months, there’s so much more change to happen, and sometimes it happens so fast you forget just how tiny they are and were.

Being a working mum can be super difficult, especially when you have to go back to work so many months after having your baby. I know a few of my friends who are going back to work in December and some not until later next year. All dreading the day when they have to leave their babies for the day when they go back. Which I think is another reason it’s so important to enjoy these first few months. I have found them emotionally and physically quite difficult, mostly due to Richard’s shift pattern and not having my mum down the road to be able to pop in and have a nap while she watches Arch. But even though I have found it hard, seeing Arch discover and learn new things is stupidly exciting. I’m lucky because I don’t have a job I will have to go back to in a hurry. I have the blog though, and sods law, as soon as Archer was born I had a large influx of commissions and blog post sponsors. So I’m spending my day time being a mummy and my night blogging and creating. Which if I’m to be honest. Is perfect.

I’ve struggled a bit with my moods and finding time to eat properly and such. I lived off toast pretty much the last month while Archer’s teething has been particularly bad. It’s shows in my energy levels and my waist line. But I’m learning ways to organise myself in order to survive the day. Tips I will perfect and tweak then share with you one day. But one tip which I really only came to realise the last couple of weeks is how important groups are. Many day’s I’ve stayed in especially if Arch is having a grizzly day..which has been my downfall. Going to groups, meeting other mums and eating cake is a great way to break your day up. It’s a place where you can swap tips and stories that will help you. You also discover that other mum’s are just as stressed and eat a lot of toast too.Plus there’s always someone there willing to hold your child so you can have a hot cup of tea and take a breather.

IMG_4278Richard chilling with Arch and it’s crazy how similar they are! Arch growns to be more like his daddy every day!


But all in all, enjoy family time and document everything because you never know what you might miss!




What to do when you want to breastfeed but can’t



Ok so when I was doing my antenatal classes with the NCT (which I highly recommend as a way to make friends) breast feeding was obviously a big subject. Obviously it’s one of the most natural things you can do and the benefit it brings can’t be denied, but it’s not for everyone. We have two options when it comes to feeding our babies. Breast or bottle (formula). I was pretty sure I wanted to breastfeed. I was looking forward to having that bond with my baby thats been around since the beginning of time, but it never really occurred to me what would happen if I could’t breast feed and what my options were.

Our first 48 hours with Arch were pretty intense. I’ve written a post all about it but haven’t yet wanted to publish it..I think i’m still coming to terms with it all. But to give you the jist, due to my gestational diabetes, of which I was borderline, Arch was born with low blood sugar..making him one very lazy baby. Add that to me not having skin to skin for the first hour, I didn’t manage to get that first initial latch.

23 hours later and after having my boobs touched by way over 20 midwives and apparent breast experts, I decided to put Arch’s health first and give him some formula..The next few days had me expressing a few mls of breast milk to give with every formula feed. I did this to keep my milk coming in, so I still had a chance to try and get Arch to latch. In his first day of life I managed to get him to latch briefly..which he did once more, but then never again. Now I really wanted to breastfeed, and I was pretty persistent. Every feed, mid giving him formula so he was a little calmer, i’d try him on the boob.. and as the days went on he became more and more frustrated by this. When he was 6 days old I went to a breast consultant who told me about nipple shields. Now I brought really shit (excuse my language) ones from boots which were really flimsy, and came off everytime I tried to feed with them. So after trying them for a couple of days, it just wasn’t working as Arch would only feed every now and then on them, and only for about 5 minutes before getting too frustrated.

So while I was still hand expressing, I decided to step it up a notch and we got an electric pump. This worked brilliantly for the first two weeks. To the point I managed to feed Arch purely with my milk solidly for about 2 and 1/2 weeks. As his appetite incereased I had to one feed using formula, but this lasted another week and a half. The problem is, to keep up your milk supply while expressing, you need to do it every 2-3 hours..including during the night. Add that to feeding your baby with the bottle too, you spend most the day feeding, then pumping then feeding then pumping. As Arch started to get older, and started to drink more and sleep became harder and harder for me to keep up the regular expressing with the amount he was which point more and more formula got added in.

During this time, i’d try Arch using the nipple shield and without a couple of times a day…let’s just say Arch is pretty impatient…which is what the breast consultant said..and it is every mothers best interest not to irritate their baby too much..I mean it’s a lot of extra effort and hassle if you have an unsettled baby. Plus at this point I’m tired, still recovering from labour and getting used to life with a four week old.

I kept up expressing up until last Saturday (10.10.15). Arch had his last bottle of breastmilk that morning. It got to the point I was only expressing 25 mls at a time..which took me about 40 minutes to get…which by the end of the day would only get me one bottle, and I have to say it’s not the best feeling being hooked up to a machine like a cow, and only getting a tiny’s pretty heart breaking.

But I thought I’d share some tips that I have found with you, if your thinking of breastfeeding, just incase you find yourself having difficulties.

If you struggle to breastfeed at first, don’t wait til your health visitor comes for her to refer you to a breast consultant. As she comes around the 10 day one yourself as most places have a local one.

If you are struggling due to flat nipples, or inverted ones. Look at getting some nipple shields. Go for Medela or MAM ones..I found these to be much sturdier.

Also don’t let the pressure of society get to you…I felt like a failure that I couldn’t breastfeed…because I really wanted to…but also because people don’t really talk about what if you can’t breast feed. It more you want to or you don’t. I wanted to but couldn’t. And a lot of people just assume every one can (or sometimes even should) breastfeed.

So most people know about the benefits of benefits for both you and the baby, the special bond between the mother and baby and its pretty good finance wise too. But i’m here to tell you the benefits about formula..because sometimes people just need to give their babies formula, and I felt guilty for I shouldn’t..but it was my saviour.


Formula fed babies..

They have a bond with both parents pretty quickly. This is because they associate the mother and the father with food..It’s recommended that you stick to just you and your other half to feeding the baby. As this creates a bond, and the baby gets comfortable knowing it’s you that feeds them in a certain way.

Formula babies sometimes (not always) sleep more…this is because formula takes longer to digest. Breastmilk is completely natural so there is hardly anyway waste and it’s digested very quickly. Hence cluster feeds and feeding regularly for random amount of times occur.

Instant formula is a life saver for when your out and about..It stays at room temperature until opened then lasts 24 hours in the fridge.

You can see exactly how much your baby is getting..this is pretty handy.

There’s no time suggestion on when you can give your baby a dummy and theres no worry of nipple confusion…this came in handy due to Arch crying everytime he had his nappy changed when he was just a few weeks old…now he giggles..thankfully.

But there are some negatives…I felt it took me a while to get a bond with Arch..because I was so set on breastfeeding. It took me a while to get over the thought in my head that I’s still hard..But i’m not a failure and neither is anyone else who either chooses or has to use formula. Your feeding your baby and giving him/her the strength they need to grow..add love to that equation and your the perfect parent.

Making up formula can be a nightmare..especially if Arch suddenly decides he’s stupidly hungry just after he ate an hour ago..once agin this is where instant formula comes in handy..

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My dream bathroom..for me and Arch

I was just thinking the other day that Arch will soon be sat up in the big tub in the bathroom. I know these cute days of the little baby bath are numbered. Soon he’ll be splashing about and playing with his bath toys. I’ll be stood there… soaked from the splashing and loving every second of it.

It has got me thinking about how drab and boring bathrooms are, though. They don’t tend to inspire happy playtimes or quality time with your children. Bathrooms are just so functional and not even slightly fun. Most are also just a boring white colour. Now I rent so there isn’t much I can do to change ours. But I think bathrooms should be just as stylish as the rest of your home, and if you have kids, be able to be a fun place for them too. I spoke about how I wanted to revamp my bathroom earlier in the year (well as much as I could without annoying the landlord). See some of my inspiration here. It’s something I am still working on, as the more pregnant I got the harder doing these things became and now they are on my to do list. which is never ending.

If I could, or when we finally buy and can, I think the bathroom would be something I would change without a doubt. Most bathrooms come just in plain whites and beiges. Instead I’d l think every surface should have vibrant colours and interesting things to catch Arch’s eye while he’s playing in the bath, but also a place where me and Richard can relax and have a somewhere that has dual purpose really.It never occurred to me I would be designing the entire house around a baby’s taste before I became a Mummy, and I’ll talk more about this another day.

So this is my dream bathroom inspiration.

Starting with the floor, I want colour, and pattern, and things for him to trace with his finger. I’ve seen some amazing cement tiles with patterns in every shape you can imagine. Best of all, the colours are really vibrant. Perfect for little eyes. I think they would look incredible on the floor. Bath mat sets are so bland, but it won’t matter if they’re sat on a floor as fascinating as that. So honestly check them out, they are to die for..and it kills me I can’t change the floor in our bathroom right now. I especially love the patchwork tiles they do below.


The walls of my bathroom are kind of half painted and half tiled. I’ve learned that kids can soak the ceilings and walls on the other side of the room just by splashing in the bath. This is where full tiled bathrooms would come in handy. I’d love to have tiles that are colourful and interesting.



Firstly yes yes yes to that shower! And secondly I am in love with subway tiles, especially as they have done a different approach here and fitted them vertical instead of horizontal! How awesome is that?

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