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Hey guys, so following my moodboard that I did the other day for my office, I’m trying to decide how to do the statement back wall. Firstly excuse the photo quality, my camera is still broken, so this is an iphone picture. Also the mess, but hey I’m sorting out my office so yeah. So while trying to come up with an idea, I came up with loads..crazy right, but I narrowed it down and I need your guys help….thoughts guys thoughts?

I’ve put the patterns down below to get a better idea.



See I love the idea of doing this, as it would be like having a wall covered in rainbow hundreds and thousands…fun but it might make me want to eat my weight in cake everyday…circle-confetti-pattern-1


So this is Richard’s favourite one, i really like the triangle confetti it reminds me of 90’s beach huts..



I have a piece of art work like this, and well if you follow me on instagram you will know that I’m crushing on the grid pattern quite hard at the moment. Plus this just reminds me of Hockney’s work too…. pretty pretty pink.



And the first design I did. I love the strong green with the confetti accents..but it is only half the wall…ahh I dont know guys!! Help! I’m leaning towards the giant light teal circle.






I mentioned in my 2017 goals post, that I wasn’t overly happy with my content last year, and made it my mission this year to be more creative and to bring you guys more fun posts. I currently have two fun things in the works at the moment which I’ll share with you in February, not long to wait, but I thought I’d share some tips on how we can all be a little more creative.

I believe everyone can be creative. I’ve had friends be like gosh you’re so creative I could never do that..but they have never let themselves try. There’s creativity in everything. There’s creativity in cooking, gardening, even exercising. In my eyes anything you put effort into or have a passion for is a creative outlet. So let’s unleash that creativity.

With social media, there’s no excuse not to share your passions nowadays, you can pin that recipe, instagram that new plant, or YouTube your new work out regime. If your finding you want to try your hand at creating some artwork, whatever your medium be, sites like Deviantart offer the chance to share your art with other creative individuals. Or you could start a blog or vlog, and like me use it as an outlet to show your creative side and inspiration.

Creativity doesn’t end with art, like I said above, there are so many ways you can bring more creativity into your life. Why not make your home your next masterpiece? There are many ways to get creative in the home. A little creative decor can ensure you’re in an inspiring space at all times. Or try a new workshop, learn something you never thought you would. I’d personally love to do a blacksmith course..because I think it would be something fun to hello conversation starter..

Once you feel confident in your new skill, or even feel that maybe you have mastered it, you can then perhaps enter competitons, there are tons of art competitions. Or start your own shop, where you can book tables at a craft fairs..or simply enjoy your new-found hobby.

I have so many classes saved on my Skillshare account and I’m slowly working through them. I’d like to master ( or at least get confident at) calligraphy, SEO (fun fun fun) and typography. Here’s to a creative 2017, why not join the journey? Every week I’ll post something on the blog that’s creative. You can join in too by leaving links or photos in the comments! Let’s get creative guys!


Decorating your home on a budget is it doable?

There are always lots of bits and pieces to be done in and around the home. And when it comes time to do them you need to make sure you do the best possible job. Some of us will have repairs, renovations, and DIY bits to sort out. For others, it might be as simple as decorating the home. This is important because it keeps your property fresh, vibrant and exciting.

Of course, these days it seems like everything costs money, and nothing is cheap. But, there are ways you can decorate your home on a budget. It’s just a case of thinking outside the box and getting a little bit creative.  I’m thinking of doing a new series of ways to decorate your home on a budget, let me know if this is something you guys would be interested in.

So let’s look at some obvious ways you can save money decorating your home.

Upcycling is such a great idea that it’s a wonder more people don’t make use of it. This is the process of reusing and combining old and unwanted materials to make newer and better products. Upcycling will take you a bit of work, but it’s definitely worthwhile in the end. Consider things that are a bit unusual, like using a ladder as a bookshelf, or using bottles as lamp shades!

furniture23The Cottage Market

You would be surprised how awesome an old armoires or wardrobe with no doors can look when used in a different way. We upcycled a wardrobe and made a dresser for our plates and glasses! It’s lasted 4 years so far and I still love it.


100628164.jpg.rendition.largestThe Cottage Market

I love the idea of getting a tv unit or coffee table and turning it into a bench! I’d personally paint the unit a white or grey, then use a bright contrasting fabric or cushion for the seating area! But either way this is a great way to add extra seating without spending a fortune on getting a bench or another sofa!

decorate-rented-flat-8_500x739The Debrief

Feel like your furniture is a bit outdated or boring? It’s really easy to update it with paint or change out some features such as handles or legs! You would be surprised how a little paint (even a tester pot) can go a long way!

Fix Instead of Buying

When you’re doing any sort of decorating you’re going to come across things that are broken or damaged. Instead of throwing it out and buying a replacement, you can easily fix them, most of the time. You’re just going to need to choose the right adhesives. You want something inexpensive that is great value and will do a good job. So you should check out Nordson Adhesives from Kenyon Group to find exactly what you want. The right adhesives can make a huge difference to any work you want to do. Think of them as a long-term investment that will save you money and make your decorating much easier. Or learn a new skill and do a sewing class, or furniture restoration workshop! Learn some basic skills that will help you fix those items in your home!

Use Mirrors for Light

Lighting is a key part of any home, and an area that needs plenty of attention. The problem is that buying and installing a brand new lighting system can be pretty pricey. So you’ve got to come up with a cheaper and more practical alternative. Why not think about making use of mirrors to increase the light? This is an excellent idea that a lot of people use nowadays. Pick a room like the bathroom that is often gloomy. Add in a couple of extra mirrors and you’ll be surprised by the impact it can have.

578b75838a131ba52e6c5060859bed6cDecorators Notebook

 Home decorations are always fun and are often essential. It’s a good idea to look after and nurture your home. By decorating your home now and then, you’ll be able to make gradual changes and improvements to your property. It’s often simply a case of deciding on the sort of work you’d like to do, and then making the time to do it. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use this post and future ones, to give you a good idea of the kind of ways you can decorate on a budget.


If you don’t want to spend a fortune in frames, or equally if you’re not allowed to hang pictures up with nails, consider using the almighty washi tape! Renter friendly and it won’t break the bank!

decorate-rented-flat-1_500x750The Debrief

Charity shops, reuse centres and freecycle are great resources to find interesting pieces of furniture cheaper! Or look at Ebay for past season pieces from some of your favourites like Made or Habitat! Spending s little time browsing shops and the web can save you lots of money in the long run!

I’d like to think it’s quite easy to decorate your home on a budget, and I’m going to try and test some ideas and repot back!


Here’s How I Would Design My Room From Scratch

If you are buying a house soon (lucky you), you might be pretty excited about decorating it and putting your own stamp on it…or slightly daunted by the blank canvas before you. Even though I rent, I am constantly thinking of ways to add personality to my home without annoying the landlord, but even though I can’t act on my wants, I still have in mind how I would go about designing my current house if I owned it.

I think firstly I would look at the rooms that need the most work. If your in a rush, which to be honest I think we all would be, to move in. The last thing we want to do is go about changing the foundations of the place. Unless they are in particular need of work, or you really want that adjoining wall gone. So I think i’d start by painting the main rooms like the kitchen, living room and hallway. (the ones guests are more likely to see) white. Literally having that blank canvas to start, which will allow you to assess the situation, regarding time and money. Then if you don;t get round to decorating straight away you don;t have any garish colours you have to just deal with until you do get round to doing it. Because let’s be honest. It’s not often we all find a dream house that comes with the dream decor already there.

Flooring is important, as the last thing you want to do is move all your larger pieces in then decide that that carpet has to go. Look at high quality flooring by Empire Floors, they have a great range to fit all budgets and needs. I also recommend if your needing to get multiple floors done, going for the same company if you can. As you never know they could cut you a deal, and if not installation or delivery might be discounted. Never hurts to ask.




It’s then a good time to  pick a colour that compliments your furniture and flooring choice. May this be the furniture colour itself, accessories or the wall colour. This is where I get excited when thinking about owning my own place! Honestly the fun you can have, it’s an expression of you! Plus I dream of the day’s when i’m not surrounded by magnolia coloured walls.  I love this living room above. It’s a very muted mocha brown regarding the walls and sofa, but the pops of yellow, green and pink give it an awesome modern twist, that I am dying over. This is a great example of how you can add style to your home if you rent and can’t paint the wall that  shade of blue you wanted. Having the spot of colour in your decor and accessories, makes your room pop, even if your wall’s don’t.

Placing your furniture..I find with living rooms especially this can be pretty tricky, as finding a layout to fit the focal point which tends to be the  TV, can be quite difficult. Unlike the kitchen where sometimes your appliances will only go in certain areas, thus giving you less layout options..which sometimes can be a blessing. I have tried 4 different layouts with my living room and we finally found a perfect one.. to then be ruined due to the fact we are getting a new sofa, which is going to completely shake up my layout due to it’s size and shape being completely different to our current one. So you have to think about where things are going to go. I read a good way to help you decide, is by masking out the big pieces of furniture on the floor, so you can relate the size and layout without having to constantly move around your big pieces. Saving you time, and your poor helper’s backs.

I think another good thing to remember is the function of each room. The kitchen is for cooking, so the layout should compliment your cooking regime. Having that fancy draw for your spices, or the coffee machine next to a coffee shelf full of your favourite syrups, beans and teas will personalise your kitchen to you. Another thing to remember is the emotions related to colour. As silly as it sounds, you might not want a bright green for your bedroom..where it’s function is to be relaxing and intimate. Having a pale colour, with slightly bolder accessories may give the eye catching appeal with a softer overall feel which is  great for chilling and sleeping.




This person has utilised the  shelves in their kitchen to display there rainbow collection of utensils. It’s functional and pretty all at the same time.





Now this is a bedroom I could happily sleep in for the rest of my life. The painted pink and white wash walls, and bed covers paired with the bold grey and geometric furnishings make the overall feel of the room relaxing yet modern. I mean this is a room I would show off to my guests! Plus I am in love with that painting.

I have a scrap book of ideas of how I want my future house to look and feel..all on pinterest. Though at the rate i’m pinning it’s going to need to be a mansion!

My new dream house want! An Orangery




So when I think of conservatories, I think of the very typical conservatory designs, with the clouded roofs, and for some reason, the wicker sofas and chairs, that your grandparents always had. No just mine? Anyway, while browsing Pinterest, because really I don’t do much else, (wait, bar raising a baby!) I came across a whole new thing that I hadn’t really heard of but had seen a lot of especially in Italy.  An orangery. So if given the choice I totally choose an orangery.

So what are orangery’s I hear you ask. Well, orangeries started in the 17th century as an addition wealthy people would add to their homes. The construct was rather like a greenhouse, but used to grow citrus trees, hence the name. Over time, of course, they were converted and adapted into conservatory type rooms. In fact, conservatories, as we know today, evolved from orangeries.

But I prefer the look of them, and here is why. Although the name has a little bit to do with it!

They are pretty elegant, and I especially love it when one is being used as a dinning area with plants all around like this one below. I mean, picture entertaining your guests with an antipasto spread. Fresh mozzarella, big plum tomatoes fresh Italian meats..even in the UK you could pretend your not in rainy England!




They tend to be larger then a regular conservatory. And this is really useful for someone like me who loves to decorate. I love to experiment with furniture in different areas of the home. I love to choose furniture that will make the home look amazing. And there are so many more possibilities for this with an orangery. It’s large enough for big pieces of furniture, and plants galore too.

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My Favourite Ways to Add Colour and Personality to a Home



If there’s one thing I hate in home decor, it’s a lack of colour and personality. What’s the point of having your own home if there are no signs that it’s you who lives there? If you want to make your home look lived in, it has to represent you. I always make an effort to give our home the personal touch. Which can be difficult sometimes as we rent. I think I find it more frustrating when people just move in, and pick 4 different shades of magnolia to paint there house, as it’s just easier that way. If magnolia is your favourite colour and you have picked them because that represents you…then fine..i’ll allow it.. I dream of owning our own place one day and it being just bursting with pattern and colour.But for now, I add colour to our home in little ways. Like with random objects I’ve picked up when shopping or carefully selected items around the house. Here are some of my favourite ways to make my home more colourful with both big and little choices.





When I get a chance to go away be it Italy or Devon, I try and pick up things to remind me of my day or experience. When travelling to a different country I like to pick up a colourful food tin. Weird it may be, but I use them as pots to store things, and I love having something unique from that Country. If I’m smart enough, and pack efficiently i’ll pick up some colourful throws, or a piece of street art.  If you bring things back from your holidays, even if it’s just from Spain, France or London, they tell the story of your life. They show what you are interested in and where you’ve been. So next time you go away, bring back something you can display in your home. Even if it’s just a nice selection of shells from Southend beach.

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My dream bathroom..for me and Arch

I was just thinking the other day that Arch will soon be sat up in the big tub in the bathroom. I know these cute days of the little baby bath are numbered. Soon he’ll be splashing about and playing with his bath toys. I’ll be stood there… soaked from the splashing and loving every second of it.

It has got me thinking about how drab and boring bathrooms are, though. They don’t tend to inspire happy playtimes or quality time with your children. Bathrooms are just so functional and not even slightly fun. Most are also just a boring white colour. Now I rent so there isn’t much I can do to change ours. But I think bathrooms should be just as stylish as the rest of your home, and if you have kids, be able to be a fun place for them too. I spoke about how I wanted to revamp my bathroom earlier in the year (well as much as I could without annoying the landlord). See some of my inspiration here. It’s something I am still working on, as the more pregnant I got the harder doing these things became and now they are on my to do list. which is never ending.

If I could, or when we finally buy and can, I think the bathroom would be something I would change without a doubt. Most bathrooms come just in plain whites and beiges. Instead I’d l think every surface should have vibrant colours and interesting things to catch Arch’s eye while he’s playing in the bath, but also a place where me and Richard can relax and have a somewhere that has dual purpose really.It never occurred to me I would be designing the entire house around a baby’s taste before I became a Mummy, and I’ll talk more about this another day.

So this is my dream bathroom inspiration.

Starting with the floor, I want colour, and pattern, and things for him to trace with his finger. I’ve seen some amazing cement tiles with patterns in every shape you can imagine. Best of all, the colours are really vibrant. Perfect for little eyes. I think they would look incredible on the floor. Bath mat sets are so bland, but it won’t matter if they’re sat on a floor as fascinating as that. So honestly check them out, they are to die for..and it kills me I can’t change the floor in our bathroom right now. I especially love the patchwork tiles they do below.


The walls of my bathroom are kind of half painted and half tiled. I’ve learned that kids can soak the ceilings and walls on the other side of the room just by splashing in the bath. This is where full tiled bathrooms would come in handy. I’d love to have tiles that are colourful and interesting.



Firstly yes yes yes to that shower! And secondly I am in love with subway tiles, especially as they have done a different approach here and fitted them vertical instead of horizontal! How awesome is that?

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Designing A Beautiful Gender Neutral Nursery For Your New Addition

If you have a new addition on the way and have resisted finding out the gender, you might be struggling when it comes to creating a nursery. When I was pregnant with Arch, Richard and I decided to wait to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.While this made the birth a lot more exciting, it did mean that designing a nursery was a little more difficult. After doing lots of research and using Pinterest for inspiration, I came up with lots of ideas for creating a beautiful space.

In case you are struggling to design your nursery, I thought that I would share all of my favourite ideas with you, below:


Choose a colour scheme that works for either gender


Due to us renting I wasn’t able to paint the room, so I went for removable decals in copper which I felt were gender neutral. But if you can paint, why not go for some soft pastel colours, like green, yellow or even grey.

There are so many colour schemes to choose from that it can be a little overwhelming. Use sites like Pinterest and Instagram to help inspire you – there are lots of awesome gender neutral nursery’s all around.



This pastel grey is great for a boy or a girl. Once you have had your bundle of joy, you can add little details after that to make it more gender specific.



I love the combination of grey, duck egg blue and lemon in this nursery. Soft pastel tones are great for nursery’s as they are calming and light. Just what you need for your little ones room.

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Touches to make your living room look classy

The living room is one of the places in our home that we spend the most of our time in. So even at the moment when I have Archer’s toys scattered all around the room, I still want my living room to feel classy! It’s important that I feel proud of my home when people come to visit, rather than desperately trying to avert their eyes and keep them in the kitchen! Here are some touches you can add to your living room that will surprisingly make a big difference!




Thick fluffy throws over the back of your sofas will make your living room cosy as well as classy. They are also great to use if you have a fabric sofa and kids, a throw that has suffered a spillage is much cheaper to replace than a whole suite! I have learnt this, when Arch has managed to aim his various bodily functions across the room and it’s gone on my poor sofa.  Throws are also a great way to change the colour of your room without redecorating. A great tip if like me you rent, and the landlords aren’t budging on colour.Adding in some mixed coloured cushions is also a perfect way to inject both some vibrancy and variety into your living room. Anthropologie do some beautiful throws and pillows, like the ones below..but these may not be the best for you if you have a young children…but they are gorgeous. See them here.



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Our Nursery Gallery Wall



Ok so I thought I’d give you a snippet look into our nursery, which is nearly finished, just a few touches need doing, and my office side needs reorganising, but overall I feel pretty ready for this baby…if it ever comes..

So I didn’t exactly have a big budget for this gallery wall, but I had an idea of what I wanted. Not being able to paint the nursery was a bit of a bummer, so we made do with rent fixes like copper polka dot decals, and colourful frames to add a little something to the nursery.

I spent many hours sourcing frames off of free cycle and rummaging around charity shops and ended up spending around £10 altogether on the 12 frames I used. One day if I have tons of money I will probably pay to have them all professionally framed, but because I wanted to spend more money on the actual artwork, getting the frames cheaper meant I could spend a little extra on the contents.

Ok so here are a few of the frames I sourced.



So they needed a bit of a clean up, but it was super easy to do and then I just spruced them up with paint and spray paint..really simple. Really effective. Really budget friendly.



Ok so here are a few close ups and I’ll list where I got the artworks from too.I used some Etsy vouchers I had for most of the artworks, but there are so many places to get free  printables, see my post here, and even creating some of your own pieces or asking family members to create something, can add a really lovely personal touch.

Ok so from L-R.  1.Linocut goat, Etsy. 2.Gondoliere Print, Etsy.  3.Dinosaur was part of four postcards, Etsy.   4.Bonjour cat and dog print, Etsy.  5.Owl postcard, Etsy.

You can see some more Etsy artworks for a nursery here and here.



Etsy prints L-R. 1.Deer print, Etsy.  2.Hello Print, Etsy.  3. leopard drawing, my dad did this when he was younger. 4. Hippo Print, Etsy.  5.Sea Life postcard I got free with one of my purchases. 6. Click Click camera Postcard, Etsy.  7. lemon horse Postcard, Etsy.

So there you have it, my gallery wall on a budget. I do note that there’s quite a lot of blues and greens. Honestly, I happened to have those colours in spray paint, and it’s much easier to spray paint the frames, rather then hand paint them and being I was on a budget, buying more spray paint in a variety of colours not seen as gender specific would have cost quite a bit. I went for a mix of neutral prints, and it was a lot of fun curating them together! When the baby is here, I will probably add some more and if it takes another 2 weeks for this baby to make an appearance I will probably end up grabbing my paints and doing some little doodles for the room myself to try and keep me sane!


Hope everyone had a good weekend…oh joy for Mondays!!