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We managed to build a plywood floor from scratch for our living room on a very limited budget, we also painted it bright blue because why not? Anyway here’s the story behind it all and how easy it was to do to!

So first let me start off by saying that I have dreamt of having a blue floor since I pinned an image (one I can’t find anymore) about 3 years ago. It was of a blue floor in a kitchen, and it just looked super awesome. So as soon as me and Richard had an offer accepted on our house, we both went deep into research finding a way to build a blue floor.

I did tests using a few different paint choices, but ended up going with this one below which is Beach Blue from Cuprinol. We went with a 2 parts paint 1 part water in the end, to get the desired strength. I wanted the floors to be vibrant, but still be able to see the grain. This paint was so easy to work with, plus we ended up using 2 litres, so it came to £20 for the paint altogether.


When we moved in, we realised quickly there weren’t any wooden floor boards downstairs, plus we had another issue which was found by the carpet fitter…the previous owners had plummed some piping, but hadn’t piped deep enough. How did we find this out? well the carpet fitter went through a pipe while trying to fit some carpet. Cue water everywhere, and a panicked me calling Richard home. So this put a major issue in the plan. We now had to build a flooring from scratch and find a way to fit it without nailing it into the flooring below.

So here’s what we did.  We put in a wooden frame, using 25x50mm batons. This added height to the floor, but was a solution that kept all our pipes intact and something to attach the floor boards too. We left the underlay from the carpet to raise the wood off the concrete and stop it sucking any potential moisture out of the slab, and also give the floor some bounce, for when Archer decides to practise his diving off the sofa. This would only work with plywood as the alternating “plys” in its construction, stop the wood splitting when walking on and give it a dance hall style cushion. Using a set square, and a little jig (see below) we kept an even distance between batons.


Regarding our floorboards, Richard spent ages working out how to use the sheet of plywood efficiently so the wastage was minimal. He managed to get 9 floor boards out of a sheet of plywood. So with that info, and knowing the size of the room, we actually managed to order enough wood with just a little left over. We got our wood from a local timber merchant, who only charged us an extra £1 per a sheet for the cuts. Now we do have a table saw so we could have done this ourselves, but it would have taken us so much longer and we were on a tight schedule to get this done in a weekend while Archer was visiting his grandparents. It was totally worth it. So always look to your local merchants, as they are often much cheaper than the big stores.

We painted the wood outside board by board. This was more logical due to the size of the room and my rather pretty white walls (ha!)


This took me and Richard an evening to do as there were like 70 boards to paint, but it was a pretty quick process, as the wood absorbed the watered down paint quickly!

The next morning saw us laying out the boards to work out which ones had to be cut down to size..this is pretty much like a jig saw..trying to find a logical but practical way to fit 70 boards took a while but this is one step which shouldn’t be rushed. We realised that every row was two and almost exactly one half, we also had to space out the batons evenly and were one short on perfect symmetry. As the highest traffic area, the space in front of the sofa got the extra baton and the space below the planned “booth” lost one as it would get no walking traffic. So we mixed up where the half boards went, to keep a pattern which looked mixed up, but purposely so.


After we were happy, we fitted the boards, doing one long strip at a time. We picked gold screws to add a little bit of colour, and ended up screwing down the boards in a pretty efficient manner.


All in all it took us 2 days to fit the flooring down and we used 12 short of 1000 screws..yeah long! To finish it all off we used a poly based varnish, this one, which is used in areas like receptions of hotels. We did three coats, which gives it a clear shiny coating..and it still looks amazing even 8 months on! And all in all we were able to do all this for just under £300!



Christmas is fast approaching, so I’ve scoured the internet for fun DIY advent calender ideas that you can do this weekend in time for the first in a couple of weeks. I think doing your own advent calender, whether it’s for you, a family or a friend, is so much nicer then buying the chocolate ones. Which let’s be honest most of the time get eaten way before Christmas day…no? just me? Also don’t panic, this picture is from last year, we don’t have a Christmas tree up yet.

Moving on, I remember I did a DIY advent Calender for Richard for our first Christmas in our own place. It was rather simple, just little fabric bags I made myself, hanging on a branch I spray painted white and put in a pot. Each day revealed a new Lego man he had to make up, plus some with a few sweets too. It was fun to make, and Richard rather enjoyed getting lots of little presents leading up to Christmas.

I wish I had a picture because it was so much fun, but this was 4 years ago now. My idea was really simple, and you can fill it with whatever you like, the persons favourite sweets, love notes, homemade vouchers..or little pocket-size things.

We are super lucky that Richards mum is super amazing at crafts and knitting, as she knitted a really lovely advent calender for Archer. Shes so good my mum has ordered two from her, one for each of my siblings (with kids) sorry Abby. Archer’s is obviously a little more special being as it’s her grandson. So everyday for 25 days, Archer gets a new knitted decoration to put on the tree. Last year he was still rather small but he enjoyed all the colours, so this year I’m super excited because he will understand that much more. I’ll do a daily instagram to show you each decoration, honestly they will melt your heart!

Anyway here are some of my favourite DIY advent calenders  hopefully they give you some inspiration to make your own!


The Fox and Star

This is a great one for a friend, nice and simple you can make the little bags yourself (tutorial on the blog) and fill with their favourite sweets or chocolate…maybe even miniature wine bottles too!dpp_00712Honey’s Life

A great one for family members, especially if you’re doing a joint one for kids or even kids and your partner. These can be filled with sweets or Christmas themed crafts and toys..the possibilities are endless.

enhanced-buzz-30483-1354125425-0Buzz Feed

This would be a good one for your partner.  You could put little vouchers in this, for a free massage or if your feel like splurging…shop vouchers. Or something just a simple as photographs with a little love note, from your time together. This would work for Grandparents too, lovely pics of grandchildren with notes and drawings. Something really sentimental, oooo and you could do it so on the 25th they receive a photo album to put all the images into….I kind of love this idea.

enhanced-buzz-19917-1354132897-1Buzz Feed

This is a great one for kids, having a little DIY scene is so much fun.Plus you could hide a note in each day which might be a riddle leading them to a chocolate around the house..all kids love treasure hunts..

So there you have it, some of my favourite Advent DIY’s. I’m seriously considering the envelope calendar for a grandparent…maybe next year so they forget about it, after reading it on here!

Have a lovely weekend all.



So if you read my post yesterday, you can see i’m not having the best luck with the house at the moment, for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, the jist is this. The guy who owned the house before us thought he could DIY everything…including plumbing. He couldn’t. So our downstairs toilet is rotting away with leaks galore, and many more problems around the house which need fixing. Though now the leaks are fixed, thanks to an actual plumber, it’s now time to make it look like a bathroom and not a mini construction site. So here are a round-up of my favourite tiles, I have an idea which ones I’m going to use, but I’ll keep it a surprise for when I reveal our new bathroom!

tiles-round-up-pretty-tiles-for-your-home-interior-design-blogPretty pretty tiles no? Any to the details.

  1. Contour shadow hexagon, Walls and Floors, £29.95 sqm.  2. White gloss herringbone mosaic, Walls and Floors, £3.95 a sheet.                               3. Souk teal tile, British Designer Tiles, £280 sqm.     4. Indian ocean, madagascar Seaspray, Fired Earth, £154.90 sqm.   5. Blue cube decor, Walls and Floors, £49.45 sqm.   6.  Gloss black hexagon, Walls and Floors, £3.95 a sheet.  7. Gallicia & temara, British Designer Tiles, £160 sqm.  8. Hula hoop black, Fired Earth, £99 sqm.



So there are my favourites…I’m so looking forward to having a nice downstairs bathroom…though i’m a do it yourself tile- virgin so might be interesting to see how it goes. Anyone got any tips, let me know!


Ok so as we approach valentines day, I thought i’d share some cute DIY’s that I found in various spots of the web. Some of these are great as last minute ideas and ones thatwon’t break the bank. Its the thought, not the price!

enhanced-buzz-13895-1391402207-12Buzz Feed

enhanced-buzz-20858-1391453855-11Buzz Feed

heart-cake-popsAnd A Mummy Too

Candy-Corn-ValentineLil Luna

FREE-printable-valentines-19Lil Luna

Printable-bread-wrappersCute DIY Projects Luna

whether your spending the day with a loved one,family or having a night out with friends! Happy Valentines day to you all!





All I can say is thank god it’s Friday! I’ve had a long few days with little Arch being poorly, Richard working long hours, and just the daily drama of life, so I’m looking forward to having a fun weekend! Anyway to the DIY. I have seen tons of the dipped vases DIY’s out there and I thought I’d try and mix it up a little!

Marbled, neon and bursts of colour are big trends at the moment, so I thought i’d have some fun filling glass bottles with a mix of paints creating a marbled effect.

So this is what you need:

Glass Bottles; I went for a variety of sizes, but whatever you have lying around the recycling will do

Paint; I experimented with acrylic first, but then ended up using standard house paint (the joy of tester pots)

A syringe




Ok so obviously wash your bottles thoroughly, and make sure all the labels are off and let them dry.

You will want to lay your cardboard out, and maybe get a little pot to put your paint in. I put about 2 tablespoons worth of paint in the pot, then mixed it with enough water to make it that little bit more runny! You can either add the different colours separately, or pre mix them in your pot like this.



I found it easier, and cleaner to syringe the paint up and put it in the bottles. Once the paint is at the bottom have fun twisting the bottles to get a desired pattern. Then just repeat with other colours. After you have got a desired effect, slowly tip the bottle to get the excess paint out of the bottle and let it dry upside down! It’s so simple, and can make some really effective patterns! And your having something that looks a bit like this.

marbled-dipped-bottles marbled-dipped-bottle-blog-diy-crafts

You can use these bottles for fake flowers, or just as a decorative piece on their own! It’s so simple, and a great way to add pops of colour in your home!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!!




Ok so our DIY for this Friday, is quite possibly the most simple thing ever! Like anyone can do it. All you need is some glue, balloons, a frame and some coloured card.

Here is my inspiration.

tumblr_mstbsudbrm1sw080uo1_500White Girl Blog

joelsonbugila-9The Fox Is Black

tumblr_mq0s50qey71r6w3qso1_500Alex Reynolds

Ok so this is a piece to have fun with. I picked a dark blue card which contrast lovely with the yellow ballons. I went for a minimalistic approach and to the point. But why not try out different shapes, colour…anything! Its ridiculously effective, and so simple!

So I got my frame from IKEA. I mean where else hey! I went for scarpbook card as it was the right size, and I just got your bog standard balloons! SIMPLE guys!


Enjoy guys!




DIY Confetti frameSo this is the first post of our new weekly series FRI-YAY DIY! Because it’s Friday, finally the weekend, and here’s a small project to sink your teeth into!   I’ve been pretty excited about this DIY post! I spent a while searching of ways of doing it after I saw this post on Emily Henderson’s blog about Jen Gotch’s office make over, which featured a confetti frame. Also I’d kill for an office as awesome as there’s!


So this was my inspiration. I’d had a confetti popper for ages, and wanted an awesome way of using it. Putting it in a glass vase or box just didn’t seem fitting enough. Then I came across this. Knowing I probably wouldn’t be able to find any plexiglass, I decided to try to find a different way off framing it.

Ok so here is what you need

Confetti; I love the mix of foil, shapes and colours. But whichever one suits you!

3D frame/Scrapbooking frame; I got one from Ikea. You need a frame which has some depth between the glass and backing. It won’t work with a standard frame.

Spray paint; I went for neon pink…which I think looks awesome.

Coloured card for the backing, I went for a light dusty know to keep the confetti the main attraction.

Here is what you do!

Ok to first thing first spray paint your frame, a couple of coats evenly should do it and let it dry. Then if you get a confetti popper like I did. Have some fun with it! Take a few pictures while you pop it. I exploded it onto card, so it was easy to pick up and transfer into the frame.


I had so much fun with the confetti popper! They are totally on my list for the wedding! You could also do some really fun photoshoots with these too!

Now with scrapbooking frames, they come with a wooden insert which holds the glass above the backing. What I did to make the confetti look like it was floating and all around, was to trap some between the wooden insert and the glass. What we are missing from not having a plexiglass frame, is the static you get.

Cut your backing paper to size, and simply put in and then your done! It’s a super simple DIY which gives you a super cute art piece for your wall!


I love it! As it’s so bright and colourful. I feel extremely girly when I look at it, plus Arch loves staring at the colours and the shiny shapes!  Have fun guys!!

Decorating your home on a budget is it doable?

There are always lots of bits and pieces to be done in and around the home. And when it comes time to do them you need to make sure you do the best possible job. Some of us will have repairs, renovations, and DIY bits to sort out. For others, it might be as simple as decorating the home. This is important because it keeps your property fresh, vibrant and exciting.

Of course, these days it seems like everything costs money, and nothing is cheap. But, there are ways you can decorate your home on a budget. It’s just a case of thinking outside the box and getting a little bit creative.  I’m thinking of doing a new series of ways to decorate your home on a budget, let me know if this is something you guys would be interested in.

So let’s look at some obvious ways you can save money decorating your home.

Upcycling is such a great idea that it’s a wonder more people don’t make use of it. This is the process of reusing and combining old and unwanted materials to make newer and better products. Upcycling will take you a bit of work, but it’s definitely worthwhile in the end. Consider things that are a bit unusual, like using a ladder as a bookshelf, or using bottles as lamp shades!

furniture23The Cottage Market

You would be surprised how awesome an old armoires or wardrobe with no doors can look when used in a different way. We upcycled a wardrobe and made a dresser for our plates and glasses! It’s lasted 4 years so far and I still love it.


100628164.jpg.rendition.largestThe Cottage Market

I love the idea of getting a tv unit or coffee table and turning it into a bench! I’d personally paint the unit a white or grey, then use a bright contrasting fabric or cushion for the seating area! But either way this is a great way to add extra seating without spending a fortune on getting a bench or another sofa!

decorate-rented-flat-8_500x739The Debrief

Feel like your furniture is a bit outdated or boring? It’s really easy to update it with paint or change out some features such as handles or legs! You would be surprised how a little paint (even a tester pot) can go a long way!

Fix Instead of Buying

When you’re doing any sort of decorating you’re going to come across things that are broken or damaged. Instead of throwing it out and buying a replacement, you can easily fix them, most of the time. You’re just going to need to choose the right adhesives. You want something inexpensive that is great value and will do a good job. So you should check out Nordson Adhesives from Kenyon Group to find exactly what you want. The right adhesives can make a huge difference to any work you want to do. Think of them as a long-term investment that will save you money and make your decorating much easier. Or learn a new skill and do a sewing class, or furniture restoration workshop! Learn some basic skills that will help you fix those items in your home!

Use Mirrors for Light

Lighting is a key part of any home, and an area that needs plenty of attention. The problem is that buying and installing a brand new lighting system can be pretty pricey. So you’ve got to come up with a cheaper and more practical alternative. Why not think about making use of mirrors to increase the light? This is an excellent idea that a lot of people use nowadays. Pick a room like the bathroom that is often gloomy. Add in a couple of extra mirrors and you’ll be surprised by the impact it can have.

578b75838a131ba52e6c5060859bed6cDecorators Notebook

 Home decorations are always fun and are often essential. It’s a good idea to look after and nurture your home. By decorating your home now and then, you’ll be able to make gradual changes and improvements to your property. It’s often simply a case of deciding on the sort of work you’d like to do, and then making the time to do it. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use this post and future ones, to give you a good idea of the kind of ways you can decorate on a budget.


If you don’t want to spend a fortune in frames, or equally if you’re not allowed to hang pictures up with nails, consider using the almighty washi tape! Renter friendly and it won’t break the bank!

decorate-rented-flat-1_500x750The Debrief

Charity shops, reuse centres and freecycle are great resources to find interesting pieces of furniture cheaper! Or look at Ebay for past season pieces from some of your favourites like Made or Habitat! Spending s little time browsing shops and the web can save you lots of money in the long run!

I’d like to think it’s quite easy to decorate your home on a budget, and I’m going to try and test some ideas and repot back!


Little way’s to update your home if you rent

Even though I rent my home, I am always on the lookout for easy and inspiring ways to update the look of it. When you’re not allowed to knock down walls or change any of the fitted cupboards into something new, you can feel a little restricted. But designing something new, and creating your own style isn’t as hard as you might think.

When you find a new place to rent, you get to start from scratch of where your furniture will go, what light shades, curtains and removable features your going to change and keep. It’s pretty exciting. And if your landlord is laid back you might even been looking at paint chips or wall paper. If they aren’t laid back look into removable wall paper and decals. A renters best friend.

Like i’ve said when renting there’s tons of ways you can add your personal touch to your home without annoying the landlord. We aren’t allowed to nail into the wall so we had to find another option as I wasn’t going to go with out my gallery wall. I came across these sticky pads for hanging pictures.. It means I don’t have to bang any nails in, and my landlord won’t have to worry about damage to the walls. These have been particularly handy lately as I’ve been swapping things around in the living room quite a lot! They are super durable, and I’ve tried and tested them. In fact our gallery in the nursery is completely hung up using these little beauts.  

If your lucky and your landlord is pretty flexible about what you can do in your place one thing I always notcie is how the ceiling quite frequently gets missed. Or is it jsut mine with the random marks. If your allowed, a great way to freshen up your home is painting your celing a light colour..can’t go wrong with white as this will reflect the light mkaing your room look brighter. It will also make your wall paper or paint job look neater. What’s the point of spending ages making sure you have sharp edges on the walls, then having marks on the ceiling. Or if your feeling really adventurous and your landlord is pretty relaxed, go for a statement ceiling to contrast with your walls.


Firstly if you ever find a landlord that might even let you do this a little…never let him go! This two toned room is just to die for. I also love the off set olive green door against the bright turquoise and dark grey. It just goes. This paint work gives a real dramatic sense to a room, and I’d say it’s like fashion. If you do it with confidence you can pull it off.



I love how gorgoues this deep blue ceiling looks paired with the crisp white and gold light fixture. Once again good luck getting your landlord to agree to this..maybe try buying them a drink first? You never know.

As a tip. I read that landlords will normally re-paint the place before new tennants move in, why not ask if you want a specific colour (make it a reasonable one as I doubt they would paint it bright blue for you). I wish I knew this as I would have asked for plain white. Having plain white walls gives a true blank canvas and not an ugly magnolia tinge to your room. #nomoremagnolia

New furniture is always great for renters, as it’s your way of getting your personality across. I browse online stores selling oak furniture to see if I can find good quality furniture. Furniture that’s durable enough for many moves (the problem sometimes with renting), and that can go with a mulitutde of awful paint jobs and carpets. I like a lot of colour you know me. But someimtes going for simple wood pieces can help bring a room together with out too much clash. You can then add the colour with accessories. Which are much cheaper to change with your ever changing taste.

DIY is a great way to update your home in little ways. It’s also a lot cheaper then constantly buying little bits here and there. I don’t stop talking about gallery walls, and your probably super bored of it..but it’s such a great way to add colour to your home with out painting. Doing an art wall with a theme always looks good.


The theme of neon is strong in this gallery wall, and I love how colourful it is. Also notice how nicely the rug colours fit in with the wall too. P.S I am loving neon right now and have some fun DIY’s coming up with a neon twist.




Pick your favourite colour of the moment and run with it. Clearly yellow features pretty strong in this room, but it goes beautifully. If your thinking of what colours, in my experince maybe stick to three colours you can always vary on the shade of the colours..But just have fun with it.


Finally I’ll leave you with some DIY’s that are fun and renter friendly.


Cute pillows are a must, so why not have some fun and DIY yourself some cushion covers. I am loving how simple this one above is. Simple yet so awesome!



Removable stickers are a great way to add decor to your home without annoying the landlord! How effective does that statment wall look! We have used a range of polka dots in our office/nursery and they look so great! Plus they work. I checked. No mark at all left after I pulled a couple off.




Lastly if you can’t use that gorgous wallpaper you have seen to decorate because your lanlord just isn’t budging. Why not wall paper the back of your cabinets or bookcases (that you own) with it. Add a pop of colour in a normally plain space, with that pattern or colour you just can’t live without.


Let’s keep fighting the good fight to make our homes, be they rented or owned, look beautiful!








Decorative items for your home

Ok I don’t know if it’s my frustration of not having the freedom to do what I want with our house, or just a crazy addiction, but I am constantly getting little bits here and there for our home..some of which Richard might call rubbish. But I definitely needed that neon pink mirror tray..I mean it was totally an necessity. But while being a mummy to Arch, I find myself looking more and more at decor and interior design..have you noticed? I thought I’d share with you some of my recent buys, some on my list to get, and some that are my dream buys!

Using throws to decorate, or cover stains on your sofa is now a must in my books. Especially since having Arch. All I can say is thank god for washable covers, but our new sofa won’t that luxury, so on my wish list are some gorgeous throws that I can just drape over the sofa for that casual, no I didn’t spill milk all down the arm chair, look.



So I have mentioned throws quite a bit over the last few weeks, probably because i’m on the hunt for one that isn’t crazy expensive, but still good quality. Well I think I may have found one.  H&M do a great range of houseware on their site, including some beautiful soft furnishings. Whether it’s pillows, rugs, throws or bedding, your sure to find something at great prices too! This throw is beautiful and comes in other colours too! It costs £39.99 from H&M.

Ok so while i’m on the subject of H&M here are a couple of things I have brought recently,which I sm totally in love with. Each having a specific function..and not just to look pretty!


Ok so it’s crazy but I remeber being young and thinking to myself, why does my mother own so many random boxes and I know. Because they are pretty and useful. So I’m currently working on a big DIY project using my polaroids but until I get the amount I want, and find the many many photos I have taken over the years, they currently reside in this box. I keep the box on my coffee table and to behonest it’s a lovely conversation starter where people who visit can go through my polaroids and look at my life documented through them. Once my project is over I love the idea of having little keep sakes in there. This box comes in 3 different metallics. Gold, copper and silver, and costs £12.99.



My neon pink mirrored tray. It’s for my bar cart (once it gets finished..or even started). This was a great buy as it’s in the sale and only costs £4.00 at the moment! Grab it while you can. It’s going to give that awesome pop of colour among the bottles and glassware on the cart.


Now I have a ton of plain cushions that I have been meaning do DIY for soooo long. But until then I’ll just drool over the cushions at  West Point Home. But cushions are great for making a dull couch, that little bit more fun. My favourite from West Point Home are below. I love a bold pattern, and if your a bit unsure on a bold pattern, getting it in black and white is sure to match most colour choices in your home and it’s not too out there.

So at the minute I am really into colour…like crazy into colour, so I think a great way to decorate your home with colour is by adding some modern fun wall hangings, they are fun alternative to add to your gallery wall.



So tassle’s have become increasingly popular as party/wedding decorations, but I love the idea of having them hang in an office, over a bed or even as cute nursery decor. I love the idea of putting some above my desk in my office! This is from Pom Joy Fun as it from Etsy, starting from £19.95. They also come in a range of colours too. il_570xN.784125143_sx2f

A super cute wall hanging for a nursery or even just in your home, I mean why not. They have lots of different animals, I am torn between the elephant and the giraffe. But this could be a fun DIY to try too! This is from Kelsey Davis Design, ETSY and is £33.88.


I’m on the hunt for a woven wall hanging, there are just way too many to choose from on ETSY, so I am currently playing with the idea of possibly making my own one…who might happen one day! But these cuties are from Holly and Teddy, ETSY and cost £25.00. These would be super cute in a baby girls room or nursery.


Buying bits and bobs is so much fun right? Don’t listen to your other half. We all know that pink neon tray was totally needed. I mean it’s going to make our bar cart look awesome right?