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Here’s How I Would Design My Room From Scratch

If you are buying a house soon (lucky you), you might be pretty excited about decorating it and putting your own stamp on it…or slightly daunted by the blank canvas before you. Even though I rent, I am constantly thinking of ways to add personality to my home without annoying the landlord, but even though I can’t act on my wants, I still have in mind how I would go about designing my current house if I owned it.

I think firstly I would look at the rooms that need the most work. If your in a rush, which to be honest I think we all would be, to move in. The last thing we want to do is go about changing the foundations of the place. Unless they are in particular need of work, or you really want that adjoining wall gone. So I think i’d start by painting the main rooms like the kitchen, living room and hallway. (the ones guests are more likely to see) white. Literally having that blank canvas to start, which will allow you to assess the situation, regarding time and money. Then if you don;t get round to decorating straight away you don;t have any garish colours you have to just deal with until you do get round to doing it. Because let’s be honest. It’s not often we all find a dream house that comes with the dream decor already there.

Flooring is important, as the last thing you want to do is move all your larger pieces in then decide that that carpet has to go. Look at high quality flooring by Empire Floors, they have a great range to fit all budgets and needs. I also recommend if your needing to get multiple floors done, going for the same company if you can. As you never know they could cut you a deal, and if not installation or delivery might be discounted. Never hurts to ask.




It’s then a good time to  pick a colour that compliments your furniture and flooring choice. May this be the furniture colour itself, accessories or the wall colour. This is where I get excited when thinking about owning my own place! Honestly the fun you can have, it’s an expression of you! Plus I dream of the day’s when i’m not surrounded by magnolia coloured walls.  I love this living room above. It’s a very muted mocha brown regarding the walls and sofa, but the pops of yellow, green and pink give it an awesome modern twist, that I am dying over. This is a great example of how you can add style to your home if you rent and can’t paint the wall that  shade of blue you wanted. Having the spot of colour in your decor and accessories, makes your room pop, even if your wall’s don’t.

Placing your furniture..I find with living rooms especially this can be pretty tricky, as finding a layout to fit the focal point which tends to be the  TV, can be quite difficult. Unlike the kitchen where sometimes your appliances will only go in certain areas, thus giving you less layout options..which sometimes can be a blessing. I have tried 4 different layouts with my living room and we finally found a perfect one.. to then be ruined due to the fact we are getting a new sofa, which is going to completely shake up my layout due to it’s size and shape being completely different to our current one. So you have to think about where things are going to go. I read a good way to help you decide, is by masking out the big pieces of furniture on the floor, so you can relate the size and layout without having to constantly move around your big pieces. Saving you time, and your poor helper’s backs.

I think another good thing to remember is the function of each room. The kitchen is for cooking, so the layout should compliment your cooking regime. Having that fancy draw for your spices, or the coffee machine next to a coffee shelf full of your favourite syrups, beans and teas will personalise your kitchen to you. Another thing to remember is the emotions related to colour. As silly as it sounds, you might not want a bright green for your bedroom..where it’s function is to be relaxing and intimate. Having a pale colour, with slightly bolder accessories may give the eye catching appeal with a softer overall feel which is  great for chilling and sleeping.




This person has utilised the  shelves in their kitchen to display there rainbow collection of utensils. It’s functional and pretty all at the same time.





Now this is a bedroom I could happily sleep in for the rest of my life. The painted pink and white wash walls, and bed covers paired with the bold grey and geometric furnishings make the overall feel of the room relaxing yet modern. I mean this is a room I would show off to my guests! Plus I am in love with that painting.

I have a scrap book of ideas of how I want my future house to look and feel..all on pinterest. Though at the rate i’m pinning it’s going to need to be a mansion!

Doing up your bathroom?

So it’s pretty exciting, Richard has a whole week off, and so when he’s having his quality time with Arch, i’m doing some DIY’s and sorting out our bathroom too.

Now it won’t quite be my dream bathroom, as i’m limited due to renting, but I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve to inject our style.

I had a look at Bella Bathrooms blog post which gives some great tips if you are looking to completely change your bathroom. As to be honest I wouldn’t know where to start, and I have this pinned for when we finally buy our own place. Where would we be without pinterest.

Use this website to design the room as well as you can. On this site, you can clearly see where things will fit in your bathroom, without having to guess or constantly re measure your space. This means you can try out all the different bathroom suite styles you want to see how they fit..before you buy..

Now if your doing up your bathroom from scratch or if your renting storage facilities  are a great way to add little quirks to your bathroom. Especially as typically bathrooms aren’t the biggest, but yet for some reason there’s always a ton of stuff in there!! Especially if you have kids. So having some storage where you can keep things tidy and organised will make it a much nicer place to relax.



This bathroom is great as it shows a variety of storage ideas that are renter friendly too! I love the metal crate to hold the toilet rolls, and the little hooks with a bag of flannels on! so super cute. Another great thing to think about is utilising areas you wouldn’t normally think of. Like putting a shelf above the door for storage or having a ladder lent on the side for your towels. Who says bathroom’s can’t be stylish.

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Winter is coming…here are my tips to keep warm.

Unfortunately, autumn is officially here and although the weather was nice today..I didn’t even wear a coat, we won’t be able to keep the winter away.  So yes the heatwave is over (I didn’t enjoy that when I was heavily pregnant) but now I have a new obstacle. Keeping my home warm for my little guy. When we lived in Essex, our 111 year old house was damp, mouldy and always cold. We pretty much gave up on putting the heat on, as we only had radiators in 3 rooms, and due to all the cracks, the heat escaped, so we were just wasting money. So our days were filled with lots of jumpers, fluffy socks and hot beverages. Thankfully our place now has a decent heating system which is good because having a 2 month old we need to keep the place warm so he doesn’t get sick.

So, here are my tips for surviving the inevitable cold weather that is about to take over.


Install A Quality Central Heating System (sounds boring but it’s highly important).

From what I can tell, almost every home has central heating. Yes, they might have a fire too, but they use it in conjunction with their boiler. Still, not everyone has a quality one like an Enviro Air HVAC. Having a boiler is not enough if the boiler doesn’t do its primary job effectively. Your central heating needs to warm up the house quickly and maintain its temperature, otherwise not only will you be freezing, but your wasting a hell of a lot of money on a boiler thats not really work efficiently.


If you don’t have kids and want to work to a budget, think about setting your boiler to a timer, and having your heating on about 15-20 degrees. This might seem ridiculously low to some, but adding an extra layer, and getting some blankets for your home could save you a lot of money in the long run. Mine and Richards gas and electric cost us £30 a month in Essex, because we had our boiler set to a timer. Early morning for a couple of hours and in the late evening for a couple of hours. For the rest of the time, if we were in the house we just wore a jumper. It got to the point that by the time we left that house we had £300 of extra credit in our account. Due to us being savvy with the heating. ( and we also turned off lights and plugs..but that’s electricity..and a whole other post).

You can lose the heat from your home through displacement. Double glazing and well-manufactured fittings should limit this, but you can stop it further by closing the curtains and getting door draught excluders for your doors.  Hardwood flooring can also be really cold, this gives you a great excuse to buy some cute rugs.

And finally some cute must haves to help you survive the winter!



1. Men’s ASOS roll neck jumper, £32.00

2. Ted Baker Maddoxx Slippers, ASOS, £55.00 Pretty classy slippers to keep your fella warm in the colder months.

3.  I’m actually a mermaid candle, Urban Outfitters. £35.00 Candles are a great way to keep warm, you would need a few though, but I love the look of this candle, I mean who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? But remember be safe with fire guys!

4.  Baby Grobag, Mothercare £33.00 Ok so I’m going to get round to doing a baby must haves for new parents, one of them being a grobag. Arch sleeps in one of these and it keeps him warm without the need of a blanket. This limiting the dangers but still keeping him warm enough during the cold nights. Also they come in a variety of sizes and toggs. So you can get thick and thin ones depending on the weather, and small enough ones that clip on the sides which are great for newborns too!

5.  Sajana rug,Urban Outfitters, £75.00

6. Laxmi Curtain, Anthropologie, £78.00 How beautiful are these curtains. They keep the draft out, while continuing to make the place look pretty!

7. LETO Multicoloured patterned throw, Habitat, £80.00 Always always keep a throw downstairs, it’s great to add a bit of colour to your sofa, and to keep you warm and snuggly during the colder months.

8. Bedroom Athletic Jessie Huskies Booties, ASOS, £29.99

9. Vila Geometric Print Jumper, ASOS, £15.00


Winter is coming..but with winter comes Christmas. I personally love winter, as I love to layer on clothes, and walk through the brisk cold it’s an excuse to drink gallons of hot chocolate and snuggle up on chilly nights on the sofa! But it’s only fun if you can escape the cold to a warm house.

Furniture ideas that will make your home look amazing.

Let’s be honest. Furniture is pretty important, but I think it should be stylish and functional. Your furniture says a lot about you, and if you rent its a great way to spruce up your space with colour and style without annoying your landlord.

Ok so there are certain pieces in the home that feature in certain rooms. Bed in a bedroom, Dinning table in the dinning room and a sofa in the lounge. We are currently on the look out for a new corner sofa.I find corner sofa’s are ideal for smaller obscure shaped rooms. They create a lot of seating and fit in the most awkward places.  Nantuckit slipcovered sofas have great options, so many different styles. I am in love with dramatic sofas..I don’t know why…but I’d love a bright coloured one to make it a real feature in the room.




I love this couch, it looks so comfy. Plus the contrast of the yellow against the black bookcase is amazing.

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Designing A Beautiful Gender Neutral Nursery For Your New Addition

If you have a new addition on the way and have resisted finding out the gender, you might be struggling when it comes to creating a nursery. When I was pregnant with Arch, Richard and I decided to wait to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.While this made the birth a lot more exciting, it did mean that designing a nursery was a little more difficult. After doing lots of research and using Pinterest for inspiration, I came up with lots of ideas for creating a beautiful space.

In case you are struggling to design your nursery, I thought that I would share all of my favourite ideas with you, below:


Choose a colour scheme that works for either gender


Due to us renting I wasn’t able to paint the room, so I went for removable decals in copper which I felt were gender neutral. But if you can paint, why not go for some soft pastel colours, like green, yellow or even grey.

There are so many colour schemes to choose from that it can be a little overwhelming. Use sites like Pinterest and Instagram to help inspire you – there are lots of awesome gender neutral nursery’s all around.



This pastel grey is great for a boy or a girl. Once you have had your bundle of joy, you can add little details after that to make it more gender specific.



I love the combination of grey, duck egg blue and lemon in this nursery. Soft pastel tones are great for nursery’s as they are calming and light. Just what you need for your little ones room.

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Our upcycled coffee table

So we have wanted a coffee table for a while, and I did a lot of research on trying to find the perfect one. See my post here. But in the end we decided that maybe doing a little DIY on a table that needed some TLC might be more ideal. So we trailed EBAY, charity shops and free cycle until we came across this one below. We got it for £15 from a reuse recycle shop, and it’s not the best picture, but as you can see its just a pine wood that has been stained with that horrific golden orange know very old school..I remember having this type of furniture all over my house when I was little. But the best thing about these types of furniture, is that they are so lovely to up cycle. With a bit of sanding you can strip it down to the bare wood, and start all over. I always recommend looking for items which are a good structure and the wood is in good condition as it will always make your job a hell of a lot easier and the outcome a hell of a lot nicer.


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5 Kitchen DIY’s that are cheap, quick and effective.


Original image from Oh Joy.


Ok, so we all love a bit of DIY, up cycling and crafting things around us. But even I have had times when I wish I could do half of the things pinned on my pinterest. But some projects are just too big, expensive, or unrealistic..we have all seen those epic fails..and I have had my fair share of them too..but I thought i’d feature some DIY’s that I have found, some of which I have done, which are budget friendly, simple and look great. I’ll be posting my top 5 once a week for different areas. Starting firstly with the kitchen…



Firstly, how amazing does this kitchen look? Just look at all the colour. Anyway to the DIY which comes from Oh Joy. Neon dipped storage jars is so effective and super cheap. You don’t even have to buy anything, as they don’t have to be neon. Just  using paint and the jars you already have you can add a dash of colour to your kitchen. This is great for renters, as it can distract away from ugly decor you can’t change!



Spruce up old cupboards with washi tape. You can get so many different types of wash tape every where nowadays and it’s not overly expensive either. This is another renter friendly tip too! As washi tape comes of beautifully easy and won’t leave a mark. Honestly how did we survive without this pretty clouded tape? See this DIY at Vorstellung Von Schon.



So simple, cheap and effective. Add colour to your utensils with paint. Just make sure you varnish it afterwards so its wash safe!! This DIY is from Earnest Home Co. I’ve seen this been done with an ombre effect which looks awesome!



I’d be surprised if no one has any lego laying around, if not at their place at their parents..but if not. Charity shops are a great place to look out for lego, and this DIY from The Kitchn will please anyone..




Last but not least, up cycle old mugs and cups with  1 simple tool. Sharpie. A great DIY and it’s super quick and cheap there’s no excuse not to try it!! This is from Don’t mind if I do. You can also get sharpie in gold now too just think of the possibilities!


So there are 5 quick, cheap simple DIY’s for your kitchen. A great way to clear out the cobwebs and add some colour and texture without breaking the bank or your back! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Our Nursery Gallery Wall



Ok so I thought I’d give you a snippet look into our nursery, which is nearly finished, just a few touches need doing, and my office side needs reorganising, but overall I feel pretty ready for this baby…if it ever comes..

So I didn’t exactly have a big budget for this gallery wall, but I had an idea of what I wanted. Not being able to paint the nursery was a bit of a bummer, so we made do with rent fixes like copper polka dot decals, and colourful frames to add a little something to the nursery.

I spent many hours sourcing frames off of free cycle and rummaging around charity shops and ended up spending around £10 altogether on the 12 frames I used. One day if I have tons of money I will probably pay to have them all professionally framed, but because I wanted to spend more money on the actual artwork, getting the frames cheaper meant I could spend a little extra on the contents.

Ok so here are a few of the frames I sourced.



So they needed a bit of a clean up, but it was super easy to do and then I just spruced them up with paint and spray paint..really simple. Really effective. Really budget friendly.



Ok so here are a few close ups and I’ll list where I got the artworks from too.I used some Etsy vouchers I had for most of the artworks, but there are so many places to get free  printables, see my post here, and even creating some of your own pieces or asking family members to create something, can add a really lovely personal touch.

Ok so from L-R.  1.Linocut goat, Etsy. 2.Gondoliere Print, Etsy.  3.Dinosaur was part of four postcards, Etsy.   4.Bonjour cat and dog print, Etsy.  5.Owl postcard, Etsy.

You can see some more Etsy artworks for a nursery here and here.



Etsy prints L-R. 1.Deer print, Etsy.  2.Hello Print, Etsy.  3. leopard drawing, my dad did this when he was younger. 4. Hippo Print, Etsy.  5.Sea Life postcard I got free with one of my purchases. 6. Click Click camera Postcard, Etsy.  7. lemon horse Postcard, Etsy.

So there you have it, my gallery wall on a budget. I do note that there’s quite a lot of blues and greens. Honestly, I happened to have those colours in spray paint, and it’s much easier to spray paint the frames, rather then hand paint them and being I was on a budget, buying more spray paint in a variety of colours not seen as gender specific would have cost quite a bit. I went for a mix of neutral prints, and it was a lot of fun curating them together! When the baby is here, I will probably add some more and if it takes another 2 weeks for this baby to make an appearance I will probably end up grabbing my paints and doing some little doodles for the room myself to try and keep me sane!


Hope everyone had a good weekend…oh joy for Mondays!!


Upcycled TV unit DIY project



Ok so I suck at remembering to take before pictures, but if you can see from this, the TV unit was a brown murky mess..lots of stains on it so we just gave it a light sand, as parts of it were veneer, so breaking it back to basic wasn’t really an ideal situation. We took the glass doors off, and spray painted the draw and glass door knobs gold, and decided to have plain white as the colour choice.




So here you have it…oh and I also suck at taking during photos…so my apologies. I am totally happy with how this came out, as we have been using a really old chest of draws to have our tv on. So I utilised the draw for wires and components to keep that ugly stuff hidden, and found that the cubby holes were a perfect fit for some oversized books which didn’t fit in our it’s totally a way to show off your cultural side to guests…paired with some mini Star Wars figures, and some fresh flowers, and the tv unit was finished. I should say that we got this unit for £5 from a reuse centre. So it was a total bargain, and I used Laura Ashley paint to paint it. Honestly I would recommend free cycle, charity shops and house clearances because you never know what you might find..this was a really quick and easy DIY and although Richard sanded it, I painted and styled it..all the while being heavily pregnant…so anyone can do it! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Soon I will do a living room redo update, as its almost finished!

Birthday Fun Pins

So yesterday I turned 26 and celebrated my birthday having a chilled day with Richard. To be honest a lot of things right now  completely drain me, so chilling was perfect. We ate cake, we watched films, and did a trip to Ikea..was perfect. This week sees us going to my brothers wedding so to be honest I’m kind of saving my energy for that..very different to last year, where we partied! Anyway for today I thought i’d look at awesome Birthday pins..for the Birthdays in your lives coming year…i’ll drink and party!



















I think i’d like to have a really big do for my 30th. I have 4 years to plan it. This year has been super crazy, and gone super fast. It’s crazy to think that next month I might have a baby and that me and Richard would have been engaged for a year…without anything being planned bar the photographer..crazy!!! Here is to another year…next year should be interesting!! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

Twitter; Ramblings, and updates on us.

Pinterest; If you like colour, decor and food, then take a look

Instagram; We seem to have a lot of pictures of eggs and food..

Facebook; We post new bits and competitions so check it regularly.