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Pregnancy life update

Ok so I am 27 weeks and 6 days…still enjoying morning sickness… I’ve given up hope of it ever going and I’m sore…Let’s just say I know it’s only going to get worse the bigger I’s a high five to being full term in the heat…yay.


But one thing I have discovered…a pregnancy pillow..seriously as soon as my head hits this pillow I am gone..I haven’t slept as good as I have in the last week..It’s amazing..seriously get one..even if you aren’t expecting.

So I find myself living in maternity jeans and leggings, so when I do go out I like to try and dress up..remind myself I am still a human not just a baby carrier. In between vomiting (sorry) and trying to get my list of to do’s finished..I just look like a pregnant I’ve tried a few things to perk me up during the day. While cleaning yesterday I totally wore a flower crown…I mean why not? Due to my obsession with orange flavoured drinks I am also enjoying using fancy glasses and straws with ice…if I close my eyes it could be a cocktail..

I still have a massive list of things to get..think I am going to wait a bit deadline is when I hit 35 weeks, as it’s my brothers wedding and I have been advised by my midwife to take a hospital bag with me as I’ll be gone for a few days..So I have a good 7 weeks…plenty of time.


Went out for dinner because I’m constantly craving spicy food.. we went for an indian.. and it was so good plus I got to dress up a little and even put make up on. I’m wearing a sequin top from ASOS and my red skirt from Asda that I have had for ever. No maternity clothes in sight..gave me a perk I still fitted in the skirt.



And my floral crown cleaning day…I brought this crown for my baby shower which is happening at the end of May, it’s super cute and is from Asos too!


anyway I’m off for nap!






Fashion Weeks Street Style 2015

So when I look at the fashion weeks I tend to normally look at all the designers work and drool over the collection, and don’t get me wrong some of the collections look amazing. But I thought I show you some of favourite street styles from the weeks..I love everyones individual fashion sense and it gives me so many ideas of how to revamp my own wardrobe.


So this is taken at New York Fashion week, and I am totally in love with that Jacket. I don’t even mind the hat, the whole look just works, and she looks effortlessly awesome. See more NFW street styles here.


I love the causal roll neck paired with the studded heels…and I am totally drooling over that pink skirt. This is Kerry Pieri in Alaia shoes and Erin Dana belt bag.  See more street style on Harpers Bazaar.

Soraya Bakhtair Vogue 15Sept14 Dvora_b_426x639

Nothing better then shades of blue on a frost morning, I love the amount of texture going on in this outfit, and how casual does she look with her coat just hanging off her shoulders.  This is Soraya Bakhtair who said on her outfit “I’ve opted for a Tibi jacket, Topshop skirt, Céline bag, Dolce Vita shoes and Italia Independent sunglasses.” See more street style on Vogue.


Just look at that dress, and it works so well with the casual down sneakers..I love the collar and pleats, there’s just so much structure going on.. See more on Teen Vogue of Fashion Week’s street style.



I think it can be quite hard to pull of the casual but chic look, looking like you haven’t tried, but amazingly chic at the same time. I love the rolled up jeans, and the stament white tee plus that coat is to die for. Danielle wears: Coat: River Island, Jeans: River Island, Top: River Island, Trainers: Zara, Bag: Whistles. This is from Cosmopolitan.




This is quite possibly one of my favourite outfits from the street styles. I love the blue tones paired with the statement red lips and toes..effortlessly classy. This is from Pop Sugar, take a look at more street style there.


Let’s not forget the men, I love the casual braces and rolled up pin stripe trousers, this guy looks like he doesn’t give a shit…but does it soo well. From WWD take a look at more men’s street style.



These guys just have it all going on, the tartan against the blue suit paired with the orange tie, it’s just genius. And the relaxed purple v-neck sweater brings a preppy new dapper look to the trio. Everything is right with these guys outfits. See more street style here.


I think fashion is such a great way of expressing yourself, I remember I used to wear the most outrageous clothes. The more patterns the better. But I loved it, and although I have calmed down a bit now, there’s nothing better then getting dolled up to go out, or even putting on your polka dot dungarees and powder blue crop top to clean the house..wear what your comfortable in but remember to have fun with it too.

Vintage gems. My love of vintage clothes

Ok so I have been collecting clothes for years now. I am the type of person who will see an amazing find and get it for the chance I loose tons of weight and become a size 6. So they stay safely kept in a clothes bag hanging up never to be worn again. Until now. I am sifting through some of my best items and photographing them for our Etsy shop. It will be a process of me picking the best pieces, having them cleaned and just generally making sure they are fit to send off. It’s pretty exciting! Anyway I have done a few pieces and here are a few pictures from the mock shoot. Hopefully the first few pieces will be up by the end of next week.




Denim jacket paired with a blue striped mid length skirt, Casual but feminine. I love how her face is out of focus. Reminds me of film photography.



I love this picture, my sister is annoyingly photogenic but tho Levi jacket is heat, plus everyone needs a denim jacket in their wardobe.


and With vintage pieces, you really have to trail around endless charity and thrift shops. Even looking at car boots and garage sales. I have so many pieces that I have collected from Canada, France, Italy the states. Everywhere. Whenever I go abroad I seek out flea markets and such. Remember to look at the material, and condition. Then always haggle. I have brought quite a few pieces in the past which I got for a steal which just needed a little bit of mending. And then there is ebay. Never doubt ebay. Look for pieces that are ending soon mid-day. Because thats when it’s quiet and things go for a steal. Also because I am not just looking for things in my size. (which can be difficulut when your a 16-18) I have a wider range of things to pick from. Some of my most prized pieces are sequin beauties in great condition. But it’s time to move them on. And give them a new home. Selling off my pieces in acid free packaging, drycleaned or steamed with some styling tips shoved in there too!!


So will let you know when the vintage collection launches!!



I love looking at all the latest designs, and although I don’t go to the shows ( I wish) there’s always plenty of places to see all the excitement from the shows. So all my pictures today are from Style. So there are a few designers I always check out first, because I always love their work. Firstly we have Chanel which is obviously led by Karl Lagerfield who is head designer and creative director, has anyone else seen his barbie doll? Thoughts?



Is this not the coolest outfit you could wear to work? I am in love with that pattern, and the sharp collar detail with the structured lines..ahhh anyone would look pretty fancy in this! Chanel Ready to Wear  Spring 2015


I picked a few outfits from the Chanel Ready To Wear Spring 2015 collection, just because of the boldness of the outfits, of course, I feel Chanel always takes it that step further but I am in love with the clash of the monochrome skirt and jacket with the abstract print boots and top.



I am in love with the mismatched colours and prints..and the cropped jacket….yes please!! I just love how feminine this 9-5 office-esq looks are, and the boots…words cannot describe how lovely they are..


Another label who’s collection I always check out is Marchesa. Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig  are the brains and beauties behind this label, and they did not disappoint.



This whole outfit is a dream, the skirt the shoes and matching handbag, it’s all very girlie and light with a bit of fantasy thrown in there..


For the balls, I may one day go to…these two dresses are our princess dresses we have all dreamed of, with the delicate floral trail and the blue airy netting, it’s like a clip out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.



I am seeing a theme with the cropped accent tops, and this one is just beautiful, paired with the bright fushia pink, I just love it.


Next we have a slightly more ‘out there’ collection from Manish Arora, but a collection which I love…the colour, the clash of patterns and texture, even the hats…he made it work..


With a sci-fi like theme going on with the metallics, and eye prints, the different textures in the sleeves alone were enough to win my heart. Who doesn’t like a clashing outfit while pairing it with a bumbag…


A slightly more tone-downed piece from the collection, but the beauty and elegance with this is just gorgeous, that beading work and the shoes? Wish list please.

YVL_0261 Quite possibly my favourite outfit from the collection, I am a sucker for pastels and florals, plus that blue with that pink just makes a dream outfit for me…I think i’d even consider the shoes…why be normal?



Anyway they are just a few outfits I loved from the Fashion Weeks. I won’t bore you with my whole list, we could be here forever plus I know a lot of you only read for my delightful meltdowns and rants, so I’ll keep in short and sweet…haha

Speak soon!


Ok so it’s been raining quite a bit here, and it’s starting to get a lit cooler, I know, what am I saying it’s only August, but either way, one of the things I love to do when its cold and wet is wacking on some warm leggings, socks and drinking warm drinks…like lavender lattes…see the recipe here. But anyway back to the socks and yes before you say it I am totally doing a post on socks.



These were the more expensive of the lot, all of them being from ASOS.  These socks, are so warm and soft, and I think would look really cute with converses…no?


Slightly more glamourous, with sparkles and stripes, these look so cute with my jelly shoes!! Get them here. Plus they are on sale for just £2.


Pineapples!! gah I went crazy over these when I saw them! Get them here! You know you want them!


Bright blue socks, they are sooo lovely, and so so soft, it’s unreal. Get them here.  and they are only £3.50!!



So yes I may have gone overboard with socks, but they are soo comfy, plus it’s nice being all wrapped up especially as Richard is in Qatar for a week!


Hope you enjoyed my sock post, it will soon be icy cold, and socks look so cute over tights! I am soo excited to wack my tights and sock combo’s out soon!


speak soon



So i did a very quick little shoot while we were in Italy, which briefly featured Abby, and the flowers that Richard had given me. It was sunny, but quite cold that day, hence the short shoot. But I like how the pictures came out a lot, I love using swimming pools, the reflections and shades of vibrant blue just look good as a backdrop.


Abby looking lovely with flowers in her hair, which is a nightmare. Me and Max were in the pool with her holding her up and placing flowers, then we had to get out of the way without disrupting her or the flowers for Richard to take the picture.. fun fun





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Ok so that’s a bit of a mouthful title, but as it’s says I have invited my little sister to collaborate with me on a few of the posts I do. Now not only do we have very different style’s and shapes, she is annoyingly photogenic, and is constantly snapping herself away on her phone.

So thought I would talk about my look today, which is a bit androgynous and then she will talk about hers. Ok so I have gone for my trusty H&M harrem pants. I have a couple of pairs as they are good staples and easy to cycle in, I don’t just wear the same stuff everyday….I have paired it with a red checker shirt I got years ago from a flea market, Some spotty pop socks and my brown brogues. I have been cycling into work lately so wearing something breathable and comfy is important.


I might just call this week dressing like a man week. But hey it’s a look…kind of



A big problem I have with some of my outfits are shoes. I am the kind of person who run’s her shoes into the ground, these I feel are looking a bit worn. On the hunt for new shoes I go. Hello ASOS.


Now I’m not exactly sure why I am pouting, clearly I felt I needed to make this picture look even more cool then it already was.. I know I didn’t even think it was possible….Anyway moving on, my quilted denim jacket is from ASOS Curve and it’s by far my favourite Jacket ever…now  over to my sister Abby..


Sister here…I tend not to take selfies when I’m looking like I just rolled out of bed…and it’s not the good just rolled out of bed; I don’t look like women in movies who happen to be looking flawless as they wake up.

Anywho as my darling sister said I have been swept away with the ‘year of the selfies’. I admit I do take a lot of them…when I feel my hair is looking especially nice today, or I’m bored, but I mostly take selfies when I am dressed up to the max. I love a good dressing up me, any chance to wear red lipstick and wear an expensive dress and heels I’ll take it. My favorite dress, which I have donned the official dress I wear to any weddings I am invited too, is bright pink. I was skeptic at first but fell in love with it once I had tried it on.


I can walk around at night time and people will still be able to spot me in this beauty, but I love it.

My sister and I have a very different fashion taste, I am all about the dresses and heels, she is more conservative but annoyingly looks pretty in anything she pairs together; even if it isn’t supposed to look good together somehow she makes it work.
I went through the terrible awkward phase, as everyone did, where I wasn’t sure what the hell to put together…I had some mega clashes and there are photos on facebook that make me want to stick my head into the sand and think ‘why the hell did I wear that’ or ‘what the hell was I thinking getting a full fringe when I have a cows lick’. But getting older and looking more…feminine helped a lot. Puberty works wanders.



Told you I was real. So I am pretty awkward in front of a camera, but hey in this day and age with the year of the selfie, it was time for me to get over it. So figured I would document my style selfies for you all. FYI my hair is in need of some serious brushing/washing.


Ok so I am quite into the relaxed casual look at the moment. Although I am really in love with suit trousers and may invest in some one day. One of the places I love to shop, bar charity shops, is H&M. Im not small, I’m a size 18 sometimes 20 depending on the cut, and I like that H&M caters to larger sizes. So my black Harem Pants, striped shirt (underneath) and my white casual shirt are all from H&M. My cardigan is from a charity shop.

The pants are so comfy, and don’t let the soft jersey fabric fool you, they can look very smart too when paired with a white shirt. Although you can’t see my feet, I am wearing glitter socks from ASOS and plain brown brogues form New Look. As the harem pants are slightly above the ankle I like edging my look up with a pop of colour or texture with my socks. Next time I will include my feet.

I don’t wear a lot of make-up, sometimes none at all, but I love lipstick. I am wearing MAC’s Russian Red. I love MAC lipstick, it just goes on amazingly well, and there are an array of colours to suit every mood.

Now if only I had brushed my hair.

Happy Monday!

Quick note. I wanted to say thank you for the lovely support I got from my last post on Facebook and twitter.

If you want to ask any questions about anything, or if you want me to talk about something particular on the blog, leave a comment or email me at I will always try my hardest to reply.


Ok so I am addicted to Pinterest. If you don’t know what it is look it up, it’s like an online scrap-book of inspiration.  So I am toying with the idea of having a weekly or fortnightly pins favourites. Who knows maybe it might become a regular feature.

To the point, from pinning a pair of shoes that caught my eye. Purely because they had a pair of eyes on them I found out all about Charlotte Olympia. Specialising in shoes and accessories, I was floored by her bright patterns and designs. To pick a mere product was difficult but these I couldn’t ignore. She has done a collection of flats which represent each zodiac sign, and another featuring the Chinese zodiac signs. The ones I picked are called Birthday shoes Snake. As I was born the year of the snake. The elegant design matched with the colours and accent of the snake make them my new wish list of shoes.


BIRTHDAYSHOESSNAKE_GREENI am totally loving the vibrant colours, patterns and texture of style at the minute. This next image I got from Fashion gone rogue. It shows images of Melanie Werner in a shoot for Grazia Germany, shot in Rio de Janeiro. I love the mismatch of clashing prints here. It’s giving me ideas. Also take a look at that view, with the Christ the Redeemer statue in the distant. Take me to Rio now please.



hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day1-08-aimee-song-de-sm hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day1-02-de-sm

These two come from the Harpers Bazaar site, showcasing street style from the New York fashion week. Just look at all the texture and bold patterns. I am totally in envy of the cubed check coat and the cut out polka dot skirt.  Wish list please.




I can’t really talk about pattern and texture without putting up an image of Olivia Palermo. This is an outfit she wore during New York Fashion week which was featured on Instyle look of the day. This outfit is crazy. In a good way. All that’s really missing is some tartan.. I’m kidding. I love the sweet polka dot top, and the bright pink Delvaux Tempête Cardinal tote. It just an awesome outfit.1871339

Ok so I know what your thinking, very fashion orientated this time..yes yes they are, what can I say with the Fashion weeks now pretty much over, the amount of images that are just filling my brain are endless, I am in love with the new collections and style trends which are forming. So yeah just a tad fashion orientated.

But to the image.I am just in love with this, the stripes the pose, the hair, that BAG. the Chanel bag that has been on my wishlist forever. Everything is working for me. See the other images here. Carine Roitfeld gives the Chanel 2.55 bag multiple personalities.





How amazing did London Fashion Week look? I am rather jealous I wasn’t able to go, but just looking at reviews is making my mouth water over some of the creations! Now I wouldn’t regard myself as a designer junky, most of my clothes come from charity shops or flea markets, but if I could afford it I would never say no to some of the pieces that were shown. I am so inspired from the colour, shapes and textures that I kind of want to re-invent my wardrobe. Perhaps after frugal February I could do a piece trying to re-create a look from Fashion week? That sounds fun. Anyway, I could have literally spent the whole day pinning and posting tons of images, but I have limited it as best as I can to my up most favourites from London Fashion Week.

KIM_4206.450x675 KIM_3971.450x675

So these two are both from designer Holly Fulton.For Fall 2014.

I could have quite easily put her whole collection up. Known for her Deco prints, and hand drawn designs,she didn’t disappoint. I’m just in awe to be honest. So the collection was inspired by  1929 silent movie ‘Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera’ and I couldn’t fault any of her pieces, I think I would wear them all. I am especially in love with the coat in the bottom image with the hand prints. Wishlist please. See the rest of the collection here.



Roksanda Ilincic Fall 2014. Her work revealed a collection of strong bold lines, mashed up with elegance and striking colours. A perfect match of evening and day outfits. Her style of clothing looks effortlessly beautiful. With this outfit, the subtle blue accents with gold belting edge up the look giving it a twist on a classic outfit. See the rest of her collection here and drool over the subtle geometric patterns and the contrasting bright fur accents.




Michael van der Ham’s Fall 2014 collection mixed a 60’s colour palette with a 90’s grunge layered look. Using a mix of fabrics, he created beautiful layered pieces. I love this outfit in particular, the bright yellow paired with the white and pale blue made it stand out to me in and instant. So simple yet edgy with an almost crochet like texture. Check out the rest of his collection here.




Here we have Erdem Fall 2014. The collection created by Erdem Moralioglu mixes femininity with bold colour and shapes. This dress in particular caught my eye with the wing backed sleeves and black accent collar over the lovely blue. His collection features largely a lot of strikingly dark colours, that paired with the edgy shape and cut outs of the pieces gives an almost oxymoron of harsh lines mixed with feminine accents. To see the rest of the collection, look here.


Now last but certainly not least we have Vivienne Westwood for Vivienne Westwood Red Label. What can I say this women is a GOD.  Every time I see a new collection of hers, I am in love. With the show featuring an almost feminine suit like manner it  escalated into a subtle punk edginess that we all love and know Vivienne Westwood to do. Especially with a triangle patterned pair of tights that were paired with some of the collection. With this outfit, although you may think slightly more demure compared to the rest of the collection which you can see here, I was drawn to the striking design on the front and paired with the pearl necklace, flowers and glasses I loved the layered edge secretarial look. It’s an outfit I would gladly wear day after day for any occasions.


So they are some of the clothes/Designers that I loved. Who knows maybe in the future I can try to re-create one of those looks.


Happy Thursday all.


All images came from the LFW Website here.