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Ok, so my office is very nearly finished, but after I was asked about doing a post on how I style special decor items, my immediate thought of what room to show was my office. Since buying our first house, I have loved bringing out my style, pushing boundaries (even Richards) with decor ideas and just showcasing our very many special things. So let’s get straight to it yes?

First lets talk about my statement wall. If you look back at this post you can see my many ideas for my wall including the one I finally went with. Because this is my office, I wanted bright bold colours and patterns that inspire me everyday. The aim for the office was to be eye-catching and a conversation piece, and I definitely think this hits the spot.


Pink is a big colour in my palette at the moment, and so the pops and different shades of pink just make the area super fun. With built-in storage to the left, I am able to display some special items. Because in my opinion anything special you have  should not be hidden away. On my storage shelf one of the most precious items of mine is the gold glass box. But it’s not the box more the contents. It holds Polaroids pictures from the last ten years. Its family members, special events, pictures of Archer growing up, precious memories to me, and I love having them out and being able to go through them and think back to all the good times I have had.  I then have the large oversized photograph that I took of the tree in the rented house we lived in before the house we are in now. This is special to me because I was pregnant in this house, and it will always be Archer’s first home.  To me photographs are some of the most precious items I have, and I want to be surrounded by memories constantly. Sometimes displaying pictures in a box and leaning a large frame against a wall or shelf can add a really nice dynamic structure to a room.


Next I have my bar cart, which is just an Ikea bookcase with spray painted legs attached to it. I will do a big post on this once it’s completely stocked. Now I know what your thinking, how is this sentimental and why a bar cart in the office. I think everyone should have a bar in their office and this idea goes back to my Grandma and Grandads old house. My memory of my Grandad was him sitting in his study, surrounded by photographs, books, his writing desk and his bar. His old school bar was amazing, and I even have a few items on here which my Grandma gave me when she finally moved. The ice bucket down in the left corner box was theirs, it’s a beautiful rose gold inside, and I have a couple of cocktail bottles that she gave me too. The rest of the items of things I have, I have collected over the years, just waiting for the day when I would have my own bar in my home. I have a beautiful wooden flamingo (obviously) that my mother brought me, and hand sourced items from all over. The pink glass bowl was a charity find, and the cactus are planted in old beer cans, which suits the subject beautifully, no? The bar still needs more things added but I love the variety of height and texture, always try to vary height when placing objects on the shelf. I also love adding texture via glasses, all my items which are still available will be listed at the end.


Adding objects on different heights gives a greater sense of space, and uses the layout nicely. Trying puting objects on books, and finding items in a variety of heights and textures.


Don’t forget a neon sign for a fun element too, it is a bar after all.


office-wall-statement-wall-Here is another look of the back of my office, I went for a salmon pink and a light teal green to give a really fun Miami beach hut effect, keeping with a similar theme I brought some bar accessories in pink and white tones, and used the green of the cactus to contrast with pink. I am in love with how this is turning out, and I am hoping the rest of the office will be finished soon to show you.

I got a lot of inspiration from Havenly. I am quite confident when it comes to making bold decor decisions but if you’re not to sure they have a great design service which could really help inspire you, so go check them out.

Here are the links to where you can find some of the items I have shown.


1.  Neon circle vase, Urban Outfitters,  2. Pink felt letter board,,  3. Grace: A memoir, Grace Coddington Amazon,   4. Crystal head vodka, 31 Dover,  5. Capture your style, Aimee Song, Amazon,    6. Oil slick cocktail set, Hello Blush,   7. Celebrate everything, Darcy Miller, Amazon,  8. Oh Joy, Joy Cho, Amazon.


Sadly the rest of the items are no longer available but here are some cheeky tips on where to get some beautiful pieces. Check back on Anthropology regularly because there sales are amazing, I got quite a bit of my glass ware and cute pink coasters for a fraction of the price, also the sales on Urban Outfitters are great too. I wanted that vase for a month of so and kept checking back until it was on offer, thankfully my gamble paid out. And never forget charity shops and car boots, go hunting for your unique pieces.


Thanks for reading all!






Black tiles, Plant, Mirror, Toilet roll holder, Towels, Sink, Hexagon tiles.

I’m not ashamed to admit that this makeover has been 6 months in the making…and we are still only at the painting stage. We have had the tiles in our hallway for like 5 months, and that’s not even me exagerating..finding the time to do the never-ending list of things, just takes it time..but we are hoping to start tiling in the next month on so…going to block out a few days on the ever busy calendar. But here is a look out our moodboard for our downstairs bathroom.

We wanted a black and white themed bathroom, so that it toned down some of the colour which goes on in the rest of the house. Keeping the hardware white, and the tiles black and grey. I love white bathroom suites because it gives such a clean look to everything. Though I secretly dream of one day having a bright blue sink. We were on a tight budget so really shopped around for the hardware. We ended up going for the sink above, though it was about a £100 cheaper at the time. It’s quite big compared to our tiny space, but it takes over in a good way, and will go beautifully with the handmade pallet wood cabinet Richard is currently working on. We got our tap which is a waterfall one which is no longer available from Ikea. It was down from £70 to £17.. Bargain. It really is worth waiting and shopping around especially fi your budget is tight..we got the tap and sink about a month after we moved in and we have been here a year at the end of the month. So yes take your time to find perfect items.

We are going for a half black metro tile wall with white-painted walls above. Light shades are always a better choice  in my opinion with smaller bathrooms as it makes it a bit more open, but I love having a big contrast in the room. We are having to build a wooden frame to conceal some big pipes, which I think will adorn plenty of plants, giving a fresh feel and a nice spot of colour to contrast the black/white/ grey palette. I might go for some bold yellow accessories like hand towel and plant pots to add some punch in there too.

I reccomend not having a ton of clutter everywhere. This will ensure your bathroom looks as big as possible. Especially if like mine its a little closet sized one. I have simple architectural shapes with the wooden frame, simple cupboard and the white circle mirror above the sink. The texture will come from the plants and the tiles. I am in love with our floor tiles. I was a bit weary of pairing them with the black metro tiles, but I trust it will give a funky look to the bathroom.

Here are a few small bathrooms, #housegoals, that will give you guys a little more inspo for re-doing a tiny bathroom.

imageRefinery 29

Those tiles….love the contrast of the blue and white here..I spent ages trying to find really colourful tiles that were overly pricey..let’s just say it was difficult.


tumblr_ogw9zrf3fm1r6kaa9o8_1280Gravity Home

A similar colour scheme to mine, I love the simple yet geometrical this bathroom is. So much going on pattern and grid wise, but yet it’s so calming.



This resembles a pretty similar size to out bathroom, small and cosy. I love how they have used yellow and graphic artwork to break up the white and black colour scheme. I hope your bathroom get’s done’s hoping!




bowie-bowie-bowieTo say I was devastated when I heard about David Bowie’s death is a understatemnt. I can’t believe it’s been a year.I have always had a special place in my heart for him, and always will. I’ve loved Bowie from a young age and gave myself the mission of when I was in college to start collecting his lps…they were surprisingly hard to find, and sometimes still are, I bonded over the love of him with a guy I fancied back in college..and play Bowie frequently to Archer now, which he loves to have a dance too. So as I sit here listening to some of his classics, I thought I’d look on Etsy and see just how influential he was. THere are so many different Bowie themed things on etsy, and here are just a few of my favourites..especailly the doll…I think the Bowie doll is awesome.


1. Labyrinth Card, Etsy , £2.99   2. Bowie tea towel, Etsy, £10.99    3. Bowie cat coasters, Etsy, £28.00  4. Bowie pin, Etsy, £10   5. Bowie trooper mug, Etsy, £6.99   6.  David Bowie print, Etsy, £10   7. Starman baby vest, Etsy, £10.99  8. Bowie doll, Etsy, £76.45


Hope you all having a lovely Tuesday, and playing some Bowie too!






So we brought our very first house this year, and to say I was naive about the whole thing is an understatement. So I thought I’d share what I learnt and what I wish I knew about buying your first home.  Take note the calming picture I don’t get too stressed when writing this.

Despite the fact you will have had a survey done on the home, they don’t always pick up all the problems in your home. Enter a mould infested bathrooms and a do it yourself plumbing. These are things which aren’t easy to spot. Sadly buyers can hide a lot of things with well placed furniture.

When you get the paperwork through from the solicitor, you must check the contents page. After all, this is where it will show you what the current owner is leaving behind. You don’t want to find out that they have taken the oven once you have moved in! Or you don’t want to presume they are taking their wardrobes, and then find you have one to dismantle and remove before you can take your belongings. Therefore, make sure you check before moving day exactly what is being left behind, and talk to your realtor if there is any confusion. And if you do move in and find essential items missing, you can look online on sites like Ebay to find a quick bargain item for your home!

Get a check on your boiler within the first week of moving in. This is super important because you don’t want to rely on what the buyer has said about it being fine, because as bad as it sounds some people aren’t honest and just want to sell. You will be surprised how many people move in to find out that their boiler isn’t working properly. Therefore, it’s so important that you check this.

You can find a professional company who deal with plumbing and heating to come and check out your utilities in your home. That way, you can have peace of mind that everything is working efficiently. And you could even set up an ongoing maintenance schedule with them so that everything continues to stay in good working order.

Before you move into your new home, you need to make sure the electrics are working safe and sound. You don’t want to move into the property and find out that the lights aren’t working correctly. For one thing, you need to find out from your realtor where the electric box is situated in your new home. As this article says, you can then check if there are any shorts in the wires that could cause a fire. Annoyingly the guy said that all the spot lights came with LED bulbs, which turns out when we moved in they didn’t. Obviously he had switched them. Which meant we spent a small fortune getting LEDS in over 30 lights. This is where I regret not going over the contents more thorough.

Take note of what the house is like when you visit. We visited in January and the owner had most of the windows open. He said it’s because the neighbours both have their heat on full during the summer so the house gets lovely and warm. Turns out he had the windows wide open to hide the dog smell. The excitement of getting our keys was short-lived when we were hit in the face with a stench of wet dog, seconded by the sheer amount of dog hair on the carpet. So within the first week we were forking out over £500 for a new carpet downstairs.

I wish I had taken more note of the condition of the wood work, ceilings, and front door. We knew we were only going to have about £4000 to do the place up to our style. Of which a £1000 had already been put aside for emergency maintenance (like needing a new boiler or something drastically going wrong), then another £1000 for the flooring and getting turf outside because it was all paved. So really our budget was more like £2000. In my eyes that was for paint, pretty things and building the bookcase and wardrobes. Silly me. I didn’t think about needing emergency plumbing work for the downstairs bathroom, or tiles to redecorate due to mould rotting through everything. I also didn’t think about needing all new carpet, or floor paint for the beams under the rotting carpet.

Everything needs fixing. The doors are all patchy and covered in random bits of plaster. There are patches over the ceiling which means 90% of the ceilings need painting. And both the front and back door ideally need replacing because they don’t shut great, and are so scratched up by the dogs they look pretty dreadful.

It’s a work in progress. Funnily me and Richard always said how we’d love to do up a house from scratch…I invisioned this happening when we were much older, with a much larger budget, and not with an active 1-year-old.

If it’s your first house and you don’t have much money left at all for repairs or renovating, I’d recomend looking at a new build. As most of these houses come in pretty good condition. Older houses inevitably mean problems. I’ve known 5 couples in the last year who have brought older houses, around the 70’s 80’s mark, and all are struggling one  way or another with doing them up.

But it will be worth it, and I can’t wait to take you all through the process, which I will start once the mini building site has gone!


So if you read my post yesterday, you can see i’m not having the best luck with the house at the moment, for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, the jist is this. The guy who owned the house before us thought he could DIY everything…including plumbing. He couldn’t. So our downstairs toilet is rotting away with leaks galore, and many more problems around the house which need fixing. Though now the leaks are fixed, thanks to an actual plumber, it’s now time to make it look like a bathroom and not a mini construction site. So here are a round-up of my favourite tiles, I have an idea which ones I’m going to use, but I’ll keep it a surprise for when I reveal our new bathroom!

tiles-round-up-pretty-tiles-for-your-home-interior-design-blogPretty pretty tiles no? Any to the details.

  1. Contour shadow hexagon, Walls and Floors, £29.95 sqm.  2. White gloss herringbone mosaic, Walls and Floors, £3.95 a sheet.                               3. Souk teal tile, British Designer Tiles, £280 sqm.     4. Indian ocean, madagascar Seaspray, Fired Earth, £154.90 sqm.   5. Blue cube decor, Walls and Floors, £49.45 sqm.   6.  Gloss black hexagon, Walls and Floors, £3.95 a sheet.  7. Gallicia & temara, British Designer Tiles, £160 sqm.  8. Hula hoop black, Fired Earth, £99 sqm.



So there are my favourites…I’m so looking forward to having a nice downstairs bathroom…though i’m a do it yourself tile- virgin so might be interesting to see how it goes. Anyone got any tips, let me know!


Ok, so I’m not a huge fan of wall paper..sometimes having the same repeated pattern on a wall is boring in my eyes. Also with wallpaper trends, quite often you find everyone has the same type of colour and themed wallpaper in their homes. But I wanted to have a feature wall in our spare room, and so I started my hunt for some wall paper. In my mind I wanted to go with a botanical theme, which was fun a and vibrant, but when looking at the usual wallpaper outlets, nothing really jumped out at I went to my go to place for fun and unique stuff. Etsy. and  I end up  finding so many different wallpaper options. The majority of them are also removable wallpapers so yay for renters too!

wallpaper-etsy-removable-renters-trick-wishlist-favourite1. Cactus wallpaper, Etsy, £27.26+     2. Banana wallpaper, Etsy, £29.24+    3. Eye lash wallpaper, Etsy, £7.90+                                 4. Cactus wallpaper, Etsy, £7.19 +      5. Pineapple wallpaper, Etsy, £7.90+  6. Whale wallpaper, Etsy, £29.24+                                   7. Palmleaf wallpaper, Etsy, £29.24+   8. Cactus wallpaper, Etsy, £7.90+


So as you know I’m rather loving the cactus theme  (see my top etsy picks for cactus stuff here) hence there being so many cactus options above. But it’s not just that, I think I’m drawn to bright greens and blue tones. They make me happy and I want our spare room be vibrant, happy and fun! So far I haven’t decided to put wallpaper anywhere else, bar the spare room and possibly our laundry cupboard. ( I’m thinking cute wave wallpaper, very appropriate in my eyes). But who knows my tastes may change. I feel like the house is going to be one of those 5 year projects. Which probably means that by the time I finish the last room, no doubt ours, I will probably be ready to update the decor again…and so the cycle will continue.


I’ll do an update on the house soon…it’s a mission and a half I’ll tell you that!


Hope you all had a good weekend!


While we all have different idea of fun, it’s certain that nothing can beat the joy of relaxing in your own backyard, surrounded by your loved ones with a drink in hand and the warm rays of the summer sun shining down. Of course, if you want to create the ultimate setting for relaxing, amusement and play, now is the perfect opportunity to get down to business.
Image Source: Flickr 
Landscaping Is Key

Is there anything better than freshly mowed grass and the smell of flowers to get you in the prefect summertime mood? Of course, if you want a luscious backyard, it’s important to regularly maintain your plant life, but also to add some novelty into the complete setting. A colourful garden full of fresh flowers can really transform a space, from giving it a splash of cheerful colour, adding a bit of life to the surroundings, and giving it that delightful scent. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you can choose from a variety of flower options, from sumptuous begonias, a joyful collection of million bells or even some refined calla lilies. For those looking to create a satisfactory mixture of soothing shades, the pantone colour palette will make your garden a true calming haven.

  Image source: Flickr

Details Are Everything

When it comes to decorating any space, it’s important to remember one thing – the biggest effect is hidden in the smallest details. If you want to make your garden feel more alive, rather than spending money on traditional decorative pieces, try using your imagination and creating unique ornaments from broken planters, unused wood or old items from your house. Create unique pathways in your garden by mixing up different materials like gravel, turf or even wood mulch. Also, do not underestimate the power of illumination. Ambient lighting in the garden can make all the difference, so think about placing hanging lanterns or lighting up the pathways using mason jars. Use rusty keys to make colourful wind chimes or simply repaint your fence in different shades.

Image source: (left), (right)

An Amusement Nook

There are two words that, when combined, can put a smile on everybody’s face, and they are: summer and fun. The two simply cannot go without each other and that is exactly why having an amusement nook in your garden is one of those must-have features during those long summer months. Summer nights are made for friendly get-togethers that simply cannot pass without a bit of grilling and a few drinks. Thus, a grilling station or even a cosy fire pit should be mandatory in a yard like this. Don’t forget to add a fully-equipped bar so you can enjoy cold cocktails while resting in the pool. Whatever you do, do not forget about the kids and add a children’s pool or a beautiful sandpit. You can always build a treehouse for the kids to enjoy or create a mini boot camp using some old tires, ropes and boards.
Image source: (left), (right)

Make It Pleasant

Lastly, you will want to create your own sanctuary of peace, a place where you can unwind, relax and simply get away from the troubles of everyday life. And luckily, you really do not need a lot of things to make this heavenly project a reality. Creating a comfy seating arrangement and adding some colourful cushions along with a nice garden table will be enough. A patio is a perfect place to make a calming haven, but you can always find peace in a hammock under a tree or a pergola with some custom made shade sails. Not only will it provide some pleasant shade, but it will also protect you from sudden rain or any other precipitation.

There is no better feeling than knowing you can open the door of your house and enter a magical land which exudes with smells of flowers and freshly cut grass. Where you can lie down and rest your mind, read a book and drink a glass of your favourite drink, knowing you are on holiday right there in the comfort of your home.

Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is an architecture student from Sydney. She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that’s where she gets most of her inspiration from.


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Wedding season is upon us, and the chances are you have at least a couple of invitations floating around in your home. Refining your wedding etiquette as a singleton or part of a couple is one thing? But once you have kids? It’s another thing entirely. Figuring out how to keep your toddler happy at an elongated event can be tricky. The day tends to be geared a lot more to adult activities. But there are ways to entertain the little ones a little colouring pack as their table gift.

Clothing to keep them cool

This point is especially important for summer events. Clothes that will make your toddler hot or uncomfortable is a no-go. So, while there may be a dress-code for adults, a toddler will likely be free to wear what they want. As long as they look smart enough on any formal photos, of course! How about if your toddler has a special role in the wedding, like a bridesmaid or flower girl? Then toddler flower girl dresses and bridesmaid dresses are your best bet. If they’re an older toddler, just put a pair of shorts underneath so they can play comfortably later!

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Suitable sun protection

With summer comes the sun, and with the sun should always come sun protection. Be sure you lather up your toddler a few times in the day if the sun is predicted to be out. Even if it ends up raining, there is no harm done! 

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Take your own fun and games

We parents know that it is not easy entertaining a toddler! Some couples will have set up activities and games for the kids to enjoy, but not all will have done. So, go expecting there not to be anything to keep the toddler entertained. Take your own fun and games with you. Is there anything you already own that takes multiple players? Other parents of toddlers will really appreciate it if you turn up with these. Consider taking a set of play clothes too, so after the formalities they can play comfortably.

Leave early evening

Even if you have been invited for the whole event, consider if the couple wouldn’t mind you leaving early evening. The chances are they won’t. First off, they will probably be very understanding to the fact you have a toddler. Secondly, leaving before the evening meals means that they save money! If it really is important that you stay at the wedding, make arrangements so your toddler can leave. Maybe you could have a babysitter come and pick them up and take them to your accommodation for a couple of hours. 

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Make the day fun for them. Explain what’s going on in a fun way. The princess is marrying her prince, in a magical castle, where all the flowers are enchanted… Then give them a disposable camera and set them a list like the one above! You’d be suprised how kids find the most basic things more fun, when they are given a story to narate it with! 


First thing first, don’t go thinking this is a pregnancy announcement, I’ve just about recovered from having Arch, so give me a few years…but I do regret not making more of a big deal regarding our pregnancy. Bar family we didn’t tell any friends, or you guys until I was about 21weeks.. I wanted to make sure that the baby was ok..and for me and Richard to get our head around becoming parents. But when I did tell I did it in a If you don’t have a blog though, how do you go about it? 

When you announce your pregnancy, the way you do it will depend on a number of factors. You’ll need to think about who you’re telling, what the situation is and where you are when you do it. For instance, if you expect your husband to start crying his eyes out at the joyful news, you probably don’t want to tell him when he’s having a pint with his friends. If you’re with your mother and you’re pretty certain she’ll start screaming for joy, then telling her while you’re both watching the ballet isn’t ideal. Use your common sense so you can make this a pleasant experience for everybody involved. If you’re telling work, you’ll need to approach that differently to how you’ll tell your loved ones and family members.

  You The Daddy

It makes sense to tell the most important people to you first. Then you can find a fun way to tell the world. Some people choose to announce their pregnancy on social media, you can make this fun and artistic like the idea above.

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When it comes to work, you should tell your boss before you tell your workmates. Telling them first is common courtesy and will allow them to put plans in place for the time you leave. When you tell the rest of your office perhaps you could hand out cupcakes or cookies with the message on them. Just be sure not to keep the annocement short and sweet, you stil need to be able to do what you’re paid to do while your there. So maybe arrange a celebratory drinks (non alcoholic for you) after work.  Hative

Why not take a fun and creative photograph? You can send this photo via email, post it on Facebook, and even send it through the post if you like. You can then use it at the start of your baby’s photo album. People like to use things like chalkboards, fun rhymes, and riddles to break the news in photographs. You can include your family, other children or even pets like the image above.

  The Party Posse

When it comes to the people you’re most excited to tell, you could give them a fun gift. You can do this when it comes to your partner, parents, and even grandparents. If you’ve found out you’re pregnant early on, why not buy a small gift box and place a pea inside? You can then present this to your partner and tell them it’s the size of their baby right now! You could also buy a gift like those shown on sites like

Buying an ornament for family is a great way to break the news, especially at Christmas time. Give them something they can open and put on their tree. If it isn’t Christmas, don’t worry – you could always purchase a snow globe or make your own unique gift.


Getting your current kids involved is really cute, and they feel involved with the baby right from the start this way. You can have them announce the news to relatives, give gifts, or even wear t-shirts that have the message on them. If you’re going to a relative’s house, consider dressing them in t-shirts that have the message on them, and see how long it takes them to notice. I love the above picture! 

Have fun with it, it’s a special time that deserves to be shared. 


I have to say, I do love this time of year, with all the flowers budding, especially cherry blossom. My walk to the park that I take almost daily with arch, see me go past about 20 cherry blossom trees all spotted over, and right now it’s just amazing. The petals flying over everywhere, the different colours. Can’t complain!

So here is some floral love appreciation, of some pretty spots where we live.


I’m not sure what we did before camera phones..and before instagram too….I’m looking forward to getting a couple of these blown up and framed for the new house. Turning your instagram posts into art work is so easy!