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There’s less than two months til the wedding..and I have so much stuff to do still…to give you an idea..I need to dye 100 napkins, sort the table plan, and write 100 name cards…yup…good times. No but I am getting rather excited and I can’ wait to show you all the crafts I have been up to the last year, after the wedding. Can’t give away the surprises yet can I! But let’s say once the wedding is done, the blog can become my main focus again.

My pattern this week came out as a fuke if I’m to behonest. I was playing with overlay and shapes, then before I knew it I had this. I like the idea of possibly adding a quote over it?? thoughts?

How is everyone’s week going?



Here is my weekly pattern design, while its tipping it down here, I have been entertaining arch with bubbles, which is what inspired my pattern this week. Does anyone remember hubba bubba the strawberry flavour..I mean I’m sure you can still get it, but it’s just the memory I have of being young and buying packets and packets of bubble gum, drooling over the flavours and pretty colours. Oh to be a kid again when your only worry was what flavour gum to have.  I hope you are all having a creative filled Wednesday, or at least a fun one. Guess we are lucky that the weather was at least sunny during the bank holiday weekend. Though I must say, I do love sitting with a cup of tea, with the patio doors open listening to the sound of the rain. Happy Wednesday everyone x


use #wflovespattern to show me your own patterns..


bye for now!


I’ve been on a bit of a social media hiatus recently, and a creative one too…you know when you have great ideas and they just don’t work…yeah thats been my month, lots of great ideas but rubbish execution of them. I was over stressing and over thinking so I decided to take a step back and just try to get some inspo without the pressure of trying to post and get likes etc..but I’m back hopefully, and I’ve worked out some kinks. I have so many plans for the blog and etsy shop over the next few months, I’m talking massive re-brand.. exciting stuff….if I am able to pull it off!

So here is my weekly pattern for you, let me know your thoughts and remember to tag your own patterns.



wedding-table-2-webI think it’s pretty obvious to you guys who come here on a regular basis (thanks for that by the way!) that I’m pretty in to colour, but I’m seeing a serious 80’s vibe wt my patterns…maybe subconsioualy im reverting back to my childhood of Fresh Prince and Mr Motivator and how life was simpler as a child? hmmm..the joys of adulthood.


Anyway happy Wednesday all!



How are you all handling this heat? I am not..the warm weather isn’t too bad, it’s all the flies that come in when you must have all your doors and windows wide open..nightmare. Anyway my plants are loving the heat, and I was in a rather floral mood hence today’s theme for my pattern Wednesday. Also I have started using Society 6, so if you like the look of any previous patterns take a look here where you can get them. Print form, framed prints and even a couple of bath mats ( hello egg print from last week).


Anyway enjoy, and here’s to the last hump of the week going fast. Tag your patterns at #wflovespattern





Here is the third installment of pattern fun Wednesday, I hope your all having a good morning, I’ve been up since 5. It seems this is Archer’s new natural wake up I’m a little tired..exhausted ha. Anyway I did this pattern last night, and actually worked with paint to canvas rather than digital. It’s so easy to create little pattern artworks. As you can see with this one, all I did was tape off a section and then using Archer’s paint circle brush pad things I created the double polka dot effect. Super simple and super cute..I like it when colours come in 3 so quite often I pick ony 3-4 colours when doing a patter…unless i’m going full rainbow of course!


Anyway would love to see some of your pattern designs, tag us in them on twitter and instagram using #wflovespattern.


Happy Wednesday!




So it’s that time of week where I spend my morning doodling and coming up with a fun new pattern. Now I started this one yesterday, and it took me a while but I love the outcome of it..just have a guess of what I was craving while I was doing it! I had  lot of fun coming up with cute mini patterns to put on all the little doughnuts…totally craving some iced doughnuts now though!!


Happy Wednesday all, follow along on the journey with #wflovespatterns on Instagram, would love to see some of your doodles!



So to help us all get through the week, I thought I’d start a new series, where I publish a new pattern/picture for that humpday Wednesday..just as a little boost of creativity. Maybe we can get a # going…#wflovespatterns. Yeah I like that. Anyway here’s my first pattern of the series, loving bright contrasting colours at the moment, so let’s get those clashing patterns going.



I also wanted to say a big thank you to everyone response to my post on Monday, all the love and thoughts mean so much, so thank you x