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bowie-bowie-bowieTo say I was devastated when I heard about David Bowie’s death is a understatemnt. I can’t believe it’s been a year.I have always had a special place in my heart for him, and always will. I’ve loved Bowie from a young age and gave myself the mission of when I was in college to start collecting his lps…they were surprisingly hard to find, and sometimes still are, I bonded over the love of him with a guy I fancied back in college..and play Bowie frequently to Archer now, which he loves to have a dance too. So as I sit here listening to some of his classics, I thought I’d look on Etsy and see just how influential he was. THere are so many different Bowie themed things on etsy, and here are just a few of my favourites..especailly the doll…I think the Bowie doll is awesome.


1. Labyrinth Card, Etsy , £2.99   2. Bowie tea towel, Etsy, £10.99    3. Bowie cat coasters, Etsy, £28.00  4. Bowie pin, Etsy, £10   5. Bowie trooper mug, Etsy, £6.99   6.  David Bowie print, Etsy, £10   7. Starman baby vest, Etsy, £10.99  8. Bowie doll, Etsy, £76.45


Hope you all having a lovely Tuesday, and playing some Bowie too!



How to add the finishing touches to your bathroom

Ok so my bathrooms are nearly finished, I’m just waiting for a few accessories to be delivered, eeek I can’t wait to show you guys! But I thought I’d share with you a few ways to add some finishing touches that will give your bathroom that last little bit of pop it needs!

A mirror..I think it’s pertty important for a bathroom, I mean come on, we need mirrors to look into when we are brushing our teeth and pulling weird know the face..everyone does when brushing their teeth…Anyway choosing a mirror for your bathroom doesn’t have to be boring, you could get some really lovely abstract mirrors or  even get a few and create a feature wall.



A nice and simple free standing mirror  is great for a bathroom thats possibly tiled, hanging mirrors can be a bit of a nightmare! This is from Marks & Spencers and costs £15.00. original_antique-gold-sunburst-mirrorTo add a bit of drama to your bathroom, a gold sunburst mirror! This is from Not on the Highstreet and costs £169.00. This is such a statement piece! I love it.

original_deep-bronze-and-black-mirrorsA really unique mirror here, they kind of look like cake tins no? These are from Not on the HIghstreet and costs £19.00.



I loe the simplicity of the thin black frame on these mirrors. if you have a small bathroom with a bare wall make a statement and make your room look larger by using large mirrors!! I love the idea of having a large mirror just resting against a wall. Maybe one day..not overly baby safe though. These are from Not on the Highstreet and cost £26.95.

Have some fun with the storage and accessories in your bathroom. As we all know I am loving the metallic colour pallet at the moment, but If you’re not quite sure,  read more on the subject here, it might convince you. You can even step it up a notch and add mosaic accessories to your bathroom.

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Office ideas for renters

You might remember that I recently wrote a post about doing up my spare bedroom and turning it into a nursery/home office. Arch is 9 weeks today, I have no idea where that time has gone, and altthough he’s in our room at the moment, it won’t be long til hes in his own. So i’m under the pressure to sort out my office side, and finish the little details in his. SO here are my tips for your office..that I am currently working on with mine.

If the walls of your new office are a little grimy, but you are unable to paint them, consider cleaning them. Believe it or not, washing your walls can make a big difference to how smart they look, plus this is a must if you have a new baby, just to make sure there aren’t any nasties lurking anywhere. If you rent be careful what you use to wash your walls as depending on the type of paint, it may peel off.

If your landlord is open to you making minor changes to your home, consider adding an accent wall. This will not only brighten the place up, but it will also add style to the space. If you do decide to add an accent wall, don’t opt for a colour that’s too dark. Otherwise, if you ever decide to move out, it will be incredibly hard to cover up. If the landlord isn’t appreciative of your decor needs removable wallpaper is super easy and a super renter friendly alternative.


I love the statement wall in this office, and it contrasts so beautifully with the bright red. I’m also enjoying the patriotic colour theme. Red white and blue..and also how gorgeous is that chair. This is an example of removable paper…awesome right?

There’s so many places now that you can get removable wallpaper and decals. One being Etsy. It’s where I got our polka dots from, and the variety on there is crazy. I am loving the palm leaf effect below.



For a classic look which goes great against bold colours, this palm leaf patten is great for a sophisticated office. This is from Livettes, Etsy and costs £23.00.

A great way to add style to your home office in a rental property is by investing in the perfect pieces of furniture. Think about the type of office design that you want – chic, colourful or simple, and choose furniture that works well with that theme.if you want a theme that’s bright and full of colour, make sure to check out the range of furniture on offer from Ian Snow furniture. You should find lots of bright designs on offer in this range, many of which are ideal for using in your home office. P.S there side tables are to die for!

In any home office, the desk should always be the focal point of the room. So when it comes to picking the perfect desk, make sure to think things through and choose the perfect one. As well as thinking about the style and design, including the shape, it’s also important to think about size. Ask yourself how large your desk needs to be. If you opt for a desk design that’s too small, you are going to struggle to be able to use it to work properly. So it’s crucial that you are choosy when it comes to picking a desk for your office.


Glamour Ikea 133_525Source.

I love how modern this office looks with the simple white desk paired with the colourful display of boxes. This is a great way to add colour to your office too without painting. A perfect alternative for renters.


This office has gone for a more elegant approach, with the grand white desk and gold details. Also I love the plush ghost chair too..Once you ahve the desk, you can have fun adding little bits too it.

How you accessorise your office can help you be proactive. If your space is inspiring, you wil be inspired. It’s amazing how a few simple accessories can make all the difference to the look and feel of a room. The type of accessories you opt for will depend on the style that you are designing your office in. However, things like table lamps, wall art, desk items, and candles are must-haves. Well for my office they are, anyway.


This office has a very fun artistic feel to it, the little bits here and there are what make it. I love the array of pictures pinned on the wall, and the many different ceramics pieces. Plus who deosn’t love a pom pom garland.

Now to some cute things for your desk!! All from Anthropologie..because well I just love that shop!



If you don’t want to buy pieces of art work but still want colour on your walls. This box of pattern and colour postcards are a great way to add some style to your desk. Put them in a frame, pin them up with washi tape or just have them casually sprawled across your desk. Either way they are bound to make your desk stylish and inspiring. Costing £14.99…these are on my wishlist!


To keep you proactive, and to maange your time on facebook…what better way to do this then a funky clock! Costing £22.00.


Cute tape to tape up your postcards or if your like me, to make your diary cute and organised….this is obviosuly a neccessity. Costing £12.00.



Nothing screams elegance then a dalmation stapler. Everyone needs one of these in there life. Costing £20.00.

Once my nursery/office is finished/baby proofed I will for sure do a post, but until then I think I need to buy some cute office supplies…hello dalmation stapler and postcards…



Bright Colour and Pattern wants from Etsy.

I have always loved colour and pattern, so there’s no surprise that when I do my Etsy wish lists they feature heavily in it. But I have looked at more decor and house items today as I am an on a constant mission to make my little rented house a home. At the minute it looks  a little like Toys R Us has exploded all over, but hey my little man is just over 2 weeks old, and I’m enjoying  the mess that surrounds me. He’s totally worth it. But to my gorgeous Etsy finds.




This is so super cool..I just think it would be such a cool thing to hang in your home, plus an excellent conversation piece..I mean come on…it’s a fish! This is from Don Fisher Shop and costs £18.99. Find it here.


How super cute is this? Note I need this for my desk. This is from Panselinos and it costs £62.40. Find it here.


I am loving the candy pink right now, and I love this ring. This is from Quiet Clementine and costs £10.53. Find it here.


This wall hanging..just to die for no?, and I have been looking for one for a while…this could be it..though deep down I think I want a giant one for my living room, and a smaller one like this for my bedroom. This is from  Pink Wild Mallow and costs £38. Find it here.


I never did manage to get my massive nesting list before little man came, including putting my gallery wall up. But don’t fret as it just means I have more time to buy more art to make my future gallery wall bigger and I am in love with this piece. I just love how fun it is. This is from Elizabeth Pawle and costs £60. Find it here.


So yes this isn’t bursting with colour, but put a flowering plant in it..and yeah you see where I am coming from. But this is awesome and it’s such a fun way to hang your plants no? This is from We are MFEO and costs £49.26 and you can find it here. 


I actually brought some of this a while ago and made journals with it as it is double sided. But if you want to freshen up some books, or simply wrap a gift with style then this wrapping paper is for you! Plus they have lots of different options to chose from. This is from Eve en Anne and costs £5.81. You can find it here.


Another possible artwork for my wall…I think art is such a great way to add colour and texture to your home, especially great for those like us who rent. It can add colour and mask ugly wallpaper and paint choices that you can’t control! This is from VictoriAtelier and costs £62.40. Find it here.



Not really for the home but everyone needs a bag, I mean you can hang it up and it can be a is a form of expression. Wearable art you know..This is from Tovi Corrie and cost £154.53. Find it here.


Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here’s to the week ahead!

Cute stationary for all your notes and office needs.

Since my list making has gone into overdrive with our impending arrival, I can’t get enough of all the cute stationary out there! I think if I had the time, and actually took photos which had me and Richard in..I’d totally like scrap booking..

Anyway to some cute things to make your list making life easier.  I’ve separated this post into some of my favourite places to get stationary…because i’m that sad..




So I love Anthropologie it’s my guilty pleasure, and more of a treat around birthday’s and Christmas because it can be quite expensive. But they do the most mouthwatering furniture, cook ware and stationary..

So above clockwise we have..

Dalmatian stapler.. I feel like I really need this in my life. It’s £20.00 so a bit pricey for a stapler..but let’s be honest it would look awesome on my desk…

Monogram notebooks. To make never ending lists, or add to a monogram collection you might have going…This costs £8.00 from Anthropologie.

Washi tape collection. I have so much washi tape just because it has so many uses, decorate, DIY, gift wrap. Endless possibilities. These cost £12 for the set of five from Anthropologie.

Banderole pencil set. I think these are so funky and I think I have mentioned them in a post before, but they are super cute and would add flair to any pencil case or desk. They costs £8.00 from Anthropologie.


Ok next we have Selfridges, the thing I love about Selfridges is that it has so many brands all under one roof, and especially brands like Kate Spade, where shipping from the states would out way the price of the product. So I love shopping there and I love their stationary section!



Ok so from clockwise we have…

Kate Spade rotating stamp, This is super awesome and I’m super in love with it, with awesome phrases like Be an elegant thinker, and don’t mind if I do. This will spruce up any office, and make your documents snazzy too. This is from Kate Spade at Selfridges and costs £24.95.

House of Holland ball point pen. I love this for obvious reasons…it’s a pen that looks like a pencil. What can I say i’m easily impressed. This is from House of Holland at Selfridges and costs. £4.99

Hay colourful sticky notes. How awesome are these sticky notes, the colours, abstract circle shapes…I love them…I mean this takes fridge notes up to a whole new level. These are from Hay at Selfridges and cost £5.00.

Kate Spade Pencil Set. The most simple stationary tool, made ridiculously cute. Polka dots and office needs these. They are from Kate Spade at Selfridges and cost £22.95…expensive but very cute.

House Doctor Scissors. Now not really a great buy while I try to baby proof the house, but these scissors are beautiful no? They are from House Doctor at Selfridges and cost £15.00.

Ok next we look overseas at Kikki K (Australia) and so I have to keep the postage costs in mind when drooling over their products.

Too Kikki.K..



Ok from clockwise..

Magnetic page markers. Kikki.K. Cute page markers for your planner. I have one of their planners and I stupidly love it… These costs $3.95

Double sided wrapping paper. Kikki.K. This looks awesome, I am the type of person who kind of has a gift wrap draw..always need to be prepared, plus I like to use cute good quality paper in my book binding. This costs $3.95

Stripes and polka dots ball point pens. Kikki.K. These look awesome and let’s be honest you will spark envy in all your friends when you whip these out to jot down some notes..These costs $9.95

A sentence a day journal. Kikki.K Cute journal, to help remind you to feel inspired everyday. This costs $24.95

Alphabet stamp kit. Kikki.K You can get overly creative now when writing notes, cards,gift tags..really the possibilities for stamps are endless. This costs $19.95

Live what you love DIY sticker book. Kikki.K. I want this so I can jazz up my planner with all the cuteness inside! This costs $19.95

I Love Kikki.K and they have super cute planners which is where I got mine from. See it here…so do take a look.

So there is my cute stationary overload. Have a good weekend all! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas



So I was asked to look at some ideas for father’s day, and to be honest I had quite a bit of fun researching and pinning ideas! Next year Richard will be celebrating Father’s day, and I already like some of these as possible ideas for him next year!

Ok to the gifts. From clockwise we have  1. You’re the best pop! Card from Etsy.  2. My daddy is cooler then Batman, Card from Etsy.  3. Bacon me Crazy, food products from Brika. 4. Beef & Beer T-shirt, from Brika. 5. The Grillfather chopping board from Etsy. 6. Dad you are my father, Star Wars card from Etsy. 7. Stitchless Wallet from Brika.

Ok so a few little things to hopefully get the ideas flowing. I always find father’s day get’s more and more tricky the older you get..what to buy the dad who has most things he needs. There’s only so many times you can buy him socks! So hopefully some of these ideas may inspire. Plus I love how cute the cards are!  For the little ones, go on to our Pinterest page and look at our father’s day board, there are some super cute DIY ideas for your little ones to make for their dads.

Don’t panic we have just under 2 weeks to find the perfect gift! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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My Lovely Baby Shower

So on Sunday I had my baby shower, organised by my lovely sister-in-law Tash. Weirdly it was a blessing that the sun wasn’t out that much, because it kept the room nice and chilled. I was pretty over heated due to being massively pregnant, and such anyway! But to the day, we had a lovely spread which I totally forgot to get pictures of. Afternoon tea with cute sandwiches, homemade scones made by Mel and cake cake cake. It was nice seeing family and friends who I haven’t seen in ages, and playing the nappy game ( guess the melted chocolate) is totally gross but ridiculously funny!

Guess the baby was hilarious too, I only knew which one I was because I recognised the baby mat. But I guessed 10/12 right..I mean I was super impressed with that!!

But here are some pictures from the day! I wore my smart black jeans, and a grey roll neck top that I got from New Look, it was casual and smart at the same time, and most important I was comfortable in it.



Lovely nappy game..gross but I’s funny to play..everyone got pretty competitive! I also got to wear a cute mummy to be sash.


Look at the concentration, Heather and Danielle won the nappy challenge guessing all three melted chocolate bars correctly! Plus how adorable does Finley look!


One of the lovely knitted gifts Pat made me! How awesome is this jellyfish??


I was spoilt sooo much by everyone, I’m looking forward to putting everything away! Tash was great at organising the shower, and passing me the gifts as the bump was totally getting in the way of me being able to bend down.


My mum and gran, with mum holding the gorgeous Georgia! Mum was great, I think this is the only time she sat down, constantly rushing around getting drinks, food, washing up..such a host!


Another cute present. I won’t show you them all…purely because I have like a quadruple chin in most of the pictures, but I did get some beautiful things! This was from my lovely friends Alex and Jon…bananas…it’s an inside joke!



Baby-shower-fun,-blog-woodenflamingo Baby-shower-blog-ideas-

Steph, Abby and Gran enjoying a cup of tea…so quaint!


I told you I was spoilt. I got so many beautiful things, and nappy cakes, some beauty products just for me, and an array of adorable blankets, towels and clothes…i’ll do a look book when the kids here!



This girl cracks me up! She took the nappy game very seriously! And a special thanks to Letty who took the photos… shame she wasn’t in many!


I had a lovely day, sorry I didn’t get any photos if the spread or decorations..we all know how much I suck and remembering the small details.. Only 7 weeks 3 days to go…..eeeeek


Children Book Wishlist

Ok so Richard is pretty excited about reading to the baby, and I have been thinking about when I was younger and my dad used to read to me in the evenings. So I love the idea of getting the books that were read to me and Richard when we were young to read to your little one to be..Plus let’s be honest..there are some right classics out there to pass onto our younger generations. I did my coffee table book wishlist, and now it’s time for baby.


The Jolly Postman, Janet & Allan Ahlberg. Me and Richard both remember reading this book, with the little letters that pull out..I think they did a Christmas one too if I remember right? Either way..classic.


Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak. If you haven’t heard of this book..I don’t know what to missed out!


Dear Zoo, Rod Campbell.I remember this book, I’ve had my mum on the hunt for some of the books that were read to me, she has found a couple, (five minutes peace, and the Christmas bear) But I think a lot got passed down to other family. It’s like my ponies and trolls..gone forever.


Each Peach Pear Plum, Janet and Allan Ahlberg. Now I don’t think I ever read this, but this one is on Richards list, as he was read it when he was little. So will be nice to learn a new story. This just makes me think of the Joanna Newsom song Peach Plum Pear..


The Tiger Who Came To Tea, Judith Kerr. Another classic that me and Richard were both read. I think’s it lovely that these books are still being read today.




We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. Ok mine and my dad’s up most favourite book. I remember when he used to read it to me and would really over exaggerate the noises, like swish swish swish through the grass. I remember my dad had this technique of getting me to sleep. He would say after he read the book and I wanted him to read another, I’m just popping to the loo i’ll be back. I’d fall asleep waiting for him. Sneaky but genius.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eric Carle. Everyone must of heard of this book…I mean it’s a massive franchise, bedding, cutlery, toys..classic though right?



There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly, Pam Adams. A classic if not a little bit weird…..



The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear, Don & Audrey Wood. A close second to my favourite book my dad used to read to me, Richard has never heard of this one, so it will be a fun one for him to read and to be honest I am looking forward to reading these books and thinking back to my childhood..I mean I’m having a baby! Crazy right!

Hope this post gives you a trip down memory lane. What books did you love when you were younger?


ta x (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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My Top 10 Coffee Books On My Wishlist

Ok so I am obsessed with books, especially pretty books…what can I say I’m a sucker for beautiful images. Now in my mind coffee table books can be any kind of book that you want to hand quickly, or to show off to guests how cultured you are! Either way here are my top 10 coffee table books on my wish list to get! ( Hint to Richard for my upcoming birthday..) Ok they aren’t in any particular order!



Home Style By City, Ida Magntorn. Amazing photography, great style decor inspiration, and even tips on how to bring style to your space! This book is £15.99 on Amazon.



Secret Garden, An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book, Johanna Basford. Some fun drawing books.I am thinking about getting one of these to take in my hospital bag, maybe it will help keep me calm? Or give me something to do in between contractions..Or I might just spend that time moaning in pain..who knows. This is £9.95 on Amazon.



The Mindfulness Colouring Book, Emma Farrarons. Another colouring book, advertised as art therapy for busy people, I love adult colouring books at the minute, they really are stupidly relaxing.  So go on try it, buy a book, some funky colouring pens grab a blanket and soak up the sun while switching your mind off. This is £3.99 on Amazon.



Paris Style Guide, Elodie Rambaud. So I wanted to go Paris as you know before the baby came, see my post here, but after much talk we decided to wait till after the baby was a few months due to my sickness and soreness from the sickness I probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as much, as my walking would suffer..sad I know..but Paris I will be there soon! This is £14.88 on Amazon.



Art of Attention, Erica Jago. With breath taking photography, the Art of Attention is designed to help your practice with yoga. Something I might definitely need after giving birth…This is £22.78 on Amazon.



The Selby is in Your Place, Todd Selby.  Showing a diverse  range of artists, musicians, designers all mater of creatives in their home. Get some inspiration from creative homely homes. This is £22.12 on Amazon.



Oh Joy! Joy Cho. One of my favourite bloggers, and this is her new book. Oh Joy 60 way’s to create and give joy. Full of great DIY’s and fun things to do! Plus the awesome design and photographs will add colour to your coffee table book selection! Totally on my list. This is £17.66 on Amazon.



A Beautiful Mess, Happy Handmade Home. Another blog I follow religiously, just look at their blog Elsie and sister Emma’s style, DIY and home interiors will be enough convincing to get this book. I have wanted this book for ages, but never got around to getting it. Some of the projects looks sooo good in it! £15.58 on Amazon.



Journey of a Dress, Diane von Furstenberg. Even the cover of this book makes me excited to read it! Look at all those patterns. She took the fashion world by storm with her designs and  this book showcases her career, featuring the journey of the iconic wrap dress. Filled with beautiful photographers from some epic photographers, to name a couple, Helmut Newton and Annie Leibovitz. This is £24.25 on Amazon.





Chanel: Collections and Creations, Daniele Bott. Last but not least, a book looking at the infamous Chanel brand, showcasing designs from the creator Coco Chanel from 1920’s and onwards. This is £19.99 on Amazon.


So there are my top 10 coffee books on my wishlist at the moment. I have recently upcycled a coffee table and when I find the right style for it I will post my before and after coffee table make over, and possibly even do a coffee table style post. Now don’t think I have forgotten the baby. Tomorrow we look at baby wishlist books..

ta x (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Throw Pillow Inspiration

Ok so I have ordered some pillow inserts cheap from Wilkinsons, they are like £1.50..and I have piles of material, so I thought I’d spruce up my living room with some new throw pillows…heck maybe just ‘throw’ them all over  the place..

Ok so let’s do this, my round up of awesome DIY pillows, and cute ones from Etsy too.



Ok so I love the pattern on this pillow, and if you use plain material why not get some fabric paint and make your own watercolour masterpiece. One of a kind cushion…unique to the max. This is from Thimble Press on Etsy.



This awesome pillow is from Love Joy Create on Etsy, and can easily be achieved with fabric paints, or if your feeling more adventurous patchwork fabric onto your pillow to get the desired effect.


Sewing different materials together to get a geometric effect like this could add some colourful style to your couch! Love the pom poms too!! This is from Love Joy Create on Etsy.




How awesome is that cactus pillow. Now obviously you would need loose stuffing for this pillow..sqaure’s won’t cut it. But get the full DIY instructions here on Everything Emily Blog.


I am so going to try this one. But instead of using gold leaf paint, I have picked up some gold fabric paint..hopefully it has a similar effect…guess we will have to see! This is from Design Love Fest.


A cute array of DIY pillows from A Beautiful Mess. Check out their site for all instructions.I love the gold accents in these.




For those who aren’t a fan of sewing these no sew pillows look really effective! From Homey Oh My. Full instructions on the blog.


All I have to do is wait for my pillows to arrive!! Exciting times! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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