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Etsy Wish list (non baby related, I promise)

I seem to spend hours nowadays looking at baby stuff comparing prices online reading surveys and such. So I wanted to look at some fun things non baby related…just for a little while. Just as a note, with Etsy a lot of the products I review or post are from overseas so please make sure you check postage…as it can be pretty pricey! But enjoy..I love browsing new things which could look cute in my house and such..





Ok so right now my tummy is more like a watermelon, but this is such a cute print..not that I’ll  be fitting into anything like this for a while…but hey it’s cute no? Though it’s a bit pricey at £64.52 take a look at it here!





Eye prints are everywhere, and I love this cute make-up case. Could also be an awesome pencil case too! It costs £12 and you can get it here. Possible addition to my hospital bag…hmmm


We all know my obsession with artwork…I don’t think I’ll be happy until I have my house covered in art.. This is super cool though! This costs £16.46 and you can get it here. So it doesn’t break the bank either!


I love these arrows and I have been so tempted on so many occasion to get some but the postage puts me off! Remember always check the postage! I just think they are super cool and would look great pinned on a wall. They cost £25.68 for a set random of five….the postage is £27.(see my hesitance). But you can see them here.


I love this piece sooo much!! My only pain with artwork, especially if you get originals and invest in a piece is framing. You can spend just as much on getting something framed professionally. Especially if it’s an odd shape. This costs £17.78 and its super awesome! See it here and other artworks from the shop.


I am a sock person, I like to wear cute socks with sandals and my turn up jeans..I mean what’s wrong with a spot of colour and these are super cool!! They cost £5.93 and you can get them here.





This is soooo awesome, I just love this! It costs £62.55 but it’s an original one-of-a-kind silkscreen print! See it here and her other artworks!


You can never have too many planters…if your not up for forking out for one like this, grab some cement and do a DIY job!! This one costs £15.80 and you can get it here.


This is such a funky necklace, and I spent ages drooling over the collection! This costs £23.65 and you can get it here. I could totally have one for every outfit!


How awesome is this? A 3d printed T-rex shower head..too cool! This costs £13.17 and you can get it here. It also comes in tons of colours too! I mean this is like the greatest thing ever.



I love this whole set up! it’s super cute!! There are so many awesome ceramics in this shop so do have a look! This costs £36.61 and you can get it here.


ah I love Etsy, it’s filled with so many unique things, there’s always great gift ideas for everyone!, just takes a while to browse…


I’m off to chill. The last 2 days had me being pricked by needles the whole time. Gestational diabetes test- check. Whooping cough jab-check. Anti-D which was ridiculously painful (but I’m a wimp)- check. Belated 28 week bloods taken-check…I am so over injections now..


Great neutral baby gifts

Ok so we aren’t finding out the sex, but I remember when trying to buy a gift for my brothers baby how hard it was because they didn’t find out either. Let’s be honest a lot of neutral clothes and baby items are very much plain cream and white. And although these are still super cute, you do end up having a bit of a plain palette for a while. So I have made it my mission to find cute neutral loving baby things that pull away from the white and beige.


These are super cute and are great for a boy or girl especially in the summer months. These are from Little Four Clothing and start from £15.42 they are from the states so please be aware that postage may be expensive.  But they are handmade and super cute no?


With Richards love of cycling I came across this little shop and it has some super cute things! This is from Growing Up Wild and prices start from £10.52. once again like many of the items in this post postage may be expensive, if they are shipping from the states.


I am a big fan of patterns and I think they are great as neutral pieces for babies and toddlers. These are from Fox and Rebel and prices start from £19.52. Shipping from Canada postage might be expensive, but take a look at the shop as they do some super cute cot sheets too!


I think there’s nothing cuter then seeing little babies wear harem pants! Plus they are super neutral too! Prices start from £16.73 and shipping is from Canada so may be expensive.  These are from Fox and Rebel too.


Another from Fox and Rebel. What can I say they do super cute things including this thunderstorm organic cotton blanket. This costs £25.10 and ships from Canada so always check postage.


Look at the little boots! These are super neutral and super cute and are from Harper Daisy and cost £17.49. From the states so do check postage costs.




These are like my favourite and I think would look adorable on a boy of girl. I wonder if they make them in adult sizes too? These are from Ajalor and prices start from £25.94 and ships from Canada.

So all of the above are from Etsy so shipping can be quite pricey but don’t fret I’ve found a few pieces on the UK market which ticks off awesome neutrals too. The following are from Mothercare, but H&M, Next and Matalan do some super cute outfits too.

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Perfect Picnic Items From Marks & Spencer

So with the heat wave hitting us and the approaching summer I couldn’t help but drool over these awesome items which could make any picnic or bbq chic as hell! I was recently in M&S using there loo, if I am to be honest, but the colour of their homeware section had me drooling all over. The patterns and the colour I could have spent a fortune.



So first we have these awesome wire bright yellow coasters.  I am a sucker for the wire trend right now, Its just looks so funky… no? These will set you back £7.50 from Marks & Spencer. But will make your drinks pop and protect your furnishings.






Why not add a bit of mood lighting with some candles in the evening? Especially with this awesome pineapple candle holder? It costs £17.50 and is from Marks & Spencer too. I love it…I’m such a sucker for gold decor.



Cute chic garden furniture which you could pair with a contrasting parasol too! Be the envy of all your friends when you invite them over for a picnic. But this will set you back £249 from Marks & Spencer. So if your not willing to spend that much keep an eye out on sites such as free cycle and craiglist to see if anyone is giving a garden set away which you can do up with bright paint. Or trail ebay and charity shops. You never know.


More pineapples..I am loving the fruit motifs at the minute, nothing screams summer more! Plus this way if you decided to hit the lakes for your picnic, or just get out the paddling pool for the kids, your sure to be the envy when you pull out these. These costs £15 each and are from Marks & Spencer.


Who said salad spoons have to be bog standard, these look awesome  and they only cost £4 from Marks & Spencer.


Oh come on, where would this post be without a little bit of flamingo’s making an appearance. These look so cool and cost £3.50 from Marks & Spencer.


Obviously drinking isn’t happening for me right now, but these cocktail stirrers are so awesome. I could murder a cocktail but hey, making others drink look amazing with these is also fun too…kind of. These cost £5 and are from Marks & Spencer.



And where can you keep a batch of pre made cocktails or fancy homemade lemonade you ask? In this drink dispenser of course..You can get really cute coloured ones from there too, but I like the idea of a plain one so you can let your fancy cocktail colours shine through! This costs £15 from Marks & Spencer. 


So go on soak up the glorious sunshine grab some friends and chill out in style with these accessories from Marks & Spencer. (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Commission work for Weddings. Now on our Etsy shop

So recently I have been occupied doing a big commission piece for a wedding stylist in Swindon called Event Style. Take a look at this site as they offer loads of awesome options for wedding styling! Great if your around Wiltshire.  This project took a lot of out of me, I forgot how tiring sanding is.. but it was fun and I was pretty happy with the outcome. So much so that I am going to put the designs on Etsy so they can be made to order. SO you guys can enjoy them too! Wedding season is coming up and I really liked the plain wood board I did. Probably more so then the white boards, as it just looked so natural you know. But I also did a few other big boards for specific areas of the wedding like the church, or where you have your ceremony and even little ones for cute table decor. So take a look below and there’s a link to our shop at the end.















We do custom signs too and I will be doing an in depth price list soon too! But until then go take a look at our Etsy shop and some of our new wedding signs.


And have a lovely FRIDAY!! Yay it’s the weekend!!



Baby shower games and awesome decor ideas

So I am super lucky that my sister-in-law Tash has offered to throw me a baby shower and I am pretty excited because the guest lists included family and friends who I haven’t seen in a while ( if they can make it that is).  I have been to a few showers, and it’s always a great day filled with food and games and lots of baby stuff! So I thought i’d look at some awesome shower decor ideas both for neutral and gender specific parties which might give you ideas if your planning one in the future.



This looks like a great game. Babies first portrait. Give your guests a a piece of card and a pen. They draw what they think your baby will look like while keeping the card in front of their head…yes it will be mostly scribbles but get your guests to sign them, and they could be a fun addition to a guestbook with pictures and a message from your baby shower.



This could be a great slightly cheaper alternative to decorating onesies. All you need is some fabric pens and make some little scraps of fabric and wool to make some fun bibs.




But I have to say, how awesome do these look? You could probably get a bunch of plain onesies in bulk pretty cheaply, then with some fabric paints, transfers, scraps of materials you could make some awesome onesies. if your not finding out the sex, cute pictures, typography, and patterns are always great. Can’t go wrong with polka dots and stripes.



If your friend is having a girl, why not get together to make some cute headbands. elastic is really cheap and can be embellished really easily!! A great idea if your having a girl.





A really awesome game, guess the baby. Get your guests to bring a baby picture of themselves. Guess who is who, and chuckle at some of the fashion choices too.





This is soooo pretty and in my eyes is gender neutral. I know what your thinking, come on this screams girly. But let’s remember that the mother is in fact female, so having a nice spread to entice your guests doesn’t have to be gender specific. Cute cupcakes, pink lemonade, some sweets makes a cute dessert bar. I love theses colour too, can’t go wrong with pastels..

Here are some awesome decor ideas that you can get or even DIY yourself.


Cute bunting that you can choose colours for, depending on the sex or keeping it neutral. It could be cute to give this to the mummy afterwards as some nursery decor too! This is from Party made pretty. Also you could really easily do this DIY. Cut some circles out of colour card and stick them back to back and simply sew through them. Ta da..


These are so cute to make your guest’s drinks pop! This is from Glitter Me Sweet.


A cookie cutter to make some awesome cookies! How cute would these look? This is from Cupcake Social.


Another fancy decor, one you could easily make with some tissue paper or even material, are tassels. I love this colour combo! From Pom Joy Fun. 




If your planning to reveal your gender at your baby shower let your host know about getting these which are awesome and a great photo opportunity. Get these from Thimble Press. You could also make these really easily by getting some tissue paper and sequins and just finding something to pop them out of. I did a confetti DIY post ages ago which might help! Take a look here.

Let me know of some of your favourite games you can do on the cheap or for free! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas




1. Yoga Mat, Anthropologie. 2.Mothers Day Card, Etsy. 3.Colourful Scarf, Anthropologie. 4. Watch, Anthropologie.                  5. Desert Plate, Anthropologie. 6. Flowers, Rebel Rebel.


Mother’s day is coming up and I always worry that I am just getting the same old thing for my mum every year…box of chocolates, bath stuff..or Tesco flowers. So I thought I would do some extra research this time and get somthing a bit different.. My mum isn’t into yoga, but if your is  that yoga mat looks amazing, I would take up yoga full time if I had a mat like that. A lot of the gift ideas come from Anthropologie, which is a great place for gifts. It has such cute dainty and colourful things.. if I had the money I swear my entire house would be an Anthropologie catalogue.  Another awesome place is Rebel Rebel flowers, located in Hackney in London. I love this place, their arrangements are so funky and fresh, plus you can get some really cute arrangements which come in water cans…so awesome. They also do workshops too…man I’d love to do a workshop there or maybe organise one for you and your mum?

Anyway I hope I have given some ideas of how to spoil your mum this Mother’s day!

Til tomorrow!



How I get ready for a craft show, and some cool new stuff

Ok so I spend my time every day doing things for the blog and thinking up new ideas for products I could possibly sell at craft shows. I don’t do a lot of craft shows because I am going to tell you…they are stressful. I have boxes of stock which I have made over the last year or so, but still every time I get around to doing a show, I suddenly have a good idea that will have me up till 1am the night before…something needs to be done always, organising, displaying forth. What kept me up this time? Valentines day cards and a flamingo colouring book..(which are now available on Etsy here!).



New valentines day cards….



And our new colouring book..thats a uni-mingo on the right…( a flamingo that thinks it’s a unicorn)..FYI this is a colouring book for all ages..




A few things I always do, is  have a big product which is my focal point. In the past I have had watermelon table, large spindle with record top, candy stripe table and so forth. This item is always my higher price item and can cost between £20-£50.  I don’t always sell them, but people are interested in them, bringing them to my table..or to take a card for a future custom order. Its my bringing in item. If you get me. This show I did a cute small spindle, which I upholstered. I put it down as £25, and a lot of people asked about it. It always works.



So this was my big item, this craft show was different though. Being the organisers first one, the layout was done poorly. So instead of using the four rooms they were given, they squashed everyone into two. So there was a constant traffic jam of people not being able to stop to look. It was a nightmare, all the crafters complained, and the day although fun, had a bit of a downer. Pushchairs were a no go causing the majority of the possible customers a hard time getting round, if at all. So I made a whopping £2.50. Which isn’t too bad as I heard a lot of people didn’t make anything The £2.50 brought me some sweets so yeah…tops up. I also had a bunch of business cards go which is always a plus. Not every craft show is going to be successful.

Another thing I do is to group my items together as much as possible and to make it casual, I don’t tend to use a ton of intricate display shelves, as this can cause a slight hesitation for onlookers to pick up your products. One women had a mare with her display, people kept knocking things down, then the whole thing came down, it can be a massive hassle, so sometimes I think displays (especially big ones) are a no go, unless its sturdy and kid friendly.






I only ever get £30 of change, with is mostly £1 , 50p, 20p and a couple of fivers. I always have an order book ready incase of a custom order, and I try and have something creative to do while I am sat there, so its proof I make my crafts and it also helps pass time during quiet periods.

I find sometimes you get a lot of people at craft shows, who it turns out don’t make even 10% of what they are selling, and they quite often sell quite a bit…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you look at the men and women who knit for countless hours, painstakingly cross stitch or hand paint intricate items sometimes its a wee bit annoying because hen you have someone who just buys sweets and wraps them up, or scarves and jewellery and thats their store. Nothing handmade in it what so ever… I brought some sweets don’t get me wrong, but I spent most of the day talking to two women, who spend their day knitting the cutest things, but have to put their prices down to compete with other sellers who sell clothes, or hats and scarves that have been brought in wholesale..

Moving on, another tip is I personally  don’t like to be intrusive, I smile, I ask them if they are having a nice day, offer them a business card, then I quietly let them browse. I hate it when people keep barking prices, and styles at you, I rather have a browse in peace. I do like to use some table confetti to brighten the table up. See how to make your own here.


One last tip. Take food and drink with you. Don’t be a mug like me, and take one bottle of water..and a box of dry cereal…because when it comes down to it and all you can buy is sweets…your going to be on a massive sugar high, then the low will coe and it’s messy…and your moody…not good!




New sign of the month: February Love Love Love

Ok so firstly I know what your thinking…what happened to January? Well what can I say sometimes my ideas don’t come to me at the start of the year…

Anyway to the sign, how it will work is that it will be up on Etsy (see it here)  for a certain amount of time, and once that time is up, thats it. I will aim to bring out a new sign design every month during the first week. Each sign will be different, and will cost £7. But remember once it expires..its gone. They are also made to order, so they won’t look the same or necessarily be the same size or texture..pallet wood is always different. But I am pretty excited about sketching out some ideas for the next couple of months.




Happy Tuesday all!

Gifts for the bakers and foodies in your life.

We all have those friends who bake or cook miraculous dishes, especially around this time of year, it’s a time for people to pull out their showstopper roast potatoes, and alternative Christmas desserts. So what do you buy the foodie and baker who has everything, these cute gifts thats what!





With good food comes good beverages, and these would look great on any bar cart. From Anthropologie, at £8 and coming in different colours, you can drink in style this Christmas. Plus just look at the stripes..




Another addition for your bar cart, and to please the beer drinks, a unique bottle opener. They have quite a few designs, but I love this bear one. From Anthropologie again (hint it’s all from there) and costs £18.


Well this is an upgrade from a wooden rolling pin, they also do awesome ones with stencils built in them, so as you roll, you roll a pattern on pastry. Thats Christmas cookies sorted then! From Anthropologie and costs £18.


Well hello, how super cute is this?? Add some flour handprints, and we are looking at an apron perfect for Christmas dinner. Costing £34 and coming in so many different styles, theres one to suit the foodie in your life. Get it here.



With baking comes eggs, and who wants to showcase off cardboard egg boxes when you have these beauties. Coming in four colours, eggs will never look the same again. At £12, keep your eggs in style all year round. I’ve said eggs way too’s lost all meaning…but anyway get the egg crate here.



Last but not least, a staple utensil for any bakers kitchen, cup measurements. These are to die for, you know me and stripes…I just can’t say no. £34…is a lot, but just look at the detail…get them here.



And that’s my last gift ideas post…time is counting down, online shopping is coming to a close….it’s all getting very close to the big day…This month has been a hectic one..I am looking forward to Christmas day, New years, and one day getting my house finished and my office set up…one day…

Last minute Christmas ideas


A cute gift idea for your mum or mother-in-law, especially if they are a fan of tea. It’s from Next, so no need to panic about delivery, just go and pick it up. You could even partner this with some cute teas too and at £12 it doesn’t break the bank.



Every girl I know loves macarons They are dainty,delicious and luxury. If your struggling for a secret santa, or a gift for your girlfriend..I couldn’t recommend this more. The creme de la creme of Macarons by  Pierre Herme. I would recommend going into a shop so you can hand pick your flavours. Get a few for yourself to, they will just melt in your mouth and it’s a much deserved treat after the hard work of Christmas shopping.




How awesome is this, a busy girl needs one of these, plus it’s just super cute. From Kate Spade and available at Selfridges for £ 19.95 I don’t think thats too bad..



Always fun to have a bit of bling on the wishlist. A great option for a last minute buy for you guys out there. This is from Kate Spade, and they do a few different colours, I like how subtle it is. This costs £40.



So just a few things for ideas, I have a foodie list coming up tomorrow, as I will continue Wedding Wednesday after the New Year. Happy Christmas shopping all!