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Weekend Antics: Good company, chilling and early signs of labour

So this weekend was filled with good company, laughs, emotions, one tasty burger and some fun early labour symptoms….yet nothing regular..I mean seriously I wish they had a red light that goes off when your in labour.

So I had my friends Letty, Alex and Jon stay over and we ate food..probably too much food, watched annoying films and generally lazed around. Was perfect. Saturday evening and Sunday brought on emotions, wine was needed, as I had the joy of uncomfortable tightenings. 3 every hour for like 5 hours..which didn’t progress or become any more regular..and then stopped. It’s been one of those weekends where things changed dramatically. Everything got shaken up but for the good..I mean I think it hit us pretty quickly that in a few weeks there’s going to be a little one of us..and that’s pretty mental.


Then there was the burger, I am not ashamed to admit that me Letty and Richard travelled 40 minutes to Cambridge for a Five Guys burger…so totally worth it…and it’s something i’ve been craving for like the last 6 months.



Yes this is a depressing looking pond…but things were discussed and emotions were high, so no matter how ugly it looks, in my mind I felt like I needed to remember it..I have to say, and I know I have said it  lot, but pregnancy is really hard emotionally, physically and mentally. You can completely loose yourself, and it’s always the women who get the attention but it’s easy to forget that the men go through just as much mental and emotional changes, I mean come’s kind of scary having a baby…and this weekend with my early labour pains, we both discussed it honestly how hard the last 9 months have been and now I think we are finally ready..with 2 weeks to spare!

So ending it on a less dramatic note, I promised you a couple of pictures of my outfit from the wedding. Now I hate having my picture taken, honestly I can’t really smile on cue, but surprisingly I loved these two which were taken by my friend for me..I don’t know if I have just accepted my big whale pregnancy body, or more that it’s nice to see me and Richard in pictures together all dressed up with the bump included. But either way…quite possibly my favourite pictures of me and Richard.





So here is a full view of my outfit. It was super important that I picked something that was going to be comfortable. So my dress is from ASOS, they don’t have it anymore, but it actually was white, and obviously I can’t wear white to a wedding so I died it pastel lilac and it came out really lovely. My kimono with lemon detail is also from ASOS see it here. I loved the bright pattern, and it was nice and cool to wear..although it was still a super warm day as you can see by my lovely red cheeks. Richards suit was lovely, and he spent a good hour polishing his shoes…so let’s just appreciate that for a minute..

So I’m 38 weeks and 3 days…so yeah not long now at all…and my list is still super crazy long..but I think i’m ready..well to be honest I am sooo ready to not be pregnant anymore..

yep. Bring it on.




Enjoying the Heatwave? Here are some tips to surviving


Dreaming of being back in Italy, lounging in an ice cold pool..

So I am not enjoying the heatwave…i’ve chomped my way through half a bag of ice, and I am hardly moving yet I am still drenched in sweat…this is crazy! I mean I feel like I should have planned to be heavily pregnant in like December when it’s nice and cold..

Anyway here are my tips for surviving a heatwave.

1. I sat in my car, windows up for like 30 seconds while I grabbed my bag and sent a text…it was excruciating, let’s not be careless with our dogs and kids, hell anybody, it’s dangerous. I couldn’t last 30 seconds..

2. Ice is your friend, I’m drinking a whole glass of ice water every 10 minutes..i’m secretly hoping the 20th glass will be the charm and finally cool me down…i’ll let you know

3. If your pregnant, try and rest, hydrate and move as little as possible..although I am doing this and still managing to sweat ridiculous amounts..its not fun.

4. Now is the time to invest in a fan and a paddling pool…I will be doing this tomorrow for sure!

5. Don’t be ashamed if your at home to sit in your pants..I am sporting some lovely maternity pants and bra..who said pregnancy can’t be sexy…

6. Don’t be embarrassed to get stupidly excited about hearing that tune of the ice cream man, and yes it’s a perfectly good reason to run for it (although this will cause more excessive sweating) but Ice cream is your friend..

7. This is where I miss living by the sea or by the Cotswolds where i could be in a lovely body of water right now..floating…if you are able to go swimming remember sun tan lotion..but enjoy it..

8. Sun tan lotion is it’s own rule…no one likes the lobster look..

I think i’m off to have a cold shower..Try and stay cool and hydrated all!! We can make it through this…



Wide Awake on this Wednesday morning



So due to my ever growing belly, sleep seems to become more and more uncomfortable as the days go on. I have like a 6 point turn, turning over in bed..takes me quite a while plus its paired with a tugging that causes me a lovely pulled muscle..what can I say pregnancy is fun…

So I thought while being up this early ( i’ll mention that I got up at 6 for no other reason then I couldn’t sleep) I thought i’d be proactive. My ever growing list has been put into overdrive with an inspection on Friday from our estate agents. So  I have no choice but to sort through my cleaning to do list. This is also paired with bets going down that the majority of people think i’ll have the baby in 3 weeks. 3 weeks! I am currently 35 weeks and 4 yeah..i’ll probably end up going past my due date, but this timeline has sent me into overdrive..

I have all these cute and wonderful things I want to do before this kid is born, but I have to say with the lack of sleep, and the fact that I can only clean for like 30 mins before having to take a break, I think that maybe, just maybe…I might not get all these things done..which if I’m honest is annoying me massively..

I have no idea what to expect when this baby arrives, I hope the blog doesn’t suffer, maybe it will make it more interesting..lack of sleep  can cause people to do weird things… I guess we will just have to see.. I’ll do a full on bump post soon and maybe you all can give me your ideas on what you think the gender is and predict when i’ll have the baby? eh?

I’m off to start cleaning, then maybe i’ll have a nap..

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday


My Lovely Baby Shower

So on Sunday I had my baby shower, organised by my lovely sister-in-law Tash. Weirdly it was a blessing that the sun wasn’t out that much, because it kept the room nice and chilled. I was pretty over heated due to being massively pregnant, and such anyway! But to the day, we had a lovely spread which I totally forgot to get pictures of. Afternoon tea with cute sandwiches, homemade scones made by Mel and cake cake cake. It was nice seeing family and friends who I haven’t seen in ages, and playing the nappy game ( guess the melted chocolate) is totally gross but ridiculously funny!

Guess the baby was hilarious too, I only knew which one I was because I recognised the baby mat. But I guessed 10/12 right..I mean I was super impressed with that!!

But here are some pictures from the day! I wore my smart black jeans, and a grey roll neck top that I got from New Look, it was casual and smart at the same time, and most important I was comfortable in it.



Lovely nappy game..gross but I’s funny to play..everyone got pretty competitive! I also got to wear a cute mummy to be sash.


Look at the concentration, Heather and Danielle won the nappy challenge guessing all three melted chocolate bars correctly! Plus how adorable does Finley look!


One of the lovely knitted gifts Pat made me! How awesome is this jellyfish??


I was spoilt sooo much by everyone, I’m looking forward to putting everything away! Tash was great at organising the shower, and passing me the gifts as the bump was totally getting in the way of me being able to bend down.


My mum and gran, with mum holding the gorgeous Georgia! Mum was great, I think this is the only time she sat down, constantly rushing around getting drinks, food, washing up..such a host!


Another cute present. I won’t show you them all…purely because I have like a quadruple chin in most of the pictures, but I did get some beautiful things! This was from my lovely friends Alex and Jon…bananas…it’s an inside joke!



Baby-shower-fun,-blog-woodenflamingo Baby-shower-blog-ideas-

Steph, Abby and Gran enjoying a cup of tea…so quaint!


I told you I was spoilt. I got so many beautiful things, and nappy cakes, some beauty products just for me, and an array of adorable blankets, towels and clothes…i’ll do a look book when the kids here!



This girl cracks me up! She took the nappy game very seriously! And a special thanks to Letty who took the photos… shame she wasn’t in many!


I had a lovely day, sorry I didn’t get any photos if the spread or decorations..we all know how much I suck and remembering the small details.. Only 7 weeks 3 days to go…..eeeeek


I’m back….and I’ll be 30 weeks tomorrow…

Ok so I’ve had a couple of weeks off from the blog purely because I was just exhausted really. I went into my 3rd trimester with a revenge of morning sickness similar to my 1st trimester blues. It really took it out of me, and with that I went to a hen do and did a mini break in Center Parcs. Both lovely, but both exhausting..I know what your thinking…they are meant to be relaxing…and they were, I just dealt with nausea and tummy tightness most of the time which led to walking being a massive pain.

On a plus though, I haven’t been sick for a day now so here’s hoping it settled down again. Here are a few photo’s from the Hen do. We did a Charleston dance class and had Afternoon tea which was sooo good. I only did the dance class in small intervals…you can see how warm I looked in the picture.. had to take it slow!

afternoon-tea-queens-hotel-cheltnham afternoontea-cheltnham- Afternoon-tea-cheltnemham-queen-hotel Selfie,-plussize,-hen-do-charlston-

Plus here’s my pancake I had at Center Parcs…I only managed like half, luckily Richard was able to eat all his and the rest of mine..death by chocolate is an understatement.


Also…I’m in my 3rd trimester…hello…where did the time go??…slightly panicking now…just a little. I’ve been away from our little house for a couple of weeks so now I’m back I’m on full cleaning and DIY mode again..I haven’t even begun to think about things I need to buy yet…

I also have my first NCT class tomorrow, which also happens to be Richard’s birthday so I hope he’s looking forward to a whole day of talking about vagina’s and labour…I’ve heard mixed reviews on NCT classes, but primarily I have heard it’s where you go to buy mummy friends..and being as I don’t really know many people here, I am all for buying friends! So wish me luck.

I thought I’d mention briefly about how the blog is going to change.Ideally I don’t want this to be a mummy blog, as that’s not what I had ever planned, this has just been a creative outlet of ramblings, projects and inspiring things. But let’s be honest babies change things in a big way so I will be posting a few things, but I guess thats just how the blog develops..But I promise not to overload you with baby orientated topics!! unless you request it!  To completely contradict all are a couple of pics of my twin nieces and nephew..such cuties!

BAby-nephew,-sister Twin-nieces-craft-time-painting


Here’s to week 30 tomorrow… eeeek!



Pregnancy life update

Ok so I am 27 weeks and 6 days…still enjoying morning sickness… I’ve given up hope of it ever going and I’m sore…Let’s just say I know it’s only going to get worse the bigger I’s a high five to being full term in the heat…yay.


But one thing I have discovered…a pregnancy pillow..seriously as soon as my head hits this pillow I am gone..I haven’t slept as good as I have in the last week..It’s amazing..seriously get one..even if you aren’t expecting.

So I find myself living in maternity jeans and leggings, so when I do go out I like to try and dress up..remind myself I am still a human not just a baby carrier. In between vomiting (sorry) and trying to get my list of to do’s finished..I just look like a pregnant I’ve tried a few things to perk me up during the day. While cleaning yesterday I totally wore a flower crown…I mean why not? Due to my obsession with orange flavoured drinks I am also enjoying using fancy glasses and straws with ice…if I close my eyes it could be a cocktail..

I still have a massive list of things to get..think I am going to wait a bit deadline is when I hit 35 weeks, as it’s my brothers wedding and I have been advised by my midwife to take a hospital bag with me as I’ll be gone for a few days..So I have a good 7 weeks…plenty of time.


Went out for dinner because I’m constantly craving spicy food.. we went for an indian.. and it was so good plus I got to dress up a little and even put make up on. I’m wearing a sequin top from ASOS and my red skirt from Asda that I have had for ever. No maternity clothes in sight..gave me a perk I still fitted in the skirt.



And my floral crown cleaning day…I brought this crown for my baby shower which is happening at the end of May, it’s super cute and is from Asos too!


anyway I’m off for nap!






Loving this weather

I am enjoying the weather so much right now. I mean I can imagine when I get full term in July I won’t be enjoying the sunshine but an the minute I can’t get enough of it. I’ve eaten my weight in ice lollies and even got my legs out. The baby is doing flips in my tummy, and I’m starting to get a bit of a waddle, but hey the suns out and I am getting some much needed vitamin D.

I think, now I don’t want to jinx it but I think , I think that maybe is spring is here..I hope this weekend will be filled with sunshine! How will you spend your weekend? I am thinking maybe a picnic with pink lemonade…yep..that sounds good!I leave you with a picture of me in the sun taking last week before going out…fun times!! Enjoy the sun all I’m off to get some food



Blog post’s I am loving this week and some blogs you should check out

So I thought i’d share some post’s/blogs that I am loving this week, and maybe introduce you guys to some blogs you might not have come across.


Ok so one of my upmost favourite blogs is Design Love Fest. it has great recipes, DIY, decor, fashion, graphics its a great all rounder. These pancakes look soooo good too and this has been pinned for me to make later.


A beautiful Mess is another big blog out there, they do a couple of posts a day, so your sure never to get bored.   They have awesome recipes, photos and DIY’s like this awesome beaut above….which I am so going to try.


One of my favourite food blogs, I am soo craving this pasta dish right now…I mean how good does it look.  This is from Love and Lemons. It has so many scrummy looking recipes plus the photography is soo pretty.


Oh Joy is great for many things, but I am in love with her baby posts. Dressing the baby and dressing the bump were really great reads so do check her out. Plus her two girls Ruby and Coco are adorable.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


And we have the Jungalow blog by Justina Blakeney. Another favourite with her upcycle projects and furniture decor, there’s so much vibrance and colour on her blog, I can’t help but spend hours browsing it every weekend.


So there are some post’s I am loving this week, all these bloggers above are pretty established to say the least, they are in the top leagues of blogging so if you fancy starting a blog yourself they are full of great inspiration!

I’d love to find some new blogs to read, no matter what the content, although i seem to be more attracted to lifestyle blogs who offer a bit of everything! so drop me a link of your via email or comments! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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My thought’s on pregnancy.



Now I am not going to lie to you, it’s like hard. You know when you see a pregnant women walking down the street, and she’s floating, glamours and growing a person..all lovely and glowing…yeah it’s totally not like that. Unless she’s lucky and has got away with no symptoms at all. Let me just give you a glimpse of the past 22 weeks..Warning, there might be a bit too much information don’t have a go at me if it is…I’ve warned you.

1. My morning sickness consisted of me puking up to 12 times a day. I’ve lost 25 pounds due to this..It also lasted, to this extent, till 16 weeks.

2. The remainder of the 6 weeks has seen my nauseau diminish to know more then 2-4 times a day..

3. Once I was so sick I partially peed myself…in my bathroom..this was like 6 weeks in..and has happened on two more occasions since. Dignity already lost.

4. Due to my lack of food, my hair went limp, and I got a lovely array of spots. Ironic really. Im having a baby, yet reverting back to teenage years at the same time.

5. My appetite was a no go. For 12 weeks I only drank orange flavoured beverages..Fanta and orange squash being a favourite, my food intake..was a nibble of ginger biscuits or steak flavoured crisps. These were the only two things I didn’t throw up, and the odd burger craving popped up every now and then. From 14 weeks, my appetite came back a little but only with certain foods. I had eaten my weight in monster munch and nik naks by week 16.

6. A few other fun symptoms I was blissfully unaware of before pregnancy. Heart burn..all the time. Sore hips and joints. From teenager skin to older age bones, gas, pulling of tummy muscles…I mean one turn in bed equals 5 minutes of excruciating pain. Headaches,migraines,constipation and crying at every advert that comes on tv…constantly. Oh and a new found excitement, trying to get out of bed..I’d describe it being  pretty similar to a turtle stuck on it’s back..and I am only expecting it to get worse..

7. What was I expecting you ask? Being tired, my tummy growing and the odd batch of sickness. How very wrong I was. I also sort of figured I’d have an insatiable appetite but’s the best diet I’ve ever been on.

I am now waiting for my feet to balloon up and the waddle to set in..exciting times ahead.

My midwife said something very profound to me at my 16 week appointment. When discussing my pregnancy so far. She said to me. “Women are like flowers in pregnancy. Some women blossom beautifully, others wilt…I think your a wilter..”

Totally sums it up. Don’t get me wrong I am very much looking forward to meeting our little person..but I suddenly have a lot more respect for my mum and Richards’s mum who went through this four times and at this moment..I thinking this little beaut might be an only child.

P.S some positives of pregnancy? Feeling the baby kick is fricking unreal, baby on board badge is gold dust,  everyone has a new sense of respect for you and your partner has to be extra nice to you, even when you have crazy badass hormones and become a teary eyed paranoid bitch. (sorry about the language).

And finally a last note to say that  here is my upmost respect to anyone who is currently pregnant, ( even the blossoming ones) and to those who have ever had children, Fair play ladies. Fair play.



Some news, and the reason my little blog has been suffering a little bit

Ok so I know the blog has been suffering, I haven’t been on my game since November, but now I will let you into the secret as to why. You see I have been suffering from some major….morning sickness.

Yep in November me and Richard found out I was pregnant and to be honest it still hasn’t sunk in. Especially after being told that I would need medication because of PCOS, so shocked doesn’t cut it, but it was a nice surprise.


Now I won’t go into the my gruesome details of my pregnancy today, I’ll leave that treat for another day, but as a quick note…it’s hard..I have such a new found of respect for all women out there…and especially to my mum and Richards mum who have done it four times at this point in time, the kid is going to be an only child. That’s my 12 week scan above..

So right now I am 21 weeks and 5 days. I’ve kept it quiet for many reasons, It’s taken me a while to get my head around it, I didn’t want to jinx it…( I still refuse to buy anything yet) and there were a few people I was waiting to tell first..I feel super weird even typing this, like I said, it’s still hasn’t really sunken in, I’ll probably still be pretty surprised even after the baby is born.



This is my scan from’s zoomed in…I’m not growing a baby with a giant head…( I checked…). We decided not to find out the sex, Richard insists it’s better as a surprise…I’m not so convinced but he won the war.



I leave you with a pic of me and Abby (i’m 20 weeks here) and yes we totally look like life partners posing outside Buckingham Palace..but hey who cares? I’m wearing quite a loose dress here…but I like to think I look kind of pregnant…haha. As some advice I’ve actually found wearing slightly more fitted clothes, look more flattering strangely enough, as the bump is more prominent. I’ll take some pics at some point once my head is out of the toilet. Anyway, here’s to some exciting months ahead.

P.S all morning sickness remedies welcome! Email me or leave a comment. (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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