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Sassy Bloom Baby Subscription Box review with a £10 voucher off your first box


Ok so I had my first Sassy Bloom box come yesterday, and I thought I’d do a review for you. So firstly a bit about this box. This is a monthly subscription gift box, which costs £30 a month, which you can cancel at anytime and you never know what you are getting each’s a complete surprise. But it’s tailored to your little one. You fill in details when you register about yourself and your baby. The gift boxes are available from pregnancy up until your little one is 2. And each month is tailored to your babies age.  Here are some example boxes below which I got from their website. Check out their site for example boxes for older babies and toddlers too.





So I thought i’d share what I got in our first Sassy Bloom box.



So firstly it comes in a super cute box with a lovely little ribbon. I’m a sucker for frills and cuteness. So to the big reveal.




So in the box we got a baby moov love nest which is a cute pillow for support for babies head when they are on the floor, on a change mat or even in a bouncer. It’s super cute with a star and polka dot detail in a lovely apple green. Nice and neutral. We also got Finn the whale bath and room thermometer. This actually floats in the bath and is a life saver, as we have needed a bath thermometer for a while now. We got a Silly Billyz towel giblet which is super helpful, a My first nici rattle bear, sleepy tot baby’s sea shore cd ( which I am totally going to try out in the car) and lastly a personalised baby comforter with Archer’s name on it.





This is just lovely, like super cute.. So the subscription costs £30 a month and it’s free postage to the UK. But if you use the link above you can get £10 off your first order, which you cancel anytime by emailing them. So there’s no reason not to try it out. I can’t wait for next months one!





Here’s my little cutie with his personalised comforter. So soft it’s crazy! So go check out Sassy Bloom now.


The Groundworks coffee shop, baby Archer’s first trip out

Ok so we ventured out of our little town for the first time yesterday, it’s funny how much stuff one little person checklist before going out is huge. Anyway we decided we wanted to go for a lunch, but wanted somewhere with good food, a good atmosphere and baby friendly. After a bit of googling Richard came across this place called the Groundworks which is in Hitchin. So we packed our car with all the baby essentials and made our way to Hitchin.

The decor is the first thing I noticed, its so fresh with wood and white interiors, and hair pin legs tables….so awesome. Did I also mention there were industrial bulbs everywhere..gah..dream decor or what!



I am just in love with this decor..but to the place itself. Firstly staff were lovely and had no problem with us bringing the pram in, they even cooed a bit over Archie, but what can I say, he is pretty cute!



The chairs are stupidly comfortable, they don’t look it, but believe me they are, and this is coming from someone who had a baby 12 days ago. So to the food and drink. I had an ice tea which was so fresh and floral I could have drunk a gallon. The Groundworks is pretty well known for their coffee, and I can see why. The coffee was smooth and full of flavour, and the milk comes in a cute little bottle. What can I say I’m a sucker for presentation.

So to the food. I went for their NY deli bagel, which was just mouthwateringly good. I have missed not being able to eat italian deli meats, so this was a much needed treat! The salad it came with was super fresh with a really zingy dressing which sort of tasted like was super good!


Richard went for the grilled cheese with came with a chilli jam. I tried some of this and its crazy how good it taste! Sucha simple thing but it’s the best grilled cheese I have ever tasted.  Overall we couldn’t fault the food, and for less £20, the lunch date didn’t break the bank either!


Archie obviously was enthralled by it all…as he slept beautifully the whole time, with Jeff the giraffe by his side!


So if you find yourself in Hitchin in Bedford, I would totally recommend this place for a bite to eat or a really good coffee! So do check it out here!

Blog post’s I am loving this week and some blogs you should check out

So I thought i’d share some post’s/blogs that I am loving this week, and maybe introduce you guys to some blogs you might not have come across.


Ok so one of my upmost favourite blogs is Design Love Fest. it has great recipes, DIY, decor, fashion, graphics its a great all rounder. These pancakes look soooo good too and this has been pinned for me to make later.


A beautiful Mess is another big blog out there, they do a couple of posts a day, so your sure never to get bored.   They have awesome recipes, photos and DIY’s like this awesome beaut above….which I am so going to try.


One of my favourite food blogs, I am soo craving this pasta dish right now…I mean how good does it look.  This is from Love and Lemons. It has so many scrummy looking recipes plus the photography is soo pretty.


Oh Joy is great for many things, but I am in love with her baby posts. Dressing the baby and dressing the bump were really great reads so do check her out. Plus her two girls Ruby and Coco are adorable.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


And we have the Jungalow blog by Justina Blakeney. Another favourite with her upcycle projects and furniture decor, there’s so much vibrance and colour on her blog, I can’t help but spend hours browsing it every weekend.


So there are some post’s I am loving this week, all these bloggers above are pretty established to say the least, they are in the top leagues of blogging so if you fancy starting a blog yourself they are full of great inspiration!

I’d love to find some new blogs to read, no matter what the content, although i seem to be more attracted to lifestyle blogs who offer a bit of everything! so drop me a link of your via email or comments! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

Twitter; Ramblings, and updates on us.

Pinterest; If you like colour, decor and food then take a look

Instagram; We seem to have a lot of pictures of eggs and food..

Facebook; We post new bits and competitions so check it regularly.

Fashion Weeks Street Style 2015

So when I look at the fashion weeks I tend to normally look at all the designers work and drool over the collection, and don’t get me wrong some of the collections look amazing. But I thought I show you some of favourite street styles from the weeks..I love everyones individual fashion sense and it gives me so many ideas of how to revamp my own wardrobe.


So this is taken at New York Fashion week, and I am totally in love with that Jacket. I don’t even mind the hat, the whole look just works, and she looks effortlessly awesome. See more NFW street styles here.


I love the causal roll neck paired with the studded heels…and I am totally drooling over that pink skirt. This is Kerry Pieri in Alaia shoes and Erin Dana belt bag.  See more street style on Harpers Bazaar.

Soraya Bakhtair Vogue 15Sept14 Dvora_b_426x639

Nothing better then shades of blue on a frost morning, I love the amount of texture going on in this outfit, and how casual does she look with her coat just hanging off her shoulders.  This is Soraya Bakhtair who said on her outfit “I’ve opted for a Tibi jacket, Topshop skirt, Céline bag, Dolce Vita shoes and Italia Independent sunglasses.” See more street style on Vogue.


Just look at that dress, and it works so well with the casual down sneakers..I love the collar and pleats, there’s just so much structure going on.. See more on Teen Vogue of Fashion Week’s street style.



I think it can be quite hard to pull of the casual but chic look, looking like you haven’t tried, but amazingly chic at the same time. I love the rolled up jeans, and the stament white tee plus that coat is to die for. Danielle wears: Coat: River Island, Jeans: River Island, Top: River Island, Trainers: Zara, Bag: Whistles. This is from Cosmopolitan.




This is quite possibly one of my favourite outfits from the street styles. I love the blue tones paired with the statement red lips and toes..effortlessly classy. This is from Pop Sugar, take a look at more street style there.


Let’s not forget the men, I love the casual braces and rolled up pin stripe trousers, this guy looks like he doesn’t give a shit…but does it soo well. From WWD take a look at more men’s street style.



These guys just have it all going on, the tartan against the blue suit paired with the orange tie, it’s just genius. And the relaxed purple v-neck sweater brings a preppy new dapper look to the trio. Everything is right with these guys outfits. See more street style here.


I think fashion is such a great way of expressing yourself, I remember I used to wear the most outrageous clothes. The more patterns the better. But I loved it, and although I have calmed down a bit now, there’s nothing better then getting dolled up to go out, or even putting on your polka dot dungarees and powder blue crop top to clean the house..wear what your comfortable in but remember to have fun with it too.

New office makeover with removable polka dot decals

Ok so my little corner of tranquility…or rushed crafts and props area is finished. My tester worked, and you can find a link at the end of this post where to get my polka dot decals.

Moving on to the main event. These decals were so super easy to put up I literally put them up in like 10 minutes. I decided to put the polka dots on randomly, there’s a lot more room for mistake when doing a specific sequence, plus my patience isn’t great. But I am super loving how it turned out.




So here is an overall view of my little corner of an office, like I mentioned last week I have plans for the room as a whole so my office was only ever going to take up a section of the room. But by having the polkadots, it frames my area rather nicely.


After putting up some artwork, the space if finally starting to take shape.




I also mentioned how I got a new storage unit too for the room, and I loved filling it with props and tools, it looks like a unicorn puked over it, which is totally what I was going for. Books,-crayons-buttons-and-string-office-makeover






There’s still work to do, but this is great for storing, and the soft boxes below hold mounds of paper and material, keeping it clean and out of the way.


So I am still working on the other side of the room, but I wanted to make the room with a dual purpose, as it’s quite a good size. But I love how effective the polkadots look on the wall, it quite possibly my favourite new thing in the office. Paired with the desk Richard made me out of pallets, finished with olive oil, it’s a dream space to work in. If I was to add anything to my office space, I’d love a comfy sofa in the room, maybe like a bright pink for a splash of colour to contrast with the polka dots.

This post was inspired by WeWork which have some pretty awesome offices and are a coworking company, so go check them out for some inspiration!

For all that want to try removable decals, especially if you rent, these are the ones I used, and I tried and tested them and it worked for me get them here off Etsy.



Weekend Antics, Mexican feast and date night

This weekend was a weekend of good company and good food. We had Richards brother, his wife and his sister over on Sunday and we did a big Mexican feast with fajitas, rice, nachos and corn..was soo good. I love dinner’s where everything is just set on the table so everyone can just dig in. We also went to our local little cafe and got a selection of the cutest cakes for the day too.



So me and Beth were the chefs of the evening, with homemade guacamole, I should totally tell you guys my recipe one day..but yeah chicken fajitas with roasted peppers, grilled corn on the cob, and extra cheesy nachos, this was more then enough food for the 5 of us, and instead of getting the expensive packs of nachos and fajitas, we just brought a spice pack for the fajitas and brought wrap and salsa separately. It’s so much cheaper, plus we got the most amazing salsa. Pineapple salsa…seriously it was soooo good.Got in some beers, everyone made their own wraps, and Richard cleared up the kitchen after. Twas perfect.




Look at all the lovely treats, I love getting cakes like this from local places, it’s nice to know that more then likely a woman from he WI has lovingly made these, we all had a bit of each, cake sample if you will. The cookie in particular was my favourite.

So that was Sunday antics. My Monday involved me running a few errands, and Richard taking me out to dinner for date night. We haven’t been out just us two since we moved here, so it was nice to spend some quality time together, he did his research and found a little Italian about 30 minutes away. It was amazing, and surprisingly it was situated right next door to a Prezzo. I am happy to report, it was way busier then the chain next to it, and now that I have eaten at both (Prezzo was a favourite of ours in Essex) I can happily report, this restaurant trumped Prezzo a million times over and I took pictures..


So we shared this tricolore salad with the garlic pesto bread below. This was incredibly good. It was so fresh, and well just insane. I could have just eaten this, but the mains were shortly on their way.





photof 2

Richards main was a fish mixed grill. Tuna steaks, salmon, swordfish and king prawns, it looked incredible, I stole a prawn and believe me it was! I don’t think the price was too bad either, this main cost £14.95. When you think of the size of it I think thats quite reasonable.


We got a portion of hand cut chips to share, which were amazing, I only managed a few of these as I barely made a dent in my gnocchi below. It was a garlic pesto cream sauce with broccoli and avocado. Amazing, but amazingly filling.



So that was my main, so good but like I said it’s so filling, but we got it to take away and Richard took it to work today for lunch.

So lot of good wholesome food had this weekend, and exciting times this week as I may or may not have ordered some removable decals…woop woop I’ll do a test and document it then I’ll get to work on my office!!


Weekend Antics; Bletchley Park followed by watching The Imitation Game

Ok so unless you live under a rock, everyone has been going on about The Imitation Game with the fabulous Benedict Cumberbatch, but I was surprised to find out, that Bletchley Park, where the enigma code was broken, was so close to where we are living now, that we took the opportunity to go see it when my parents came to visit. This place is massive, and bursting with information, and it’s eery. You know those kind of places where you can kind of feel the history? We only managed to get round like a fifth of it. Luckily adult tickets last a whole year, so we will be making another stop. I didn’t want to take lots of photos of it, it doesn’t do it justice, plus I don’t really like to take pictures in places of history..if you get what I mean.. but I took one that might interest the Benedict Cumberbatch fans.



Some filming was done at Bletchley Park, and props were donated to the museum like Cumberbatch’s tweed suit and Knightley’s outfit. They also donated ‘Christopher’ the decoding machine Cumberbatch’s character Turing built.

The machinery used is way beyond my comprehension, which is no surprise as Turing’s knowledge was way before his time. A genius without a doubt, who lived a really really sad life. Thats where I go onto the film, its brilliant. It’s sad, and it opens your eyes a bit more to an event which pretty much changed us all. His code breaker invention won us the war. I am not going to go all deep history on you, but I would recommend watching the film, and going to Bletchley Park I even don’t mind Keira Knightley in it.


The rest of my weekend saw me being a right little chef. Mexican spread on Friday, thai salmon feast on Saturday and indulgent mac and cheese on Sunday, obviously no pictures because I am rubbish, but I have finally found my camera lead though, so expect some higher quality photos soon!


Hope you all had a good weekend.


Aroamaah Christmas Special

So we finally managed to open our December coffee box. ( it was misplaced during the move, much to our devastation) but we finally found it, and weren’t we in for a treat this month.


Firstly a lovely addition was a hand written Christmas card from the Aroamaah team. Such a nice gesture no?? I have no bad things to say about this company. The contact is brilliant, the coffee is just to die for and the whole service is A+.


But to the coffee.

This month we got a rich full bodied coffee with a mocha hit an nuttiness combined with flavours of smoked sandalwood from Cuba. Ah….I was in heaven, this was my favourite of the three and was amazing as an espresso. Which was the offered advice of how to have it. Another great thing about this service is it comes with tasting notes too!

The second was sweet and fruity from Nicaragua, was really great as a black coffee..

The final one was from Mexico and was a medium roast with hints of hazelnuts, this was Richards favourite as he is a serial espresso drinker. It went down nice and smooth and this has been his morning pick me up of choice.


They also offer Gift subscriptions now too! For 3,6 and 12 months. (belated Christmas presents??)


Anyway for anyone who loves coffee..check them out! Such a great company.



He Says She Waffles, Cirencester

Ok so yesterday me and Richard were looking for something fun to have for lunch when we came across this little place down a side street.



So we spotted the sign and went in, its in on the Cirencester highstreet, and I am telling you, you have to go.





Filled with fun decor, and a funky orange and black colour scheme, I could have stayed here all day trying the many options they offer. The milkshake flavours alone are endless.

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Ok so this book is seriously awesome. So awesome I read it in a couple of days! So awesome that maybe it’s the reason why I am deciding to get a fringe after wanting one for like 5 years+. It’s a big step bangs you know! But back to the book

It’s inspiring, its funny, it relates to all the slightly awkward women out there. I remember having a favourite pair of purple and black cords, and liking Bowie..being a little weird when I was in my teens, but this book empowers that. Sophia Amoruso is beautiful inside and out, she’s edgy and she’s different. Her writing style fits right in with the Nasty Gal brand, and why wouldn’t it? She created this business from just her to a multi million company. With no debt and no financial or business plan. Her wits and attention to detail did it all.

I feel like today having a degree is a big deal and becoming the norm, and I remember my rant on degree’s I had earlier this year.. but Amoruso proves sometimes it’s not about your education, but just hard work and the want to be successful at something and the fight to survive. With tips on CV’s, branding yourself and even getting fired.  She cut’s to the point but keeps it funny.

With inspiring quotes, to die for illustrations and photos and other #Girlboss stories and advice, it’s just full of amazement.

She is crazy inspiring and if you have your own business or hey just want a good read go get it. I promise it won’t let you down and you will learn all about the OCD over the BLT.