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So if you follow me on instagram you may already know that we are expecting baby number 2. In September. Which makes me 35 weeks today. Now lets just say I don’t do pregnancy well. With Arch I had hyperemsis (severe morning sickness) for most of the pregnancy, and I had gestational diabetes. Add the fact that I am rhesus negative to the mix and you have a triple threat.

Now this time the sickness was just as severe, though looking after a hyper 3 year old kept my mind off it a little more so I dealt with It better, I am happy to say this time I managed to not have gestational diabetes which is great. Plus I’ve done hypno birthing (which I’ll do a post on soon) so I am altogether better sound in mind going through the pregnancy.

But don’t let this all fool you, because boy has this pregnancy been rough, in some ways more so than last. Firstly lets chat about the bloody heatwave! When your heavily pregnant a heatwave is not your friend. Now following a busy weekend at a hen do which had me being ill for most of it, then a couple of days camping where I was also pretty poorly, cue a medical emergency and am ambulance dash for me in the middle of no where in Surrey.

If you haven’t read my birth story here it is. Just to give you an idea of the pain I experienced during my labour. So at about 8 in the evening I started having some pain in my back, it was at about a 5. I went to lay down hoping it was just baby in an awkward position. Cue 10 minutes later I’m screaming in pain with what feels like a severe contraction. The only problem is the contraction isn’t stopping its just a continuous pain. Panic hits as I picture myself giving birth to a tiny 28week old baby in a campsite. Richards on the phone to the ambulance, I’m throwing up, in a manic state not being able deal with the pain or panic. 2 yes 2 hours later the ambulance turn up, give me some gas for the pain, which doesn’t really touch the surface, but at least gives me something to do to try to ease the panic. As they work out which hospital maternity ward will take me, Richard packs up our stuff and Chris stays with Arch. Who thankfully was asleep during the whole thing.

Once at hospital, the midwives check me over, baby is fine, cervix is closed. I’m not in labour, so what the hell is causing this pain? Their guess is kidney stones..bloody kidney stones. They give me a small dose of oral morphine which I throw up instantly. So I’m just left with paracetamol and codeine. They don’t have any gas to give me, and because I’m pregnant I can’t really have anything else for the pain and so just spend the next 9 hours withering in pain while my mum tries to calm me down.

I’m moved wards, given fluids and I stay over night. The pain finally goes and I manage some sleep. I’m discharged the next morning with antibiotics and a referral for an ultrasound on my kidneys.

Richard who went back to be with Arch picks us up and we make our way home, thanking god it’s over and that the baby is fine. I get home and try to sleep. I’m super sore which is expected but I’m glad its all over.

I start to feel some pain again, I’m hoping its just a backlash to the trauma, it isn’t. Cue me withering in pain and Richard speeding down the A1 to get me to A&E. Now I can honestly say kidney stones are just as painful as labour, and at this point I can’t believe it’s happening again, and I’m going to have to be in pain again all night. I scream down A&E and I wheeed off to abed straight away where a doctor tries to take some blood and fit a cannula. Thankfully they give me a small dose of morphine through the cannula, and I get given fluids and something else I can’t remember what it’s called, but it went up my butt. This combination worked a treat, and it was so nice to not be in pain. But I was told that because I’m pregnant, I can’t have this dose again so hopefully it lasts. I’m also told I can’t have a CT scan which is what they would normally do for kidney stones, so I will have to wait for an ultra sound. If I have any more kidney stones I ca’t have anything done about it until after I give birth, so both me and the doctors were hoping that this was it. Otherwise I was going to have to find a way to deal with the pain, because the further into my pregnancy I got, the less painkillers I could have.

I get discharged feeling slightly better but sore, black and blue. Weget home and sleep.Thankfully mum has stayed a few days, shes looked after Arch while me and Richard dealt with lack of sleep. But as im trying ti drift off the pain starts again. I panic. I don’t want to harm the baby but also this pain in just excruciating. I’m at a 9 again instantly. I jump in the shower and use heat on my back which helps. But obviously I can’t do this forever especially as the baby won’t like the heat. So Richard and my mum make some wheat bags and my mum spends close to 2 hours holding the heat pads on my back with pressure until I finally fall asleep. We do this for the next couple of days, heat helps I can cope with the heat thank god. The next couple of days I have the pain off and on again, but the heat hekps and thankfully the pain eases each time.

Thankfully it’s over 2 months later and I havent had another A&E dash, though I have had a couple of scares and a stomach bug. My kidneys have been checked, and they both look good. The theory is, where I had been being sick for a couple of weeks rather badly, paired with the heatwave, I must have dehydrated pretty badly possibly causing an infection and stones.

But yes. Feelss like I’ve been through labour twice without having a baby.

Now I drink my weight in water, and lemon water. I read lemon can break down toxins and stones in the kidneys. And I just pray to never be in that  again. Well until child birth.


So after a 3 year-long engagement, me and Richard finally got married at Stones Barn in the Cotswolds in November last year (2017). It was completely and utterly worth the wait, and the day itself was just amazing. We got our photos back from our amazing photographer Mary Anne, and I couldn’t be happier. So here’s our wedding day and sorry for the sheer amount of pictures to follow…I’ve tried to limit them..tried..

Sophie & Richard-51Sophie & Richard-48

So I don’t want to talk tons about all the pictures…because the post is already going to be mega long, but I will talk through a few things. So here is my dress. I was pretty adamant that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress. 1. Because there were things we wanted for the wedding that weren’t going to be cheap. And 2. because I have a 2 year old who within the first few hours was likely to cover me with brownie or juice or dribble. Luckily I found my perfect dress for a very reasonable price from ASOS. Also my shoes were ASOS too! Then I got the cardigan from Zara. Do note this all came together about a 2 weeks before the wedding..

Sophie & Richard-44 Sophie & Richard-42

My flower crown and bouquet came from The Electric Daisy Flower Farm.  Fiona the florist, is by far one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. I didn’t really have a colour scheme for the wedding, I just wanted a lot of colour, and she did the most beautiful arrangements for my crown and bouquet. We also order the mens button holes, and you can order buckets of flowers so you ca DIY some yourself. So I did the main arrangement for the top table, and I held a little DIY bouquet workshop with the my bridesmaids the night before the wedding. While that was all happening Zoe ( my assistant who I’ll talk a bit more about later)  and my mum did the rest of the table flowers. It was such a fun thing to do the night before, plus the smell of all the fresh flowers were just amazing.

Sophie & Richard-119

That’s my floral arrangement’s the first time I’ve ever done something to this size, and not going to lie I winged it. Thankfully it all worked out. Our balloon banner came from The Pretty Little Party Shop,  and a big thanks to the Husband and his best man Chris and his wife Lizzy for putting it together!

Sophie & Richard-81

The bridesmaid dresses were from ASOS too (sensing a theme) and I actually managed to get them in the sale. We went for a nice peach coloured dress with a contrast light blue shoe…which I’ll tell you now took a LONG time to agree on.

Sophie & Richard-68 Sophie & Richard-50

When it came to the gifts for the bridal party me and Richard decided to get each person a pin for them to wear on the day of something that reminds us of them. My sister above got a nutella one..she eats a lot of nutella..yup. Anyway. We also got the men handmade ties from the same place Richards suit came from, and the bridesmaid got a decorated bag each (DIY-ed by me) filled with a few little things. ( I’ll do a separate post on the gifts soon.)

Sophie & Richard-46

Sorry I will now actually put pics up of us at the wedding..

Sophie & Richard-113

Stones Barn really is just magical. We had decided that we only wanted the ceremony to be small…and short. So we only had immediate family and bridal party in there with us. Me and Richard aren’t the most comfortable being the centre of attention, and so this was a perfect solution. I walked down the aisle to Sigur Ros, Hoppipola, playing on our record player which was plugged into the amps. Let’s just say it sounded incredible and I had goosebumps the whole time.

Sophie & Richard-104

So here’s me in my dress..I have to say that even though the dress only cost a little, I really did feel amazing in it. I think no matter how much a dress costs. It could be second-hand or costs thousands, as long as it’s a dress you feel comfortable and beautiful in, it really doesn’t matter. And I honestly did. Even though I had a temperature and a chest infection. And even though it was raining. That dress was perfect for me. And I loved wearing it.

Sophie & Richard-139

I feel like the above picture, really sums up the day. And Mary Anne caught it beautifully. I wanted the day to be relaxed and fun. And me and my dad cracking up over him giving me away was just perfect.

Sophie & Richard-122

Look at these two. Richard decided pretty early on he wanted a blue tweed suit, and luckily we found the perfect place close by. The Vintage Suit Hire Company  are a family run business, they are such lovely people, and the suits are just to die for. So much so Richard decided to buy his suit. We even got a little waistcoat made for Archer out of the same material. The other groomsmen hired their suits from Coes. The idea was to have Richard standout.

Sophie & Richard-161Sophie & Richard-169 So we had our other guests wait outside where the ceremony was so we could walk out to confetti..while Edward Sharpe, Home was playing…

Sophie & Richard-171

Didn’t take long for Arch to steal the show..

Sophie & Richard-206 Sophie & Richard-217 Sophie & Richard-226

Our bridal party were truly the best. The bridesmaid made hundreds of pom poms and tissue paper flowers, while the groomsmen (especially Chris the best man) kicked Richard into gear with the few tasks he was left to do!

I also can’t go without saying the day would never of happened without either of our parents..We both love you all!

Sophie & Richard-230 Sophie & Richard-232

So I’ll talk a few details then ill finish off with some mushy pictures! I had a very particular way, that the wedding was going to go. It was going to be fun, colourful and relaxed..

Sophie & Richard-415Sophie & Richard-118

I wanted a flower back drop, which my friend Alex and her partner Jon were really the masterminds behind, we had our Polaroid camera set up for the guest book.  Our guest book is full to the brim of great pics, funny (some drunken) ramblings and lots of lovely cards from all our guests. It will be something I think we both will cherish forever.

Sophie & Richard-442 Sophie & Richard-436

We had a sweetie bar, a hot chocolate bar and smores as favours. I planned for everyone to go back home completely high on sugar. A big thank you to this guy Jamie, who did all my lovely signs, And Letty one half of my maid of honour, who well is just my general saviour.

And this beaut, my sister, the other half of my maid of honour who just keeps me in hysterics!

Sophie & Richard-429Sophie & Richard-431Are we bored yet? No? Great. Look at is my son so bloody photogenic..I mean just look at this picture!!

Sophie & Richard-313

This was our cake, made by two lovely ladies, who are just the best. Me and Richard had picked two cakes, which I had combined in a drawing to make this cake..and they made all this from a simple drawing I sent them. The flavours were bloody amazing too. Peanut butter, red velvet, chocolate, fun-fetti and gluten free lemon. Every flavour was to die for. It was all just perfect.

Sophie & Richard-35 Sophie & Richard-7 Sophie & Richard-3I’ll do a separate post on my DIY napkins, kids boxes and table numbers, but here just gives you an idea of how everything looked. Also the White vases were from Poundland and I spray painted them white…bargain no? These were the flowers my assistant Zoe and my mum did. Now I’ll mention Zoe, because she truly was a life saver. I can be quite the perfectionist sometimes, and so I decided early on I wanted someone there for the day who could make things run smoothly. In walks  Zoe. Not only did she make sure everything ran smoothly. She did my hair and my make up, and  bonded with everyone. She was loved by all and a bloody life saver! It meant I was relaxed the whole day knowing that there was someone checking times, re-filling sweets, manning the hot chocolate bar and generally making sure everything went smoothly. I should also mention that Clayton who worked with us at Stones Barn was bloody  remarkable too!

Sophie & Richard-268 Sophie & Richard-263 Sophie & Richard-272Sophie & Richard-457

I really can’t praise Mary Anne enough. She really was just amazing, She wasn’t intrusive, it was like she was part of the family, even more so as my dad backed into her car and dented it..even with that she made a laugh of it. She was the perfect choice for the day!


And lastly a shout out to the kids and the rest of our guests for really making our wedding day a one to remember!

Sophie & Richard-500Sophie & Richard-419Sophie & Richard-396Sophie & Richard-350

Especially this munchkin Thea who kindly shared her Second birthday with our wedding day, we got all the guests to sing to her, so hopefully its one she will remember!

Sophie & Richard-348Sophie & Richard-191

Was that too long….sorry.. It’s only a snippet of the amazing photographs. Don’t fret. I’ve ordered an album to put them all into, and I’ll be posting them on instagram for like the next billion years!


Hope I didn’t bore you all too much.


Mrs Sanders.



HELLO 2018


It’s another year, we are already a week in..its a gloomy cold day and in-between writing this I’m playing dinosaurs with Archer. How’s everyone’s resolutions going? I think this is the first year that lose weight hasn’t been one of mine. I think I’m tired of having an argument with my body and so decided this year just to make better choices and to be more always.

But let’s take a look at last year. Last year I barely blogged, I struggled with my mental health, I got diagnosed with Post natal depression early in the year,which has been a bit of a journey but I’m on the mend for sure.I had an exciting but tough year with Archer, can’t believe my little guy will be 3 this year.Richard injured himself at work, which meant he was off work for a couple of months. But. We did get married. And it was just amazing. Leading up to the wedding with Richards injury and generally all the wedding DIY’s I had decided to bite off, my time was just hectic. But it all came together and bar the fact I had a chest infection (what were the chances) the day was just a dream. And ill do a big post on it when I get the pictures back. I’ll also slowly do each of my DIY’s too.  But it was perfect.

Regarding Wooden Flamingo, I left my sponsored post company, as I decided the money wasn’t worth me doing post that didn’t fit with the brand or that I wasn’t interested in. It  was a big decision as that was my main income of money. But I still have the Etsy shop, and a big development happened with that when I realised I just wasn’t enjoying doing the signs. I wanted a more creative practice instead of doing the same sign every couple of weeks. So I started doing more patterns, and drawing and painting. Then I started playing around with shapes and I came up with my painted patterns on a plywood circle. Which actually got featured on Apartment Therapy! So that was pretty exciting! Sometimes you have to follow your heart guys, not the money.

I’m just looking forward to a calm creative filled year!


Happy 2018 all.







I find this weekly pattern post also becomes a post for me to update you guys on my week and me…at the moment I am doing a 3 day juice’s not going too badly, though I was meant to start yesterday and ended up caving in to a piece of pizza. But so far so good for today. I’m not doing it as a weight loss, but more of a’s safe to say I have eaten a ton of crap the last few weeks, and have been feeling rather thought I’d give it a go..i’ll do a post on it if I find it beneficial..or if I manage to complete it. Send me good willpower vibes guys!

Anyway my pattern this week, is the digital version of a doodle I did a while back, and it’s one of my favourite to date… It just cheers me up!


Let me know what you guys think!


Happy wednesday all!





Minimalist or maximalist. I’m not saying that when it comes to decor you fit into one of the two, there are many different notches of decor on the spectrum, but I do find these obviously being opposite ends that people tend to favour one (even if it’s subconsciously done). I definitely fall more into the maximalist. Every surface and wall space tends to be taken up by something, and I am into colour. Like big time.

There’s nothing wrong with filling your house with treasures, but this will tip you more on to a more maximalist level. If minimalism is what your after, which has become a way of life not just decor then you need more then just a deep clean to achieve this. You need to declutter your life and home. Minimalism  is about clean-cut straight lines and clean clear spaces with no clutter.

A living room with a few large Bramblecrest pieces and not too much clutter is a great way to instil a sense of minimalism. White or natural wood keeps the decor looking fresh and pristine. But there’s no need to shy away from colour. You could pick a colour that can feature in your home, with just pops showing through. A neon pink vase, on a structured bookcase, or even a pink throw for the living room. Having that little pops of one colour makes the room slightly less clinical but still minimal enough to calm your stress.

Having a minimal decor isn’t a boring solution, in fact I’d love to have a calm and uncluttered room in my house.  I think it’s a state of mind, but there’s no need for it to be boring, You can be minimal and creative at the same time.

So let’s touch on maximalist decor just a little bit. I have lots of mini collections of things, I swear I’m a bit of a hoarder. I have jars and jars of confetti, tea cups enough to serve a hundred people, and so many clothes…so many. But I like it this way. I like colour I like pattern. I have a blue wooden floor in my living room. I have no boundaries when it comes to my decor, and life in some ways, which I think sums up the maximum look pretty well. Everything I tend to own has some kind of story, I don’t buy things to make them match, which just add’s to my rather mismatched decor. More is more in my eyes. I think I will just spend my life out growing houses..though I do need to tone it down maybe…I could probably learn a bit from trying a more minimalist approach…but where would I put all my weird nik naks? There’s two documentaries that have great examples of these way’s of life.  Iris (which I think is on Netflix) looks at Iris Apfel who is one of my style icons and who is a big believer sometimes more is better, and there’s also one on minimalism called Minimalism: a documentary about the important things. Both were really interesting ad will give you a view of different ends of th decor and life spectrum!





img_6666.jpgsf girl by bay



Pinterest can be the best web surfing choice when you are looking for exotic bedroom décor. The images not only reveal the taste of the person but also their love, care, and attachment to the room. The good thing about Pinterest images is that they guide you fully to achieve the look without hiring an interior decorator. In fact, any of us who is creative and emotionally attached to his bedroom can utilize simple tricks and tips to turn their space into something more pleasing and charming. Decorating your bedroom is all about mixing big and small statement pieces in a way that look balanced and create harmony among them. Once you set up on the journey for decorating your bedroom and finding décor accessories, keep two basic things in mind i.e. focus on the big picture and give weightage to every minute detail. Once you are organized the end result would always be in your favor i.e. a dramatic and exotic room.


  1. Look out for things that inspire you

Some people are creative enough to style their own room, but others need to gather inspiration to make things work out. Look out for images on Pinterest or your favorite blogs and magazines and start collecting them. Once you have gathered your inspiration go through the pictures and start listing down the things that you like about the pictures and then collect them by looking at your stuff first and then if something needs to be bought get it. But keep in mind that you don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate your bedroom. Be creative and look for ways to update your furniture and accessories according to the images that inspire you.

  1. Decide wall paint or wall paper

The next step is to decide what you want for the walls of your room. Do you want to paint it to follow a color scheme of your choice or do you want to use patterned wall paper to give a bold look to your bedroom? Choosing the color scheme through wall paper or paint will keep you motivated to get the rest of the work done.


  1. Play with color, pattern, and texture

This is the perfect time to play with colors, textures, and patterns when it comes to fiber décor as it lifts the décor of your room and makes it more lively and refreshing to the eye. Get creative with vibrant color schemes as it adds more drama to your décor. If you are young at heart splash the color scheme in your interior. However, most of us are not comfortable with dark color schemes such people can stick with a limited palette to keep it soothing and sober. Textures can work as a central theme for your bedroom décor. Get creative with throw pillows, comforters, blankets and rugs to add the element of interest to your space.


  1. Create a furniture plan

Before creating a furniture plan work out the measurements of the room first. If you have a spacious room, then you can furnish it with king size bed but if your bedroom is small in size then don’t clutter it by filling too many furniture pieces. The best way to plant the furniture layout is to draw the arrangement on a paper and choose the style that looks spacious and pleasing to the eye.


  1. Accessorize

Accessories give a finishing touch to your bedroom décor. Fill the gaps of your room with accessories to give it a luxurious and sophisticated look. Look out for mirrors, paintings, pictures, lamps and flower pots to give a refreshing and welcoming final touch to your bedroom.

Author Bio:

This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs at






It has been a hectic few weeks, my baby turned two (how do I have a two-year old?) and aswell as other friends parties, I’ve had some family stuff going on. I am someone who is completely run by emotions. When something isn’t going right in life, I find it very hard to concentrate on anything else. I went running on Monday, for the first time in a couple of weeks, it was like there was a weird block that was stopping me going…you know? Anyway I have so many posts lined up, so hopefully August will go a little smoother..

Anyway to pattern play, I actually saw a scene in one of Archer’s books of bright coloured simple square house, which is what inspired this pattern..I am also dreaming of a city escape soon..







When it comes to planning a wedding, which I have been doing for like three years now, there are a few things that I didn’t consider when looking at venues etc, and considering my budget.

Firstly lets look at the flowers for your venue. When booking your florist, make sure you give them all the details of your venue, and where and when you want them delivered. A floral delivery company, like most florists, will tend to deliver your beautiful blooms, but most charge quite a delivery fee, as the flowers tend to come in refrigerated vans to help keep them fresh. Our’s is charging £50 to deliver, and that’s a local florist to our venue, so take note when looking at florists, where they are located in regards to your venue, and how much the delivery is.


When you book your venues find out exactly what is covered in the initial cost, and ask about all the extras like chair covers, seat pads, cloth napkins etc. You may be surprised how the costs add up. Our venue had added extras, for example a £1 for a seat cushion (which we went for), £1 for clot napkins and even 50p to have blue glasses instead of standard clear glasses. Safe to say we decided not to go for the latter, as it would have added up to an extra £135. So make sure you know what’s offered.

Check the venue’s rules regarding parking/leaving et and make sure you get a local cab company booked out fr your guests. Especially if like our’s your venue doesn’t offer rooms, and the cars need to be out by 9am the next day. Get the lists and maybe add a note on the invitation, or let your guests know by email closer to the day so they can plan ahead.


Keeping to schedule. This is especially important if you are having a civil ceremony. registrar’s tend to have multiple wedding son and so they keep to a strict schedule so there’s no being late when our the bride. You have a time and you stick to it. Also the live band, DJ, and wedding day photographer are going to charge overtime, too. If you want them to stay on a couple more hours, they will charge an hourly rate which may need to be paid upfront. So keep this in mind, and maybe ask beforehand how much they cost if extra hours are needed so you aren’t shocked  by the costs.

Now if I am to be honest I havent looked into this, but wedding day insurance  might be useful especially for abroad weddings, and outdoor weddings. If a member gets ill, or a natural disaster stops everything from happening, like a flood for example it means your covered and you don’t lose a bunch of money. Being as I am getting married in 3 MONTHS, I fee; it’s a bit late now for me!

Gate crashers, or guests who weren’t able to attend suddenly show up– how are you going to deal with it? Firstly get rid of the gate crasher, give them a slice of cake and send them on their way. Regarding the guest who declined then randomly showed. I think keep calm, and politely thank them for coming. Thinking about it, it might be an idea you save some money back in case of such problem, so you have enough for the surprise guest (meaning the actual guest, not gate crasher!)


A quick note on how my planning is going, all I have left is the DJ, suits, rings and wedding dress…so yeah… not too much! ahhhhh




Ok so I love being a mummy to a boy, but is it just me, or as soon as the babies enter toddler years, especially boys, the clothes options go down hill a bit..There are super cute under 2 baby boy wear, not a lot, but still super soft and cute but above tw can be a bit blah. Now I am aware thatArcher is growing up, and I’m not going to be able to dress him cutely for very long, but while I still have some say, I don’t see why the options for boys are so limited. I mean, I’m ok with some character and branded stuff, but whats wrong with fun prints and patterns? Why is it a lot of boys clothes tend to be polo shirts and jeans? It’s not the most comfy for active kids plus they tend to look like tiny men no? All I’m saying is if I’m dressing Arch to resemble a tiny man, by god he is going to be wearing cute trousers with braces, a shirt, cap and brogues. He’s going to be channeling an old-timer. That is for sure! Anyway, I have this discussion so often with my mummy friends who have boys, and they totally get where I am coming from. So I thought I’d show you a couple of outfits each month, which are comfy, affordable and not necessarily character based or jeans! So enjoy!



Ok so this outfit is from Zara, I find that Zara do some really cute pieces for toddler kids and older kids too, nice patterns and soft cottons which are nice and breathable. This outfit was super cheap too. The lightening bolt t-shirt was £3.99 and goes from 3 months-4 years old. So great age range. The banana joggers, which by the way are more blue in person and undeniably cute, are £6.99 and have the same age range. So that’s a super cute outfit for like £11.




I am all about pattern and bold colours, and this little outfit is on of my favourites. The fish patterned jumper is from M&S but they no longer have it which sucks, but they have a rather sweet t-shirt in the same pattern which is £3.50. The shorts are from H&M, they have tiny parrots on and they are £4.99. The age range for them are 4 months- 3 years. They are so fricking cute!



This black hooded romper which in the pictures below I paired with a grey t-shirt, is so light and easy to move in. I also paired it with a cute Mickey Mouse hat which I got from Tesco’s. Anyway back to this romper, it’s from Next but typically I can’t find it on their site anymore but this one here is similar and still super cute and ranges from sizes 3-16 years.


cute-boys-clothes-style,-pattern-and-colourThis little outfit is a little more laid back, with the crocodile comic like pattern. This top is from M&S and costs £6.00, the shorts are just from George ASDA, and are just your casual grey cotton shorts.


So there are my outfit picks for the month, sorry they are all creased, my iron broke..hopfully next month will be a little more neater. Plus I am always trying to get pictures of Arch wearing the clothes so you can get a better look of how they fit..below are my poor attempts haha!

baby-boy-toddler-style-cloths-idea-layout baby-boy-style,-toddler-boy-modeling-next-clothesThe romper really is the cutest, I haven’t got a picture of Archer in his Zara outfit as it only came today, but I will post one on instagram as soon as he is in it. Which will probably be tomorrow!


Have a lovely weekend all, and if you know of any cute places that do boys clothes let me know in the comments, or drop me an email x






I feel like I say this every Wednesday, though I missed last’s week, but these weeks are going way to fast. I get married in like 4 months and next weekend Archer will be 2!! How do I already have a 2-year-old?? Crazy stuff!

Anyway to today’s pattern which is kind of inspired Yayoi Kusama. If you don’t know who I am talking about, take a look at her work…It’s breath taking!


So Happy Wednesday everyone x