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Want That Wedding

So it’s oficial, with buying a house, keeping up with a lively 9 month old and working around the blog and commission, planning a wedding just hasn’t happened. So we have delayed it a year…part of me was rather sad to delay, but having still not found our dream venue, I didn;t wnt to setle and have a rushed wedding. Because let’s be honest. We both want it to memorable…for the right reasons. So I’m still stucj at square one, so I’m considering bringing back Wedding Wednensday’s to try and focus my mind a bit more. But until then here’s some  wedding inspiration.


When you get married, there are some things that you need to happen. There are certain legal requirements; that is why you have to have a registrar there. The lines like ‘I call upon these persons here present’ have to be said. No getting around it. The vows, however, can be whatever you want them to be. If you don’t want to go with the set vows, then you can always write your own, add some humour with inside jokes between you and your partner, and make it that more special,hearing their own words on your special day. Plus how often do people write their own vows? You could always frame them afterwards for a lovely keepsake too. Hand written decalrations of love..

Jonas-Seaman-_1032-576x864Rock n Roll Bride

Let’s talk about tradition. If your lookijg for a more unique wedding to wow your guests, you might not want to go for the obvious transport choice of a Rolls Royce or a horse-drawn carriage, I’ve seen so many different ways the bride has got to the church, fire engine, tractor, bike…you’d be surpised. Think outside the box.. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m not overly bothered about transport. I’ll happily put a few trailing streamers on the back of our car.. that will do me..

Traditionally, the father of the bride, the groom, and the best man give speeches at a wedding. You don’t have to do it that way, of course. If the bride would like to give a speech too, then go ahead and give a speech. One of your bridesmaids might want to give a speech or perhaps one of the couple’s mother might. There is no need for everyone to give a speech, though. Choose three or four people otherwise the speeches would last a long time. There are a lot of crazy wedding ideas online, so search for some other inspiration and ideas.

cave-weddingWedding Party

 A lot of weddings take place in a church, registry office or a hotel. If you want to go ahead with a ceremony at a venue like this, then great. You can make the wedding unique by the way that you decorate and the things that you do. If you’d rather have a unique venue, then think about something that would be different to any other wedding. How about getting married in a public park or something out there like a theme park or on a boat. Here’s to planing weddings….one day…


Picking your photography style for your wedding

There are so many decisions to make when you’re planning a wedding, both big and small. I’ve barely been planning for long, and already I’m exhausted with all the decisions. Everything from the venue to the colour of the napkins has to be decided, there are just so many decisions. One of them being the photographer.  I booked our photographer Mary Anne a month after we were engaged. She’s a friend from uni and i’ve always loved her style of photography, plus its looks all natural and less posed which is the style me and Richard wanted to got for. So let’s look at some styles of photography you can choose.


The traditional route.Some couples want their wedding to be as picture-book traditional as possible. Big church, formal attire and the perfect white dress.If you want to stay traditional with the photography, it’s a style that you’re sure to recognise. It tends to be very formal,black and white, posed pictures to perfection! This is a great way to capture all the moments, and being a more widely used style, can be a cheaper option too.


Reportage or documentary photography is a bit more my style. Using this method, the wedding photographer takes a natural approach to photographing the day. Instead of posing people, they take snaps of everyone doing their thing as the day progresses. Some photographers only use natural lighting, and they aim to capture people when they’re relaxed and not looking at the camera. I like the idea of letting the photographer to their own thing.



A more contemporary wedding photography style can also be posed. But instead of the stiff setups of traditional photography, you can have more fun. You might choose a more relaxed location to take some pictures or even use some amusing props. Or kick it up a notch, with funny narrative pictures or even more elegant props such as smoke bombs, and sparklers. I love the idea of having some fun with your wedding photography.
Or if you can’t decide, or feel that a photographer isn’t for you, DIY yourself a backdrop and let your guests capture your day! If you trust them!

10 tips to have the most beautiful wedding

Every bride and groom wants to have a beautiful wedding day. Weddings are always beautiful. I mean, when you see the happy couple saying their vows and everything else involved, it’d be very difficult to avoid getting emotional! But if you’d like a few extra tips to assist you, here are 10 to help you have the most beautiful wedding:


Pick Your Flowers Carefully


Pick the flowers you want at your wedding carefully, as they can make all the difference to the atmosphere and the theme. Also, you may find that your favourite flowers have much cheaper alternatives that won’t change the way things look too dramatically. Having lots of flowers will make for a more beautiful wedding, but you need to bear your budget in mind. Or got for a workshop and DIY your own flowers.

69930_printoutWedding Chicks


Personalise in Any Way You Can


Go and personalise your wedding any way you can. Change the table numbers to titles of your favourite films, and do other quirky things to show off your personalities. Get your friends to tag your pictures on Instagram with your own hashtag, or DIY your own photo backdrop like the one below. Super cute.

DIY-Photo-Booth-Ideas-Invitation-Photo-Booth1DIY Ready

Don’t Forget the Small Details


The smaller details in the wedding make a lot of difference too. You might not think of these things first, but the little details, like chair cover hire are great ways to add colourand texture to your day.Having the right materials to decorate your furniture will really change the look of the venue!

6a0120a65f64b9970c019b01726096970b-piLove My Dress

Focus on Creating an Ambiance


Create an ambiance with fairy lights, candles, and other lighting effects. It’s all about the way you make the guests and yourselves feel, so make sure you try to enhance all of the senses on this special day.


Create Your Own Special Playlist


Create a special playlist that will be the background music to your big day. Include lots of songs you love and that mean a lot to you.


Only Invite Those Closest to You


Instead of inviting just about everybody you can think of, only invite those closest to you. You’ll have a much more meaningful wedding this way!


Create Meaningful Speeches


There will come a time when you are expected to say your vows or make a speech during the ceremony. Try to avoid using rehashed speeches from other people here, and instead write something original and heartfelt


Select the Right Venue


The right venue will make your wedding an even more amazing event. Make sure it suits your budget and is exactly as you pictured it in your imagination.


Don’t Take the Colour Scheme Lightly


Colour schemes can affect the feel of a wedding too. Dark colours can give a feeling of grandeur while light colours can project elegance. Choose wisely.


DIY Some Things Yourself


DIY some things yourself to add a personal touch to the day. Make decorations and other aspects of the wedding so that you can both truly make it your own.


I hope you love these 10 tips and they are just perfect to help you arrange your wedding day. You only get one, so make the most of it! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


69729_trendingimageWedding Chicks

Engagement ring shopping

tumblr_mgw1l81eGK1r9emfko1_540Maggie on the Rocks


 Getting engaged can be a pretty special and romantic thing, if it’s the right person that’s asking, but let’s be honest, a ring plays a kind of important role..

One area of proposals that has changed a lot over the years is the buying of the ring. While it used to be the groom-to-be’s job, today many couples opt to pick the ring together. There are both pros and cons to selecting the ring together. A major benefit of choosing the ring as a couple is the fact that you can choose a style that you love….though it does massively take away the element of surprise.

Here are some things to consider before going ring shopping, to ensure that you both know where you stand.


Traditionally, the man would pay for the ring, but today, that isn’t always the case. Some men will still choose to pay while others will ask their fiancée to go halves with them. What you and your partner decide to do is up to you – talk it through and work out the best option.  

Once you have worked out who is paying for the ring, the next step is to decide on a budget. Tradition dictates that a minimum of three months wages should be spent on the ring, but today, that’s not always the case. Some couples choose to spend less and others more, it all depends on your personal preference. As well as your finances. Sometimes, something simple that cost nothing can be as meaningful as a ring that costs thousands.

If your partner is paying for the ring, it’s a good idea to ask him how much he has budgeted. That way, there won’t be any awkwardness when you select a ring that is higher priced than the amount he hoped to spend….

Before you go ring shopping, spend some time getting inspiration. You might already have an idea of the type of ring you want, but it’s good to consider all the options. Look at the different metals on offer, gold, silver and platinum, and decide which one you would prefer.

Talk to your partner and discuss the pros and cons of each metal. When thinking about the material and style of the ring, it’s also important to think about your wedding rings. Usually, the wedding rings match the engagement ring in some way. So when choosing the design, take your partner’s opinion into account. After all, he’ll have to have a wedding ring that matches it.

When it comes to choosing where you will buy your ring from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The big question, however, is whether you will buy a new design or a vintage one. Where you choose to buy from will most probably depend on your personal preference. Ask yourself, do you prefer a modern or more classic design?

If you are a fan of contemporary rings, you’ll need to get your ring from a jewellers that sells new designs. For a beautifully stylish design, check out the rings on offer from Verragio, online. If, however, you prefer a more classic style, you could consider opting for a second-hand ring.

Or let your partner make the desicion…let it be a surprise. Richard picked the perfect ring, and I don’t care how much it costs. Because the sentimental value and the commitment to each other. Is priceless.

How to save money on your wedding

Ok it’s not surprising that weddings cost a bomb, it’s one of the most profitable markets out there. Everyone wants the best for their dream day. Which can come at a very high cost. Believe me! I’m making use of my married friends advice when it comes to little details, and a lot of their advice is gold! Some which comes with books and supplies too.

A big big problem is the guest list. Don’t get me started on our guest list as it seems to be never-ending.  When you create your guest list, it can be so easy to get carried away. Don’t include people who don’t immediately pop into your head. Include close friends and family. If you haven’t seen somebody for years, there’s no need to invite them. But I know that’s easier said then done..because I know the trouble we are having.

There’s so many different ways to send out invites nowadays. You can find all kinds of wedding invitation designs online, and then send them that way! If you’d still rather send a physical invite, you can always make them yourself. It won’t take you very long at all if you’ve been sensible making your guest list. Enlist the help of others too, and keep the design fairly simple.

Rather than ask for wedding gifts, call in favours from your friends and family. You could have somebody film the day for you, and somebody to take pictures. You could get help with catering, DIY, decorating and more. There’s no need to spend a fortune if you’re organised!

I’m coming round to the idea of renting a big space and doing our wedding reception there. I love the idea of having full control over my venue. You could also choose a small venue, and decorate it yourself. This way, you won’t need to spend a fortune finding the perfect place to get married. You’ll make it perfect yourself!

Here are some super cute DIY’s you can do for your wedding which won’t break the bank.


Source unknown

DIY yourself an awesome backdrop for behind your main table. I love how colourful this looks. And it’s a super simple idea too!


Honestly WTF

This is so pretty, I love the idea of having these spotted all over the reception area. It will add instant colour and texture to your day, and if you use fake flowers you can make it advance. Follow the link for step by step guides of how to make this.


Pop Sugar

Thinking of doing a photo booth idea, but want it to be a bit more adventurous than just props? Why not make your own backdrop? This easy fringe backdrop would be super easy, and won’t break the bank.



There are so many places which do free printable, this one and the next two are from Off Beat Bride. It’s a great way to save money, and have some fun doing DIY at the same time.





A cute idea for a sweet bar? no?


Very are so many ways to save money, and not just with the decor and fun bits. Getting married during the week, and off-season is a great way to save thousands! There are just so many options.


On an update for our wedding, I’ve totally contacted some venues for viewings. So we are getting there. Slowly.


Getting engaged…tips

We got engaged in Italy a while back. It was so romantic, but more importantly it was just me and Richard. We both can be quite private people so this was a perfect proposal for me. But we’re all different and no matter how your proposed to, it’s always special and unique to you. Especially if the right person is behind it.  But there’s a lot of expectation and pressure which comes with proposing. I know Richard was pretty nervous the whole day trying to find the perfect place to do it. To the point we drove round and stopped at 3 different places…me completely clueless to the reason, until Richard was happy.

So let’s look at some way engagements happen…because i’m in a smooshy mood.



Sometimes, you just suddenly realise you can’t spend another moment without the other person in your life. It takes you by surprise. You find you are suddenly on one knee and taking your partner’s hand, asking the biggest question of your life. And it’s certainly a surprise to them too! But when that moment comes, it can be the most romantic few minutes you have ever experienced. Take a second to say why you want to marry, and let the words flow out. This can be super romantic, even if it doesn’t involve a flashmob, or a big screen at a football game. The sudden need for someone to do it or they will explode with just super romantic. Plus having the story of we got engaged on a bus because I told him a funny well just awesome. Or like this couple where it happened during a walk they do most days..lovely.

surprise-proposal-photo-shootIntimate Weddings

Big Party

When you know you two are going to be together forever, you are probably brimming over with excitement. You want nothing more than to tell everyone you’re going to tie the knot. And if you’ve already started planning the wedding, you can’t keep it a secret for much longer! Throw a big bash and invite your friends and family. Of course, they’re not going to be left guessing for long after you’ve been shopping for designer engagement rings from Whiteflash! (P.S take a look there are some beauts!) This can come with the possibility that both partners know the engagement is happening. Sometimes with instructions from the future bride.



You could do what we did and jet off to one of the most romantic places in the world. Take a walk out into some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. When it’s just the two of you, you can find that perfect moment to steer the conversation toward love forever after. A candlelit dinner or a romantic walk in the park could be just the place for a beautiful proposal. For me like I said above, it was perfect. I was pretty shocked and way to giggly after Richard proposed, add a bunch of people watching and I think that would have ruined it for me. It just being me and Richard made it our moment. Plus I got very sweaty afterwards..what can I say I was laughing nervously for about a month afterwards!

Daniell_Baxter_Anna_K_Photography_LLC_JBDaveProposal50637_low-560x373How He Asked

If you read the post that goes with this image above its the cutest thing alive…you see the whole thing captured. It’s so sweet.


Of course, there are plenty of you out there who want the support of a crowd of thousands. Perhaps you even want your special proposal caught on live TV? Sports stadiums are a very popular place for people to pop the question these days. And the crowds love it! If you’re both big fans of the game, what better place to solidify your relationship than right there in the front seats? Let the team know, and they can help you make the moment even more incredible. Or do it like this couple below and do it during a running or marathon event!

Best-Marriage-Proposal-Reactions_20How He Asked


You might choose to make a full day of your proposal. If you really want to get engaged in style, start from the moment they wakes up. Breakfast and a bouquet will be ready and waiting. Then whisk them off to a romantic hotel that is all dressed up for the occasion. Enjoy an intimate candlelit dinner for two in private. Sing a song in their honor. Then, down on one knee, present them with the big question. Or make it really special and get your family and friends involved like the proposal below.

proposal1-beachPraise Wedding

P.S if my tips have actually help at all..or you have a lovely picture of your engagement send us a photo! You could be featured in the engagement special post…that I may do…one day



Let’s plan a wedding

Ok guys the pressure is on, I have my lovely friend booked for photographing our wedding on Novemember 18th 2016…that gives me just over a year to actually plan the rest of it. We had fun doing wedding wedensday for a good few months last year after I got engaged, but now it’s for real, now I have to make some actual decisions if we are going to get married in Novemeber. Because either way we have a photographer booked for that day, so whatever happens on Novemeber 18th next’s being photographed.

I’m sure anyone else who is planning or has planned a wedding can understand that before their marriage, most people haven’t had to plan an event of this size, or even any events at all. I certainly haven’t, and in my mind once I have a venue, everything (hopefully) will fall into place. So I have decided to blog my journey and you guys can follow, plan, take notes…but together we shall have some weddings!

Right let’s get started, firstly we need a super cute planner, which we will probably only use once, but either way it’s essential. It’s the spend hours doing your revision timetable…then forgetting to revise kind of thing. I’ve done so many cute posts on weddings…but no planning. But get a wedding binder made up of useful information, and you can start from there. Or see if you have a friend who is already married, and take a peek at theirs. Now this binder can have everything from potential suppliers to necessary contact information. Alternatively, a more modern option is pinterest..because let’s be honest pinterst is great. Plus I have found some cute FREE print outs to help you guys get started!

Free-5-Page-Wedding-Planning-Printable-Set-700x984Bread, Booze, Bacon

Wedding organisers can be expensive, I’ve got a lovely book I got from Italy after Richard proposed to me, that i’m using..or going to use (haha), but I think getting a lovely notebook can be just as good. But if you want to save every last penny for your wedding, these free printables will do the trick just aswell!WeddingPlanningBinderPrintables(1)Botanical Paperworks

Wedding-Budget-Checklist-490x644Swanky Weddings



Although my planning isn’t going quite to plan there are a few things that my lovely friends are helping with. Regarding my wedding invites, my lovely friend Alex who is a stupidly good graphic designer, is designing our invites..which i’m stupidly excited about…stupidly! Invites are prettty important as becuase once you have locked down your venue, you want to send out your invites pretty sharpish..  Friends can be great if they have any hobbys or talents, but if your looking to buy invites take a look at wedding invites by Paper Themes and other companies, this takes the hassle out of doing it yourself, and some companies even send them out for you, for an extra charge.

I have considered a wedding planner many times, but then I realised one half of my maid of honour duo is pretty much the best planner I can get. She knows me, my style , my taste and she does it all for free because she loves me. But if your having a particulay big wedding, and don’t mind the price tag that comes with a planner then I definetly think they are a good idea. They come with less stress, and sometimes they are great and getting you good deals. Because they tend to know the best of the best people..really really well. So maybe over the next couple of days, browse pinterest, buy a couple of magazines and buy a cute notebook..have fun with it!


Right our next step is to research possible pressure guys..but the countdown has begun

I need to start planning my wedding

Recently, I have attended quite a few weddings, each being beautiful in their own way, and all I keep thinking is that I’m meant to be getting married in just over a year and I haven’t booked anything. I think we are the same as most couples and have the problem of where to have our special day. Once your venue is booked everything else can then start to fall into place. The question is always though, where to holdake a look at this list for some unique places..

Weddings, they can be super stressful. I’ve hardly planned any of mine and i’m already stressing over it. Me and Richard aren’t overly flashy people, and I think if it wasn’t going to annoy so many people we would probably elope. Go to the mountains, get married then have a big party with family friends another day. Another reason eloping could be due to the big old question about your budget. Everyone knows weddings can be super expensive, even more so if your guestlist gets out of hand…which ours already has. There’s always wedding politics isn’t there.

Anyway  good way to save money, have an interesting venue, and please all family and friends is by having a dusk wedding. By doing this you can cut out the wedding breaksfast, and just do a simple short cermeony with the evening party after for all your guest…The only thing to consider is that there is sometimes a cut off time you can get married..I think it’s 6pm..and you might need to invest in a good mine who can excel in the lack of light options.


If only we had warm weather all year roundin the UK, so that we could have this lovely setting of lights and outdoor dining for our wedding in Novemeber. But it’s just not possible.. cue all guests shivering, probably drenched by rain in layers and layers of coats.


Lights,no matter the venue I want lights everywhere..EVERYWHERE I tell you, they just make everything look special..and amazing..

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Every girl needs flowers

Ok so it’s coming up to the year countdown of when I am planning to have our wedding..and no I haven’t booked anything yet, but as soon as my venue is booked I will start up Wedding Wednesday’s again filled with lots of ideas and DIY’s. But until then, it never hurts to fill your day with floral love! Enjoy


I love the idea of having a bouquet filled with a varity of colour and texture. My idea for the wedding is to do a floralworkshop, then have a nice evening before the wedding filled with cocktails and fun with my bridesmaids when we all sit down together and make our own bouquets….ordering a bunch of fresh flowers in for this.


I making it my mission at sompoint to do a big floral shoot…the closest I have come to doing one was in Italy…fun times..see it here.


I am torn between pastel arrangement or vibrant one like this…descions descions..what do you guys think?


See pastels do look pretty…damn beautiful right….


I dream of having a garden full of colour with flowers and ivy hanging down… Love this so much..if this could be in my garden right now that would be great thanks.


I have done a few face the foliage portraits, which are so much fun..they are on my instagram which you can see here… but I think there’s so many creative ways to make artworks out of flowers, like this so simple yet so beautifull.


This is from an instalation by Rebecca Louise Law’s work….the rest of it is just as divine. If I could have this at my wedding thst would be amazing.


Well this totally needs to’s like a floral dream…

I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday..I’m currently led in bed with a grumpy boy after having his jabs yesterday.


Weekend Antics: Good company, chilling and early signs of labour

So this weekend was filled with good company, laughs, emotions, one tasty burger and some fun early labour symptoms….yet nothing regular..I mean seriously I wish they had a red light that goes off when your in labour.

So I had my friends Letty, Alex and Jon stay over and we ate food..probably too much food, watched annoying films and generally lazed around. Was perfect. Saturday evening and Sunday brought on emotions, wine was needed, as I had the joy of uncomfortable tightenings. 3 every hour for like 5 hours..which didn’t progress or become any more regular..and then stopped. It’s been one of those weekends where things changed dramatically. Everything got shaken up but for the good..I mean I think it hit us pretty quickly that in a few weeks there’s going to be a little one of us..and that’s pretty mental.


Then there was the burger, I am not ashamed to admit that me Letty and Richard travelled 40 minutes to Cambridge for a Five Guys burger…so totally worth it…and it’s something i’ve been craving for like the last 6 months.



Yes this is a depressing looking pond…but things were discussed and emotions were high, so no matter how ugly it looks, in my mind I felt like I needed to remember it..I have to say, and I know I have said it  lot, but pregnancy is really hard emotionally, physically and mentally. You can completely loose yourself, and it’s always the women who get the attention but it’s easy to forget that the men go through just as much mental and emotional changes, I mean come’s kind of scary having a baby…and this weekend with my early labour pains, we both discussed it honestly how hard the last 9 months have been and now I think we are finally ready..with 2 weeks to spare!

So ending it on a less dramatic note, I promised you a couple of pictures of my outfit from the wedding. Now I hate having my picture taken, honestly I can’t really smile on cue, but surprisingly I loved these two which were taken by my friend for me..I don’t know if I have just accepted my big whale pregnancy body, or more that it’s nice to see me and Richard in pictures together all dressed up with the bump included. But either way…quite possibly my favourite pictures of me and Richard.





So here is a full view of my outfit. It was super important that I picked something that was going to be comfortable. So my dress is from ASOS, they don’t have it anymore, but it actually was white, and obviously I can’t wear white to a wedding so I died it pastel lilac and it came out really lovely. My kimono with lemon detail is also from ASOS see it here. I loved the bright pattern, and it was nice and cool to wear..although it was still a super warm day as you can see by my lovely red cheeks. Richards suit was lovely, and he spent a good hour polishing his shoes…so let’s just appreciate that for a minute..

So I’m 38 weeks and 3 days…so yeah not long now at all…and my list is still super crazy long..but I think i’m ready..well to be honest I am sooo ready to not be pregnant anymore..

yep. Bring it on.