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Weekend Antics: Good company, chilling and early signs of labour

So this weekend was filled with good company, laughs, emotions, one tasty burger and some fun early labour symptoms….yet nothing regular..I mean seriously I wish they had a red light that goes off when your in labour.

So I had my friends Letty, Alex and Jon stay over and we ate food..probably too much food, watched annoying films and generally lazed around. Was perfect. Saturday evening and Sunday brought on emotions, wine was needed, as I had the joy of uncomfortable tightenings. 3 every hour for like 5 hours..which didn’t progress or become any more regular..and then stopped. It’s been one of those weekends where things changed dramatically. Everything got shaken up but for the good..I mean I think it hit us pretty quickly that in a few weeks there’s going to be a little one of us..and that’s pretty mental.


Then there was the burger, I am not ashamed to admit that me Letty and Richard travelled 40 minutes to Cambridge for a Five Guys burger…so totally worth it…and it’s something i’ve been craving for like the last 6 months.



Yes this is a depressing looking pond…but things were discussed and emotions were high, so no matter how ugly it looks, in my mind I felt like I needed to remember it..I have to say, and I know I have said it  lot, but pregnancy is really hard emotionally, physically and mentally. You can completely loose yourself, and it’s always the women who get the attention but it’s easy to forget that the men go through just as much mental and emotional changes, I mean come’s kind of scary having a baby…and this weekend with my early labour pains, we both discussed it honestly how hard the last 9 months have been and now I think we are finally ready..with 2 weeks to spare!

So ending it on a less dramatic note, I promised you a couple of pictures of my outfit from the wedding. Now I hate having my picture taken, honestly I can’t really smile on cue, but surprisingly I loved these two which were taken by my friend for me..I don’t know if I have just accepted my big whale pregnancy body, or more that it’s nice to see me and Richard in pictures together all dressed up with the bump included. But either way…quite possibly my favourite pictures of me and Richard.





So here is a full view of my outfit. It was super important that I picked something that was going to be comfortable. So my dress is from ASOS, they don’t have it anymore, but it actually was white, and obviously I can’t wear white to a wedding so I died it pastel lilac and it came out really lovely. My kimono with lemon detail is also from ASOS see it here. I loved the bright pattern, and it was nice and cool to wear..although it was still a super warm day as you can see by my lovely red cheeks. Richards suit was lovely, and he spent a good hour polishing his shoes…so let’s just appreciate that for a minute..

So I’m 38 weeks and 3 days…so yeah not long now at all…and my list is still super crazy long..but I think i’m ready..well to be honest I am sooo ready to not be pregnant anymore..

yep. Bring it on.




Weekend Antics, Beautiful Wedding

Ok so this weekend has been a long one, but a beautiful one none the least. My brother married his dream girl and the day was truly beautiful. The sun was shining, everyone looked stunning and the bride and groom were blissfully happy! I don’t have many pictures and in fact I got these 2 from Mel’s sister but when the professional ones are done i’ll show you a couple more, and let you see my outfit for the day..I was working the lilac whale look.



So a big congratulations to the beautiful couple that is Mr and Mrs Carter!



And how adorable does Finley look with his dad! Super super cute!!

But the wedding was lovely, and although it tired me out massively and my feet swelled beautifully, it was a sad end to a weekend where it will be my last time in Cricklade just me and Richard. The journey has become too long and uncomfortable to do so next time we are there…there should be 3 of us…weird!

So it was a lovely weekend and now I am just chilling before my mad cleaning starts up again..oh the joy of nesting




Exploring Our New Area…

Ok so we have been in Bedford for 3 months now, and we have found a few good places so far, including an awesome little tea room which does a cute afternoon tea! Was such a good way to end the week and we all know my love of Afternoon Tea, I think I want to spend the rest of my life tasting different afternoon teas. See my Fortnum and Mason afternoon tea  here.

This little place in St. Neots was great. It was down a little side street, with mix matched tables and chairs, and a constant smell of cake. They were baking right behind the counter. Here are a few pics from our afternoon tea at Poppy’s Vintage Tea Room.


I snapped him mid sentence…but I quite like the coooo look..he also looks super dainty drinking from dainty tea…note to all..this might be more of a friends thing..rather then boyfriends…but he did enjoy the little cakes!


I got an iced tea too and it was soooo good with fresh fruit, plus we totally have those glasses at home, note my excitement..


Homemade scones were amazing, obviously I cream then jam it….how do you guys do it? If your spreading jam then cream..thats wrong..





Mini cakes which included carrot cake and a little lemon meringue pie….so cute. Everything is a hell of a lot more fun to eat when it’s mini.



The full spread. The women were lovely, the cakes all looked amazing, and they even boxed up our left overs. FYI afternoon tea is super filling. It’s like a mini marathon of carbs. But amazing. The tea was divine and they had so many tea options to suit every taste plus you had options to pick your sandwiches..we went for a varied approach…

The rest of the weekend we discovered our new favourite butcher. We brought black treacle smoked bacon ( ridiculously incredible) and found a cute little farm shop where we got smoked garlic, fresh figs and a bunch of all in all…a weekend of good finds!


So if you find yourself in St. Neots…go venture to Poppy’s Tea Room. Also there menu is set on vintage ration cards…just to add to the setting.



How I get ready for a craft show, and some cool new stuff

Ok so I spend my time every day doing things for the blog and thinking up new ideas for products I could possibly sell at craft shows. I don’t do a lot of craft shows because I am going to tell you…they are stressful. I have boxes of stock which I have made over the last year or so, but still every time I get around to doing a show, I suddenly have a good idea that will have me up till 1am the night before…something needs to be done always, organising, displaying forth. What kept me up this time? Valentines day cards and a flamingo colouring book..(which are now available on Etsy here!).



New valentines day cards….



And our new colouring book..thats a uni-mingo on the right…( a flamingo that thinks it’s a unicorn)..FYI this is a colouring book for all ages..




A few things I always do, is  have a big product which is my focal point. In the past I have had watermelon table, large spindle with record top, candy stripe table and so forth. This item is always my higher price item and can cost between £20-£50.  I don’t always sell them, but people are interested in them, bringing them to my table..or to take a card for a future custom order. Its my bringing in item. If you get me. This show I did a cute small spindle, which I upholstered. I put it down as £25, and a lot of people asked about it. It always works.



So this was my big item, this craft show was different though. Being the organisers first one, the layout was done poorly. So instead of using the four rooms they were given, they squashed everyone into two. So there was a constant traffic jam of people not being able to stop to look. It was a nightmare, all the crafters complained, and the day although fun, had a bit of a downer. Pushchairs were a no go causing the majority of the possible customers a hard time getting round, if at all. So I made a whopping £2.50. Which isn’t too bad as I heard a lot of people didn’t make anything The £2.50 brought me some sweets so yeah…tops up. I also had a bunch of business cards go which is always a plus. Not every craft show is going to be successful.

Another thing I do is to group my items together as much as possible and to make it casual, I don’t tend to use a ton of intricate display shelves, as this can cause a slight hesitation for onlookers to pick up your products. One women had a mare with her display, people kept knocking things down, then the whole thing came down, it can be a massive hassle, so sometimes I think displays (especially big ones) are a no go, unless its sturdy and kid friendly.






I only ever get £30 of change, with is mostly £1 , 50p, 20p and a couple of fivers. I always have an order book ready incase of a custom order, and I try and have something creative to do while I am sat there, so its proof I make my crafts and it also helps pass time during quiet periods.

I find sometimes you get a lot of people at craft shows, who it turns out don’t make even 10% of what they are selling, and they quite often sell quite a bit…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you look at the men and women who knit for countless hours, painstakingly cross stitch or hand paint intricate items sometimes its a wee bit annoying because hen you have someone who just buys sweets and wraps them up, or scarves and jewellery and thats their store. Nothing handmade in it what so ever… I brought some sweets don’t get me wrong, but I spent most of the day talking to two women, who spend their day knitting the cutest things, but have to put their prices down to compete with other sellers who sell clothes, or hats and scarves that have been brought in wholesale..

Moving on, another tip is I personally  don’t like to be intrusive, I smile, I ask them if they are having a nice day, offer them a business card, then I quietly let them browse. I hate it when people keep barking prices, and styles at you, I rather have a browse in peace. I do like to use some table confetti to brighten the table up. See how to make your own here.


One last tip. Take food and drink with you. Don’t be a mug like me, and take one bottle of water..and a box of dry cereal…because when it comes down to it and all you can buy is sweets…your going to be on a massive sugar high, then the low will coe and it’s messy…and your moody…not good!




Weekend Antics, Mexican feast and date night

This weekend was a weekend of good company and good food. We had Richards brother, his wife and his sister over on Sunday and we did a big Mexican feast with fajitas, rice, nachos and corn..was soo good. I love dinner’s where everything is just set on the table so everyone can just dig in. We also went to our local little cafe and got a selection of the cutest cakes for the day too.



So me and Beth were the chefs of the evening, with homemade guacamole, I should totally tell you guys my recipe one day..but yeah chicken fajitas with roasted peppers, grilled corn on the cob, and extra cheesy nachos, this was more then enough food for the 5 of us, and instead of getting the expensive packs of nachos and fajitas, we just brought a spice pack for the fajitas and brought wrap and salsa separately. It’s so much cheaper, plus we got the most amazing salsa. Pineapple salsa…seriously it was soooo good.Got in some beers, everyone made their own wraps, and Richard cleared up the kitchen after. Twas perfect.




Look at all the lovely treats, I love getting cakes like this from local places, it’s nice to know that more then likely a woman from he WI has lovingly made these, we all had a bit of each, cake sample if you will. The cookie in particular was my favourite.

So that was Sunday antics. My Monday involved me running a few errands, and Richard taking me out to dinner for date night. We haven’t been out just us two since we moved here, so it was nice to spend some quality time together, he did his research and found a little Italian about 30 minutes away. It was amazing, and surprisingly it was situated right next door to a Prezzo. I am happy to report, it was way busier then the chain next to it, and now that I have eaten at both (Prezzo was a favourite of ours in Essex) I can happily report, this restaurant trumped Prezzo a million times over and I took pictures..


So we shared this tricolore salad with the garlic pesto bread below. This was incredibly good. It was so fresh, and well just insane. I could have just eaten this, but the mains were shortly on their way.





photof 2

Richards main was a fish mixed grill. Tuna steaks, salmon, swordfish and king prawns, it looked incredible, I stole a prawn and believe me it was! I don’t think the price was too bad either, this main cost £14.95. When you think of the size of it I think thats quite reasonable.


We got a portion of hand cut chips to share, which were amazing, I only managed a few of these as I barely made a dent in my gnocchi below. It was a garlic pesto cream sauce with broccoli and avocado. Amazing, but amazingly filling.



So that was my main, so good but like I said it’s so filling, but we got it to take away and Richard took it to work today for lunch.

So lot of good wholesome food had this weekend, and exciting times this week as I may or may not have ordered some removable decals…woop woop I’ll do a test and document it then I’ll get to work on my office!!


Weekend Antics delayed. Who decided to move house three weeks before Christmas?

Yep seriously, what was I thinking. I am still in the Cotswolds, the house is still no where near packed, and we pick up the keys on Friday. In that time I have to book a truck for the weekend, pick up the nerve to actually drive a truck and pack up and clean my entire house in Essex. Then unpack, and find time to do all our Christmas shopping. I just want to stay in bed.

I’ve been so ill all weekend I totally missed out on buying any bargains. … I’ve brought two presents for the babies. Thats it. I remember a time when I was more organised. I haven’t even brought an advent calendar.. I’s terrible.

I have my priorities right though, as soon as we move in I am off out to buy a Christmas Tree and maybe some nice wine too.

So here are some lovely Christmas Pins to end my Weekend mini rant.


This makes me so excited, I have a pretty exciting post coming out next week!! Ah the wrapping fun, just need to buy some presents to wrap!! Ooooo Christmas is coming!! This is from Seeking the South.



From how about orange these diamond ornaments would look great on the tree, pick your colour of choice and add some sparkly string.



Cute peppermint candies from A field Journal. These would look great as a feature on your wrapping or on a handmade card…or why not write someones name on it and have it as a place card.



Personalise your wrapping using chalk pens and pencils. Cute doodles to make your loved ones laugh. This is from Going home to roost.



Such a unique wreath, instead of having a classic circle why not make a fern star. Instructions on the site too. This is from sa vitt jag vet blogg.

Oh the excitement of wrapping presents and decorating the tree…seriously can’t wait




Weekend Antics: Attempting to pack up the house, but then watching Blackfish on Netflix

Ok so we went back for the weekend to pack up the house and we did do a little bit don’t get me wrong, but during what was meant to be a 10 minute break, we snuggled down on the sofa and decided to watch a documentary on Netflix.  So we decided to watch Blackfish.   blackfish-movie-poster     So I used to love going to SeaWorld when I was younger. It was a magical day seeing Shamu and the other whales, watching the trainers do the tricks and be thrusted into the air by the whales. We would sit in the splash zone, and it would just be amazing to watch. I suppose you don’t really think about the condition the whales are being kept in when your a ten year old.

So we watched this documentary and the whole time, I am seeing sequences I have seen many times before being done, and the same kind of routines, but then you really look into the situation of these whales. I don’t mean to go all PETA on you, but it is seriously an issue. Countless issues have come up which SeaWorld have just swept under the rug, which people have literally died from. Then there’s the whales themselves. Being separated from their young, being kept in brutally small conditions. It’s heart breaking, so I seriously urge you all the watch this documentary, and just google petitions, there are so many out there to help these Orca’s.

Anyway, it’s a really interesting, yet heart breaking documentary. So watch it guys. Sorry just felt like I wanted to share this.


Tomorrow is a Chrismassy post to look forward to though, but for now, just check out this issue which needs as much attention as it can get.

Weekend Antics: I can’t fight Christmas anymore

Ok so I have officially given in to the early Christmas celebrations. After working a ten hour shift on the bar last night during a Christmas Craft fair I admitted defeat. By the end of the day I had listened to countless christmas songs, my clothes were infused with mulled wine and the evidence of mince pies were all over the bar floor. I even bought some tinsel and my mum got me a Christmas decoration. I know I know. We are only just half way through December. But fear not because there are a few things I won’t be doing until the 1st+ of December. Like buying a tree, and putting decorations up. I feel thats where the true will power is..waiting to get your tree. It’s Richard’s sister Beth’s birthday late November so we must celebrate that before any proper Christmas decorating or such comes in.


But don’t fret because I do have some fun Christmas things lined up, which will start this week. Edible, decorative and full of inspiration I hope. So let’s just admit defeat, and start taking about Christmas. As it’s already all over the place anyway.



Weekend Antics, Firework night to Christmas, and how I love the cold crisp weather


So firework night has come and gone, and we are stepping into the Christmas Spirit. Don’t worry i’ll keep my promise no Christmas stuff tip next week. But one thing I am loving that is already out is the Christmas food.



The turkey Christmas sandwiches are my favourite. Plus eggnog Latte…you can’t go wrong. I don’t mind these being out already. But honestly its all happening a bit too fast…Do you know I have been doing Wooden Flamingo for a year now. I started the blog in January but the shop has been open a year. Crazy right?? Where has the time is to another successful year for Wooden Flamingo. And I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who come here. Means a massive amount to us. So thanks.

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Weekend Antics, looking at a new place to live, halloween aftermath and general hungover antics.

Ok so halloween was pretty hectic. I will go straight into it, I spent the whole day sorting my dad’s outfit out, so when it came to mine i wore normal clothes and went with day of the dead make up with steph. But back to my dad’s costume because it was pretty epic.

Everyone enjoy’s dressing up, but for my dad its a massive event, which involves him having the best costume, normally done it the least amount of time. So here is how I made him the joker in just 16 hours. Flash forward to Friday morning and I am frantically looking round charity shops with the help of Steph and her girlfriend Lauren, Lauren was great, pretty much finding the whole outfit for me, and with it coming to less the £5 we were on a roll. Add some face paint and we were ready to make this costume come to life.

So I got a green jumper  which I was going to cut into a waistcoat and I got  reddish pink women’s jacket. I couldn’t find a purple one so I was channeling a Jack Nicholson’ Joker. To be honest I think it came out really well.




Ok so here are my charity shop pieces pretty normal looking, so I just cut the button off the jacket and just made the jumper into waistcoat. Pretty simple, cut the arms off, cut down the middle and shape it… Anyway with a little bit of  face paint and lots of staring at images of both Jokers. (Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson) I finally created this look for my dad.


Haha not bad right??…..The waistcoat was a bit snug but not bad for £5. He already owned the green shirt and purple tie..But thats my in-expensive way to do the joker. Maybe next year ill post a makeup tutorial.. Now to my costume.

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