I know what your thinking blimey lots of wedding posts…she must be full swing with her planning. Don’t be silly! This is me guys. It’s just while looking at countless sites for inspiration I get inspired not to plan but to blog..I hope you appreciate this guys, because planning a wedding can be particularly stressful  but I’m here to help you out. Let’s plan our weddings together. P.S if you guys don’t have a venue I mean like your way behind…

But lets look at fun things you can make way in advance, that will save you bundles.

Table Numbers

diy-packing-paper-sack-planters-tutorial-_-fallfordiy-1Fall For DIY

So let’s look at table numbers, lots of different ways to go about naming and presenting your tables. A great idea which i’m thinking of doing is putting table numbers on sticks stuck in little plant pots. This DIY above is super cute and simple but so effective. You can decorate them how you like, and succulents and cactus’ aren’t overly expensive, plus they are just awesome. ta da.

You can get 3D cardboard numbers from crafts shop like Michaels. Then you can paint them in your wedding colors, or cut off once face of the letter and fill it with fake flowers.Don’t forget to look for a discount voucher such as these Michaels discount codes on the internet, if you are buying this sort of thing in bulk.


diy-tapered-candle-holder-21Sugar and Cloth


Consider the style of centerpiece that you are looking for. You can go with tradition like a big floral piece, but this can be expensive or you can buy bulk packs of vases or jam jars on sites like eBay and fill them with flowers. To save even more money use flowers that have to be gathered from your garden. Or if it is out of season you can attend a flower market to get some bargains in the right colors. Or go for something completely different and make a statement with rainbow candles like above…so pertty right, and would look amazing if you do your seating in long tables too.



The vast majority of people are sensible with their wedding invites now, and make them themselves or like me get an awesome friend/bridemaids too design them. Have fun with it and look around the web as there are tons of free printable, DIY tips or even cheaper alternatives on sites like Etsy, like the one above. To the point and awesome.


hot-cocoaBrit + Co

Long gone are the day of sugared almonds, thank goodness! People tend to get a bit more creative when producing favors for their guests. Some of the most successful favors include things like personalized bags and tea towels for the guest to take home. But getting these printed can cost a pretty penny. Why not make an edible gift, cookies, hot chocolate like the one above, just have fun with it guys!