Choosing a home for your family

As we plan our wedding, I’m still dreaming of one day owning our own home. Obviously, a wedding isn’t cheap and we now have a little boy, so it might not happen anytime soon. But until it does, I’m allowed to fantasize about it – and you can’t stop me! Now that I’m a mummy, I have to think about the practical aspect of owning a home when there’s a little one about. He’ll probably be a toddler by the time we can become homeowners. Which means he’ll be getting into things and doing plenty of exploring. I want a home that we’ll love, but that my little boy will enjoy growing up in too.


Kids need space to play, and not just in their bedrooms. I don’t want to confine Arch to his room whenever he wants to get his toys out. And I wouldn’t want him to see his bedroom as the place to play when it should be where he goes to sleep! When we get our own home, I want to use the whole house to create spaces where he can play. It’s not really something you can do in a rented home because you have to be careful with the decor. But when you own the property, you can do whatever you like with it. I could turn a wall into a chalkboard, have an area for building blanket forts and even have a whole playroom.


I love the idea of having a chalkboard in Archer’s bedroom and this little art area is super cute!


At the moment we have Archer’s toy stored in our sofa. it helps me claim back my living room once he has gone to bed. But I think this is a great idea for a living room, if you don’t have clever hidden storage and don’t fancy having a giant toy box in your living room,I think having bags on a back of your door like this is an awesome way to keep your kids toys tidy!

I loved sitting outside with Arch in the summer, and I can’t wait until he can run around. I love the garden we have now, and having one in a home of our own would be a must. There are so many other play areas you can create outside, from a sandpit to just having a lawn to run around on. We don’t want to be cooped up inside all the time, and even in the winter we could get wrapped up and have some fun outside. I think Richard would love to have fun building a fort like this in our back garden, where Arch and his friends can play!


Of course, the whole home can’t all be focused on being child-friendly. I want it to be for the entire family – which means it has to be stylish to satisfy me. We need areas where we can spend time as a family, whether it’s in the kitchen, dining room or living room. It’s always nice to have some company while I’m cooking, so a kitchen that’s not too small for everyone to gather in there is a necessity. We would love a kitchen island..can’t go wrong with an island. But I love the idea of making our family home, stylish but fun for Archer.

kirstenkrason_0032Classy Clutter

There’s always an option of having a playroom for Arch or cornering out a room for him to have a little area like this, but I love the idea of just making our house fun. Having little things here and there with gives inspiration and fun to Arch.


Classy Clutter

This living room above looks crazy stylish, but also injects the fun for kids! The magnets, the toy box, and the little kid ornaments spotted around gives this living room a real homely feel without compromising on style!

Finding the perfect family home probably won’t be easy. I think we’ll definitely use an estate agent to help us when the time comes. They can help us find out more about the best areas to live in for a growing family. And they’ll probably have some good suggestions about what sort of features we should look for if we want a family friendly house.