Cleaning, temporary guestrooms and more cleaning..the joy of guests

Since having a baby, I’m not sure what it is but I feel like i’m torn between wanting to be a perfect mum, with the perfect house, to wanting to be my wacky adventurous self. So how am I’m getting best of both?  i’m spending my spare time cleaning constanly..and I’ve dyed my hair twice to rebel against being a typical mummy..If your wondering on what colour..I was going for blonde..but i’m more strawberry’s a working progress.

Cleaning is becoming a little bit of an the sense I hate having to do it, but I can’t not do it…I get pretty on edge when my rug hasn’t been vaccumed for a fews, and I’m constantly adding flowers to try and get the, I’m perfectly together look! But I am trying out a few cleaning rotas I have found on pinterest, just to seeif they help/work..i’ll let you know.


So there are a few things playing on my mind with my rented house that I cant do anything with..If I could I’d be knocking down a wall. Between the living room and kitchen to be precise to make it an open plan..this would not only give me a hell of a lot more space, but I’d be able to cook and clean while keeping an eye on Arch at the same time..Plus i’d love how much more light it would give our space, and make it better for when guests come over, which can be pretty sterssful even more so when you have a baby. I feel like there’s a crazy lot of pressure on new mums to have it all together..and i’m the same. On more then one occassion I have got up at stupid o’clock to clean my house just enough to make it look like I have it all together before family and friends come over..and that’s even after having a bad night with Arch..Right now my living room is crazy messy…there’s a breast pump in the middle of the room admist the chaos..clothes scattered’s crazy..But 2 things that really get on my nerves the most, which were on my nesting list which were never cleaned were my oven and the little canopy above our front know that little bit of roof that keep visitors dry. The little bit of roof thats infested with spiders and dirt..everytime I open the front doot its there stairing at me. Not only do I want to clean it I want to paint a lovely grey and the oven..the oven totally needs a clean. So with a new baby like I said comes guests, and over night guests at that. Which in itself can be pretty overwhelming when you have a new little one, but sometimes unavoidable, so I think to make your life easier, having little things set up for your guests inadvance will help you out..or give you more time to do thec cleaning.

I’ve mentioned that we are getting a new sofa soon a sofa bed to be exact, the one we have picked sadly is more functional rather then fashionable as now we have our little guy here..we have suddenly become way more popular with lots of family coming to visit and the inflatable bed just isn’t cutting anymore. Our spare room was going to be a lovely guest room/office. But now its our nursery/office. So having the sofa bed just gives us another option, until we get a bigger place to have a guest room.But even if you don’t have a guest room, having a sofa bed and  turning it into a bedroom, no matter how temporary can always be done.

So to go with the cleaning rota above, I think a great way to get around the whole constant guest thing is to have a few things for that specific reason. So I have a spare duvet and pillow set especially or guests. After each time they are used I wash them and then reset it. Same with a set of towels. It’s just easier having a set thats just for guests. No scrouging around late at night for clean towels. Just keep it all in the same place. Plus you can always show off with cute matching sets…look way more together then you actually are. Lastly, always have a croissants in a can stashed away..for the impromptu guest…smell of fresh croissants in the moring scream that your a host with it all together!


So you could do a whole Monica from Friends and get special guest towles and bedding for your lovely house visitors. These towels from Anthropologie will do the trick…i’m really liking the pattern on this set..hmprod-8


Then why not go all out and funky with a bright bedset..means your never lose it in the cupboard ue to it being so bright! I kind of love this one from H&M..

A thrilling post for your Wednesday! And to all mums out there battiling the fight of the dust bunnies..keep going and rememebr to relax too!..