Coffee Table Inspiration . My top picks

So we on the hunt for a coffee table, and I don’t even mind getting one from a charity shop and doing it up, but when this is your aim it’s always ideal to start off with a piece of furniture which is solid, then it’s much easier to up cycle, so the hunt can take a while.  But I think this may be an overstretch goal for me. I am 25 weeks now and time is fast running out. Plus lets be honest when i’m hitting the last trimester am I going to want to be sanding and painting a coffee table? Probably not. So I am on the hunt. I don’t want to spend a fortune, because it’s already going to be a super expensive year, but here are some coffee tables which are awesome.


I like how funky this table is, but will it be practical with a baby? Maybe having the curved edge is slightly more child friendly? It’s crazy how now I have to think about everything I buy or make in relation to the baby… This is from Ikea and costs £60. Which isn’t too ridiculous.


This is more of an industrial effect, and sadly is probably the least baby friendly in my list. But hey if your childless, or have older children, this is super awesome. Add some cool tones to your living room and pair with some bright accessories for an awesome statement piece. This is from Urban Outifitters but will set you back £150.



This is awesome and relaxed, Add some giant coffee table books maybe a copper vase, and boom your coffee table is done. From Homebase and being the most expensive in the list this will set you back £295. I can’t justify spending this much on a coffee table right now, but if I had the money knocking around, it would be hard to say no.



The cheapest one of my selection, although I don’t think it looks cheap, this table from Habitat and Homebase will only set you back £35, and its pretty basic, but with a bright vase filled with peonies and a couple of coffee table books I think we are good to go.


Another from Ikea though of the more expensive category this will set you back £195. But it’s a classic coffee table, with the bottom shelf and wood effect, this is sure to fit into any home.


So those are my selections…I thought I’d include a couple of upcycled pieces I have found to give some inspiration if you just fancy maybe doing up your current table or making your own one.


Using an old door to replace an old top of a table? It’s definitely different. This is from Fabulous Finishes.



Then this one which is made from a pallet, and it comes with a tutorial too! No excuses then! This is from Beyond The Picket Fence.


I think coffee tables can really help bring a room together, and we all no the trouble I have been having with my living room! Plus I am tired of having to put my beverages on the floor and let’s be honest bending down is not much fun with a kicking baby inside of you!

Here’s hoping I find and get a coffee table soon…the hunt continues. (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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