Collaborators: Steeple Stitches Knitting, Baby Clothes

Steeple Stitches and Wooden Flamingo Babies!

Available on our ETSY store is some amazing handmade knitted cardigans. These items were designed by us working with the exceedingly talented Pat, my amazing mum!

She has been knitting for over 45 years, learning from her grandma and enjoying it ever since. She can take any idea and not only create it, but it will be even better than you were expecting! She knits quicker than most teenagers can text, and its definitely quicker to get a response from her knitted or sewn than from her mobile!

Baby clothes are one of her favorites to make (as its quicker than making adult clothing and they just look so much more adorable) but it is not the only string in her bow. We have amazing pillows, cosies, socks, slippers, draft excluders, ingenious reversible  toys and many, many other incredible items.

Knitted clothing and accessories have become a lot more fashionable recently, most of which are made in a factory, but nothing beats the quality and precision of a skilled crafter sitting down and creating a unique piece.

Check out the images below, available on the ETSY store now. If you would like something made just for you get in touch and we will get right back to you.

More items are coming soon, so check back regularly, why not follow us on bloglovin and ETSY.


Patchwork CardiganBeige Cardigan Blue Cardigan White with purple trim Cardigan with hat
Plum Cardiganmulticoloured floral jumperyellow short boleroOrange and Pink Stripe cardigan











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