Here at Wooden Flamingo we love to see what other people can do! There are so many talented people out there, many of which keep their crafts as just a hobby, their beautiful handmade items kept exclusively as presents for family members at Christmas and birthdays.

We want to bring these amazing items out of the living room, but without loosing the quality of a true artist’s passion for their craft!

Our goal is to make these items available to everyone! Items that we have been involved with the manufacture of will be available on our Etsy shop, other items will be linked back to the owners sites or contact details to place an order.

These skills take hours of practise to master so there will never be masses of stock and production times may be long, but in the end the quality will speak for its self and be enjoyed for many, many years longer than anything produced by a factory.

We hope to get our collaborators to do regular posts to help inspire our audience and to hopefully pass on some of their amazing skills!


p.s If you would like to become a collaborator please send us an email or contact us on your social network of choice!