Ok, so I’m currently working on a new series of products, which I’m super excited about, but have hit a minor road block. So I came up with this idea that I’d do a series in seasons, like fashion I guess. With each new series having a colour palette.

You still with me? Good. So anyway trying to find a good colour combo is driving me crazy, as you can imagine there are so many different combinations, and so I thought I’d ask your guys opinion.

In the above pic are my group of colours. Of which I can edit shades etc, and add black, white and grey into the mix as neutrals too. Question is which palettes do you like better?


Ok, so with these two sets, I rather like how the top has a cooler, pastel vibe. While the bottom is more vibrant..but I’m not really sure about the dark blue, you know?

bright-summery-colour-combosMaybe the mid blue goes better?

sping-colour-combos-paint-samples-Then we have this as a possible combo, but I just don’t know. Should I play around finding a four colour combo, then maybe add an accent colour to contrast? For example with this one above I could add a gold or a purple to off set the flow..

I’m really not sure about the navy blue..maybe it can be a little detail colour, I’m worried it’s too harsh for what the idea is..( all will be revealed soon)


FYI you think I’m having trouble with just picking paint colours for a project, can you imagine the trouble I have decorating our house. Why do you think I’ve gone for plain white? Hahah

But what are your favourite colour combos at the moment, should I scrap these ones and start from me guys!!

Happy Wednesday all x