Colour of the Month..beautiful yellow

So I can’t believe my little boy will be 6 weeks old on Friday…I mean 6 weeks! That’s crazy!! Anyway it’s that time of month when I influx your screens with colour pins!

Ok so as our sunshine is quickly diminishing..saying that is it just me or was August not exactly the summery month it normally is? But either the sun is starting to go..I thought I’d brighten up the day with these gorgeous yellow pins! Got to love the yellow!



Oh to live somewhere warm…every time I see a beautiful sunset pic or palm tree pic on instagram.. I wish to be there…especially if my view is rain and grey pavement. But check out this guys instagram..its so awesome!



So I have decided I need to recreate this and frame it for my simple yet so amazing..I can’t stop looking at it..I want it! I want it now!



I couldn’t do a post on yellow and not have a weird picture of bananas in there…lets just say this was my favourite out of a few and the most pg…I’ll leave you to think of what the other compositions may have been..



I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of pastel shades..p.s I want that swimsuit.



Simple picture..yet so awesome. Sometimes food photography can be really beautiful. Plus who doesn’t love mustard yellow.



If I wasn’t afraid of loosing my deposit at home, I’d totally create a similar shoot to this. I also want to do a shoot with colour smoke bombs. Any takers?




I love this, these are the balloons I want for our wedding because they are just so fun..and make everything so much more awesome..right? P.S check out the blog this is’s stupidly awesome.

and theres my colour of the month in pins..I hope it makes your day a little sunnier..but if your in the UK…probably not..