Ok so I am soooo excited about our new product. Being inspired by all the lovely geometric shapes, and the sun finally coming out we have designed some funky coloured chalkboards! So without further ado here are our new chalkboards.


So we have a range of shapes and colours, and we can always do a custom order for you! I have the Miami two toned hexagon on my wall! Go to our ETSY page and take a look!

So yeah that’s a new product from us…Woop!! I am totally wooping due to pro-activeness.

Also as a special feature, you get a piece of chalk which has been hand picked by your’s truly from the beach. Yeah it’s sea chalk. I am pretty sure that’s a thing.

 Our Inspiration

So thought I would show you some of my inspiration for these beauts. Miami beach huts were a big factor. With the colours and shapes. Gah I want one. I think this would look great in my garden in Essex….



Anyway I love the shapes, and colour of these bad boys and there are so many different variations..




The photography is pretty impressive too. You can never go wrong with bright clashing colours. They just look so summery, and happy. Like little happy huts.



Even the cone looks good…But on a serious n0te. How much do you think one of these cost to build? Plus can you like rent a life guard? Comment below.



So my plan is to expand our collection in the next coming months, more crazy designs more clashing colour. Maybe even a beach hut.  I am thinking this colour palette. Can’t go wrong with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Here’s to Summer, and have a happy Wednesday..