I have been feeling really urgh, about not being able to blog properly. the last two weeks, I feel my post’s haven’t been up to standard, and it’s crazy how much it is starting to bother me. With Richard being away the last week, I have been crazy building, sanding and painting our products 24/7. This is my lounge right now.



Horrific isn’t it. I am completely out of my routine. I haven’t been at work this week because of the fair, but I normally work part-time 9-1, then I stay at work and do my blogging bits. I have a desk, and I use the workshop there. It’s easy, it keeps me in routine and keeps my living room clear. Problem is? I am leaving this job soon to a possible move/ new job for Richard. ( I work part-time where he works)…so…My home is going to become my little work place/ office. I have no idea how I am going to handle it.

I feel like a need a space, where I can just shut the door when the day is finished. We can’t afford a studio or office space, so the spare room it is..but I want to know from people who work from home. How do you swtich off? How do you keep your house clean from the clutter, and from spreading throughout the house. Wooden Flamingo products, aren’t a neat and tidy process, there’s paint and there’s sanding, there’s glueing and glitter. I am worried that getting into that routine to get up and go to your work place, and not do it in front of the tv is going to be hard…

At the moment I can’t see one section of clean floor, I have broken glass which has been brushed up, but is still in the brush pan in the corner.. I have literally become like a hoarder. It’s crazy. but only one weekend left.



So tell me your secrets! How do you self employed/work at home people do it?How do you managed to find that balance of separate work/home living..

Haha, gosh I think I might need a maid if I end up working from home, or an intern….or just a stiff drink.


I promise exciting blog post’s next week! I need my routine back!= and hopefully I can’t report good news from the craft Fair, it’s our second one, so nerves are high!!

Speak soon all