So I am looking forward to go to high tea this weekend at Fortnum & Mason with a friend from Canada, and to get me into the spirit me and Richard went for a cream tea last week at a local antique shop which is filled with nik naks, and a lovely garden where we relaxed and were quaint sipping tea from fancy china and indulging in scones and clotted cream.


So it’s such a cute location, a little English garden on the sea front. It’s soooo pretty and there are plants, and chimes and flowers everywhere.


I love the sculpture amidst the garden…would love a vase version of this to grow lavender in.. purple rinse no??




There’s so many things to look at, it’s just so peacefull.




Richard is obviously excited about having some tea from a fancy’s right up his alley…


These scones came out warm and fluffy, with a choice of strawberry or blackberry jam! yum yum yum.


I was discussing high tea and cream tea with my house guest, who has had her fair share off high tea experiences and I definitely think that it has come back in popularity the last 2 years or so. It’s a trend now to try and go to somewhere like the Savoy for high tea. There are a couple of places I have been which include this Antiques shop in Essex and Polly’s Tea room in Marlborough which is such a treasure of a place. With fresh made cakes, soup and sandwiches. The waiters and waitress wearing long skirts and old fashioned aprons, this place is a must to go to.

So my lovely friend who has come to stay with me is taking me to High tea as I mentioned earlier, plus she greeted me with one of life true pleasures. Macarons, after knowing my failure to make them, these brought a giant smile to my face. I have so far indulged in olive (weird but genius flavour), Strawberry yoghurt and salted caramel… yum yum yum.



Just look at how pretty they are!! gah!! Enjoy your Wendesday! I’m off to introduce a Canadian to greasey fish and chips!