Create Much Needed Space In Your Home By Getting Rid Of Unwanted Appliances

The home is one of the most important places in everyone’s life. For me, it is the place where I can express myself, create memories and generally sit back and relax. That is why I love interior design so much, it’s an expression of yourself. I want every part of my home to reflect me and to look classy yet individual. Even if it’s just for me.  If you are an interior design buff, you will have undoubtedly heard all of the ways to make your home look amazing. One secret trick that people are not aware of, though, is how creating more space, can really make a room.

So how do you create more space in your home? Well, I do it by throwing away appliances I don’t need any longer. Now that the autumn and winter is on the way, there are plenty of them that you won’t need for another year.

I had this problem in my place in Essex. Now when I say get rid of appliances, I am talking in general so not just bulky electrons but furniture too. In our old place, every spare inch of wall had something there. It was over crowded, and looked like an archive room of a museum. So when we moved to Bedford I made it my mission to cut down, and to really think about and curate the pieces I wanted in our home and you guys can do it too.


Air Conditioner


There is no doubt that an air conditioning unit is very much welcomed in the summer months, but boy do they take up a lot of space. Especially if you get the free standing ones. Even in a place like Britain, temperatures can reach the high twenties and early thirties. When that happens, there is no escape from the heat, apart from in air conditioned room. I would have loved to have had one this summer..being  heavily pregnant in the heat we had was not at all fun! But, when the summer starts to ease off, the weather gets a lot colder. As a result, there is no need for a HVAC unit on the wall. Take it off and store it away for next summer. Then, buy a few paintings or ornaments to decorate the leftover space. Easy!


Old Clothes And Summer Clothes


Another remnant of the summer is clothes. Unfortunately, clothes for the summer months do not mix with clothes for the winter months. Unless you wear layer upon layer.. What makes this infuriating is the space that summer clothes take up. Personally, I don’t have a whole lot of storage space to begin with, so space is at a premium. I like to take my summer clothes out of the closet and make more room for warmer ones that will be more functional. At the same time, refresh your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn that dress for the last two years..maybe it’s time to give it to charity. I find buying cute vintage suitcases and storing them under your bed may intise you to sift through your wardrobe. Or go for plastic storage boxes which will keep your clothes protected, and these can go in your garage or loft, creating much more needed space..for more clothes!  For great tips on organising your closet, check out Design Love Fest’s blog post below.





Oversized Furniture



At the minute, oversized furniture is a chic addition to most homes. At their best, they act as a focal point that adds a lot to the rooms they inhabit. However, at their worst they take up space that could be better used. For example, instead of an oversized couch, you could buy a smaller one with matching armchairs. That allows you to maximise space, plus you get more for your money! The conventional sofa and armchair combination has been around for decades for a reason. Plus you then have a little more room for an awesome coffee table..




Books You Don’t Read, And Never Plan To Read!


Now this was my biggest problem back in Essex. I worked in a charity shop, So I got a lot of books for really cheap, and before I knew it, I had a mini library on my hands. The problem was, I was never ever going to get around to reading them all. So when we moved I sifted my ever growing collection down, and it’s crazy how much space it’s made me. (two less bookcases). But bookshelves make us look well-read and sophisticated, which is why most homes have decorative ones. On the flip side, they also take up a whole lot of room. Why not invest in a book case that can fit around your other furniture? Like around your bed, or in small gaps? Having a bookcase, filled with books you actually want to read, and other trinkets, will give you the much needed space around the rest of your house, while still sowing off to guests your well read and sophisticated!



After living in a very cluttered house,now to living in a house which is still quite full ( I mean come on baby steps) it’s crazy how much clearer my mind is, and keeping pieces and having the space to breathe makes such a difference.

Creating space is an amazing way to enhance any room because it is flexible.