I’m a bit obsessed with DIY’s, upcycling generally anything creative I can do to give my home that extra little something. Though truth be told, with Archer constantly trying to break himself and generally being a destructive boy, I find my time to do all such creative projects gets limited. I have a list the size of my house of things I want to do, and I’m slowly getting through them. I often get asked how Richard feels about my rather elaborate decor choices. WHen you live with someone be it family, partner or even roommate you need to find a way to mesh your personalities together.  I’m lucky that on most part Richard ‘trusts’ my visions when it comes to the home..though sometimes it takes a little more convincing. But I also trust his. It’s about compromise. I have lots of Lego planes around the house because Richard likes them on display, when it comes to wood work and furniture I want him to create and build..I tell him what I picture and he builds in his own way..which luckily always works. Remember that when you live with someones it’s as much their space as it is yours. Your house is a reflection fo the people who live there, so find a way to work in harmony.

The second question or more of a statement? anyway is when friends see a new item I’ve created or something I’ve upcycled or crafted they always say oh your so creative I wish I could do stuff like that..and my answer is, well give it a go…I taught myself a bunch of stuff. I wing it when it comes to upholsterer, I learnt woodwork from Richard, and the rest is down to the glorious world of the internet. I started off doing a few handmade signs just for fun, news spread and before I knew it I had my Etsy page. So if you have been pinning diy’s that you just don’t have the courage to start yet,  I thought I’d round-up of my favourite diy’s that are easy and great for a beginner, so by the end of year you will be tackling your pin board of beauts!

There are so many things you can have custom-made, and so many ways to do it. I love browsing for ideas and inspiration from clever people and businesses. You can choose to use a small, independent artist like me, or you could look at larger companies that might do something a little different. Both types of seller have pros and cons – although, obviously I recommend independent makers over others. You could choose to have custom art created or even custom furniture. You can personalise things in so many ways too. You might use a photo of your family to turn it into a large canvas or maybe a painting. A custom piece of furniture might feature a motif that means something to you.


Ok let’s talk pom poms. These are super easy to make and are a great way to add colour and embellish existing textiles. Adding   pom poms onto a  pair of curtains can make them look super stylish, or even embellishing bags or shoes..invest in a glue gun and some needle and thread and your good to go.


pom+pom+pillow-18A Kailo Chic Life

I’m and dying over how cute this pillow is..i need like a whole bed amazing..and so easy to do. CLick the link above for the easy tutorial.

Now I should warn you that diy’s get highly addictive so I can’t be responsible for any extra clutter that may take over your home. I’m talking spray paint, threads, paper, wool, glitter…like a diy craft unicorn vomited over your home..but I will promise you fun.

IMG_4329The Surznick Common Room

A really easy and effective diy, is just spray painting frames and clips to hang up your vinyls. Grab a side table, give it a lick of paint and you have a record player corner. Like this Ikea hack above, click the link for tutorial.

DIY-Pattern-napkin-for-spring-22Enthralling Gumption

These napkins are amazing, and so simple to do..follow the step by step tutorial on the link above.

Monogrammed is so popular at the moment, and there are so many cute ways to diy it yourself, add a little touch of the personal to your home.


Add some cute letters to kids rooms, like this one above..super cute right?

What if you’re willing to brave a little bit of crafting if it will get you beautiful results? You might be a bit craft-phobic, but anyone can do some things. There are a few simple projects you can try that I’m sure absolutely no one could mess up. If you can’t tie a ribbon around something or stick two things together, I would be very surprised. You don’t have to be a crafting genius to add a few personal touches to some items in your home. You can find some super easy DIY ideas in some of my posts, including marbled vases and abstract balloon art. That last one just involves pinning some deflated balloons to card and putting it in a frame!

So go out and give it a go guys!