Cute stationary for all your notes and office needs.

Since my list making has gone into overdrive with our impending arrival, I can’t get enough of all the cute stationary out there! I think if I had the time, and actually took photos which had me and Richard in..I’d totally like scrap booking..

Anyway to some cute things to make your list making life easier.  I’ve separated this post into some of my favourite places to get stationary…because i’m that sad..




So I love Anthropologie it’s my guilty pleasure, and more of a treat around birthday’s and Christmas because it can be quite expensive. But they do the most mouthwatering furniture, cook ware and stationary..

So above clockwise we have..

Dalmatian stapler.. I feel like I really need this in my life. It’s £20.00 so a bit pricey for a stapler..but let’s be honest it would look awesome on my desk…

Monogram notebooks. To make never ending lists, or add to a monogram collection you might have going…This costs £8.00 from Anthropologie.

Washi tape collection. I have so much washi tape just because it has so many uses, decorate, DIY, gift wrap. Endless possibilities. These cost £12 for the set of five from Anthropologie.

Banderole pencil set. I think these are so funky and I think I have mentioned them in a post before, but they are super cute and would add flair to any pencil case or desk. They costs £8.00 from Anthropologie.


Ok next we have Selfridges, the thing I love about Selfridges is that it has so many brands all under one roof, and especially brands like Kate Spade, where shipping from the states would out way the price of the product. So I love shopping there and I love their stationary section!



Ok so from clockwise we have…

Kate Spade rotating stamp, This is super awesome and I’m super in love with it, with awesome phrases like Be an elegant thinker, and don’t mind if I do. This will spruce up any office, and make your documents snazzy too. This is from Kate Spade at Selfridges and costs £24.95.

House of Holland ball point pen. I love this for obvious reasons…it’s a pen that looks like a pencil. What can I say i’m easily impressed. This is from House of Holland at Selfridges and costs. £4.99

Hay colourful sticky notes. How awesome are these sticky notes, the colours, abstract circle shapes…I love them…I mean this takes fridge notes up to a whole new level. These are from Hay at Selfridges and cost £5.00.

Kate Spade Pencil Set. The most simple stationary tool, made ridiculously cute. Polka dots and office needs these. They are from Kate Spade at Selfridges and cost £22.95…expensive but very cute.

House Doctor Scissors. Now not really a great buy while I try to baby proof the house, but these scissors are beautiful no? They are from House Doctor at Selfridges and cost £15.00.

Ok next we look overseas at Kikki K (Australia) and so I have to keep the postage costs in mind when drooling over their products.

Too Kikki.K..



Ok from clockwise..

Magnetic page markers. Kikki.K. Cute page markers for your planner. I have one of their planners and I stupidly love it… These costs $3.95

Double sided wrapping paper. Kikki.K. This looks awesome, I am the type of person who kind of has a gift wrap draw..always need to be prepared, plus I like to use cute good quality paper in my book binding. This costs $3.95

Stripes and polka dots ball point pens. Kikki.K. These look awesome and let’s be honest you will spark envy in all your friends when you whip these out to jot down some notes..These costs $9.95

A sentence a day journal. Kikki.K Cute journal, to help remind you to feel inspired everyday. This costs $24.95

Alphabet stamp kit. Kikki.K You can get overly creative now when writing notes, cards,gift tags..really the possibilities for stamps are endless. This costs $19.95

Live what you love DIY sticker book. Kikki.K. I want this so I can jazz up my planner with all the cuteness inside! This costs $19.95

I Love Kikki.K and they have super cute planners which is where I got mine from. See it here…so do take a look.

So there is my cute stationary overload. Have a good weekend all! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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