Cute things to help your babies bedtime routine

So as the months start to fly by, and Arch grows bigger and big he’s not going to be in his moses basket soon, there are a few things on our list we need for the nursery. Practical things like a monitor and cots sheets, then some little things to help make Arch more comfortable, a mobile, cute toys and a night light. Having a bedtime routine can help get your baby used to sleeping at night and more importantly knowing to sleep at night.

So we try to bathe Arch every other night, depending on Richards shift work, as if I’m on my own…sometimes it’s not practical, due to time. Having a soft fluffy towel, lavender baby bath bubbles, and a few toys can help make bathtime fun and relaxing. We like to have a couple of toys, to distract Arch from the fact he’s having a bath..he wasn’t super keen on baths…he’s getting to slowly enjoy them. Plus it my mind it might tire him out a little. Just in time for bed.



Try a different spin on the orignal rubber duck with services ducks. This can be a fun teaching moment too…These are from Not on the Highstreet and cost £8.00.original_giraffe-bath-book

We like to read to Arch before he goes to bed. Reading is great for their development, plus the colours and the sound of your voice is calming and fun for them. You could kill two birds with one stone and get this fun bathtime book to read when your baby is in the bath. This is from Not on the Highstreet and costs £15.99.

Next night lights can be a great way to keep a little bit of light in the room, but just enough to let your baby know it’s time for bed.


I love this nightlight, so much so it’s on our Christmas list for Arch. It’s just so cute! Plus keeps in with the theme of Star Wars nicely…This is from Not on the Highstreet and costs £16.50.


This is a cute night light too, also from Not on the Highstreet and costs £22.


Awesome robot night light, these come in so many different designs too! Plus as an added bonus, you can change the colour! Not on the Highstreet again and costs £42.95.

If your not feeling a nightlight, lamps and other type of lighting are alwasy options and can be fun to find lightd to go with your them. A cute neutral theme like animals or nature can be sweet, and you could pair it with a cute bumblebee lampshade. There are so many options for you to choose from, which makes lamps a popular choice for most nurseries.

For a softer atmosphere you can use interior LED lights or drape fairy lights across the ceiling. This will create a twinkling night sky effect. This will be wonderful for your child to look at and gentle on their eyes too. If you don’t want to change your current ceiling light fitting, why not change the bulbs you use. You can get candle light effect bulbs that are much kinder and create a soothing environment for your baby to sleep in. You can also use these in nightlights and lamps.

Your baby is going to be sleeping a lot during the early stages in it’s life. You need to ensure that you can make the nursery dark when needed. If too much natural light gets in, it can give you a very grouchy and tired child. Block out the light with thick curtains or blinds. Sertting a nightime routine, can really help your baby get used to sleeping at night. Bath time, story time and snuggles will help your baby know its time to sleep. We like to feed Arch, getting him inot his growbag, read a story then put on Ewan to help him sleep! Thats his ortuine, with every other day having a bath.

Have fun with the design, when decorating your nursery, making it calming and relaxing and dream inducing for your little one. Mobiles are a great way to calm your baby once they are down and ready for sleep time.


Cute mobiles to help your little ones dream sweet dreams..Not on the Highstreet and this cloud mobile costs £30.00original_wooden-aeroplane-mobile

Right up RIchards street…if you don’t know…he’s pretty obsessed with planes…but I do thnk this is super cute! From Not on the Highstreet and costs £20.00.


You can personlise this moibile, and it’s just so super cute..i’m in love with it. From Not on the Highstreet and costs £65.00. The ‘R’ will be replaced with the letter of your little ones name.


Bedtime is one of my favourite times, and not just because it’s when I can take a breather. We enjoy reading to Arch and having that little bit of playtime before he goes down for the night! Plus he’s super cute when he’s asleep.