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We all talk about how to make our modern decor child friendly and safe, hell I even did a post the other day about how to make your Christmas decor your taste as well as keeping it fun for your kids. But do we ever think about how our homes are inspiring our kids?

Bedrooms: more often than not they are covered in toys and clothes, even Archers and he’s only 16 months old.  This is pretty standard, unless you have Mary Poppins as your nanny. But what about the decor? The furniture? The art work? Even if you rent, there are ways to add colour and creativity to your children’s home without breaking the bank or losing your deposit.

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Having a play area, or even a themed corner can help stimulate your child’s imagination. We have a giant chalkboard triangle on Archers wall to give him large space to let loose on.


Creating an inspiring homework nook for your kids could really help them while they are studying. Making hit fun and creative might inspire them to approach their homework with a more positive attitude.

The location of your child’s new homework nook is something you need to consider carefully. Kid’s bedrooms, kitchens and hallways are all popular choices used by families. A homework nook doesn’t have to be over the top and enormous. A small and comfortable corner with a simple desk and chair is perfect. Start looking around your home and consider multiple locations before you commit. You may need to rethink some of your room layouts to create the space you need.

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A desk and chair are the most integral aspects of a homework nook. So it’s vital that you get them right. Make sure the desk has plenty of space for them to spread out and is able to grow with them. Choosing a desk that is too cramped can put them off using it and will need replacing again in future. If you’re short on space, consider a foldable desk that can be put away when not in use. Choose a colourful, adjustable chair that can also grow with their child as they get older.

Comfort is important if you want your kids to use their new homework nook regularly. You can do this a number of ways. You could add a cushion to their desk chair which they can sit on or use to support their back. A bean bag couch can be a fantastic seating option for homework that involves reading.


When it comes to play or craft time. Even try using your storage as an opportunity to teach and inspire. Maybe create an idea jar where your child can pick an idea at random and for that day you create that scene? And underwater theme or pirate using crafts and furniture to build a platform.

Use artwork around your home that are colourful and full of texture. Art is proven to stimulate the mind no matter the age. Also use their own creations as artwork for your home. Doing this can create a fun gallery wall.

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If you’re a fan of Lego, don’t hide it away have it on display, as these will give a fun aspect to your home too!

Lastly don’t be afraid of make messes, it’s how they learn. Playing and having fun doesn’t tend to be a clean minimalist approach so don’t fret because you can always clear away the toys into some clever adult friendly storage!