With spring on its way, days getting longer, the sun reaching higher in the sky, and the beautiful blossom on the horizon, it’s time to pull ourselves up by the metaphorical bootstraps and crack on with the year. Your home may look a little bit like a bear has been hibernating in it for a few months, with fluffy blankets as far as the eye can see and more clutter than you care to admit. The combined efforts of the cold, damp winters and the gluttony of Christmas make motivation a little bit tricky at times, so take your strength from the slowly warming days, and get down to business. It’s time to drag our homes into spring 2017, whether they like it or not.


With the Pantone colour of the year being Greenery, I’m predicting that beautiful tropical prints, might be a decor trend. I’m thinking vibrant colours rather than the muted pastels of yesteryear. If you keep your walls and floors in classic neutrals and grays (very on trend at the moment), and accessorize with big, bold prints, you’ve got a home from which you can draw energy and intrigue, but which isn’t overwhelming. The benefit of using these prints in fabrics such as cushions and throws is that they remain stylish throughout the year.


Like this decor above, with the rich green accents paired with the neutral browns. This looks super cosy and yet colourful at the same time.

Make this the year to finally start the dream changes on your home.Is this finally the year you get the kitchen of your dreams or convert the attic space into a cute little home office? Have you always dreamed of adding a luxury fireplace to your living room as a stylish centerpiece all year round? Check out FireplaceGuide for more info..I’d love a fireplace, though it’s more so i’d have an excuse to get beautiful gold fire-place that the right word? and a cute little basket for fire wood.

marble-and-copper-shower-wet-room-1Don’t cramp my style

Beautiful metal ornaments in coppers, bronzes, and rose gold with intricate geometric shapes are so on trend right now. Juxtaposed with classic marble, kitchen and bathrooms are set to look pretty sharp this year. In a neutral colored room, add metallic and marble accessories to bring the room up to date, and add a little bit of colorful glamor. I’m a little bit in love with this bathroom…I want it. How easy do you think it is to build those little alcove shower shelfs?


Now you’re planning on introducing all these beautiful bold prints and metallic geometric accessories to your home, it’s time to start getting rid of the clutter that’s in the way. We all seem to accumulate so much random stuff throughout the winter months, especially after Christmas, so it’s time to find it all a place to live and reclaim our homes. Decluttering and taking away the chaotic mess allows a space to become so much more relaxing, but be sure to keep the things on display which make you happy.  I’m on a constant mission to do this..I feel like maybe it will be a lifelong mission..I seem to accumulate a lot of stuff!