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Ok I don’t know if it’s my frustration of not having the freedom to do what I want with our house, or just a crazy addiction, but I am constantly getting little bits here and there for our home..some of which Richard might call rubbish. But I definitely needed that neon pink mirror tray..I mean it was totally an necessity. But while being a mummy to Arch, I find myself looking more and more at decor and interior design..have you noticed? I thought I’d share with you some of my recent buys, some on my list to get, and some that are my dream buys!

Using throws to decorate, or cover stains on your sofa is now a must in my books. Especially since having Arch. All I can say is thank god for washable covers, but our new sofa won’t that luxury, so on my wish list are some gorgeous throws that I can just drape over the sofa for that casual, no I didn’t spill milk all down the arm chair, look.



So I have mentioned throws quite a bit over the last few weeks, probably because i’m on the hunt for one that isn’t crazy expensive, but still good quality. Well I think I may have found one.  H&M do a great range of houseware on their site, including some beautiful soft furnishings. Whether it’s pillows, rugs, throws or bedding, your sure to find something at great prices too! This throw is beautiful and comes in other colours too! It costs £39.99 from H&M.

Ok so while i’m on the subject of H&M here are a couple of things I have brought recently,which I sm totally in love with. Each having a specific function..and not just to look pretty!


Ok so it’s crazy but I remeber being young and thinking to myself, why does my mother own so many random boxes and I know. Because they are pretty and useful. So I’m currently working on a big DIY project using my polaroids but until I get the amount I want, and find the many many photos I have taken over the years, they currently reside in this box. I keep the box on my coffee table and to behonest it’s a lovely conversation starter where people who visit can go through my polaroids and look at my life documented through them. Once my project is over I love the idea of having little keep sakes in there. This box comes in 3 different metallics. Gold, copper and silver, and costs £12.99.



My neon pink mirrored tray. It’s for my bar cart (once it gets finished..or even started). This was a great buy as it’s in the sale and only costs £4.00 at the moment! Grab it while you can. It’s going to give that awesome pop of colour among the bottles and glassware on the cart.


Now I have a ton of plain cushions that I have been meaning do DIY for soooo long. But until then I’ll just drool over the cushions at  West Point Home. But cushions are great for making a dull couch, that little bit more fun. My favourite from West Point Home are below. I love a bold pattern, and if your a bit unsure on a bold pattern, getting it in black and white is sure to match most colour choices in your home and it’s not too out there.

So at the minute I am really into colour…like crazy into colour, so I think a great way to decorate your home with colour is by adding some modern fun wall hangings, they are fun alternative to add to your gallery wall.



So tassle’s have become increasingly popular as party/wedding decorations, but I love the idea of having them hang in an office, over a bed or even as cute nursery decor. I love the idea of putting some above my desk in my office! This is from Pom Joy Fun as it from Etsy, starting from £19.95. They also come in a range of colours too. il_570xN.784125143_sx2f

A super cute wall hanging for a nursery or even just in your home, I mean why not. They have lots of different animals, I am torn between the elephant and the giraffe. But this could be a fun DIY to try too! This is from Kelsey Davis Design, ETSY and is £33.88.


I’m on the hunt for a woven wall hanging, there are just way too many to choose from on ETSY, so I am currently playing with the idea of possibly making my own one…who might happen one day! But these cuties are from Holly and Teddy, ETSY and cost £25.00. These would be super cute in a baby girls room or nursery.


Buying bits and bobs is so much fun right? Don’t listen to your other half. We all know that pink neon tray was totally needed. I mean it’s going to make our bar cart look awesome right?

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