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I was always a little different at school, dressed a little quirkier (is that a word?!) anyway listened to different music and generally enjoyed being a slight rebel when it came to my choices in fashion. The same goes with my decor. I’m kind of used to being that person in a friend group who has the slightly bizarre decor choices. But after we brought a house, and I could really go to town, I shied away for a weird reason.

What about when we go to sell?

When thinking up decor ideas, I started to tame it down when it came to the execution. Purely because I was worried that when we decided to sell, it might make it difficult. To which point Richard pretty much said who cares?

He’s totally right. I’ve lost myself since finishing uni, I went from being surrounded by creative like-minded people, where my dress sense didn’t get a second glance but a hey five, to a small town in Essex where grey was the boldest colour worn. I’ve totally lost my style, which hasn’t been helped since becoming a mum. But that’s a post for another day. So i decided not to lose my decor taste either! So the mood board above is just a snippet of my house goals, as you can see it’s bright, it clashes but in my eyes its amazing!

So here’s to being a decor rebel, not following any particular trend, but a pinch from all, and to decorating our houses to make us happy, not a future buyer 10 years down the line.

I mean let’s be honest I was not thrilled with the decor especially the many shades of brown tiles in the bathroom, but that didnt put me off buying. Because in my mind I pictured all the potential of the house, which a future buyer would/should do.

So I’ve gone with my heart, and we are decorating the house slowly, but to our own taste with some easy DIY hacks too. Which will all be shown on the blog soon, but i’ll give you a sneak peek to a few today!

So on my rather long list of big things that need tackling, a couple of the main areas for me, are our shades of brown bathroom and our front garden. Which is just stones. Such a pain with a pram. I need something like resin bound paving, just as a strip so I can get pram out with ease..also I love the idea of just having a bunch f lavender and a climber up the front door (which is super ugly so needs something doing to it). Picture a lovely cottage-esq style printed on mid terrace house!

Ok so one of our biggest decor decisions was our living room floor. We decided on doing this way before we were even considering buying a house, and thankfully we went through with, it was a massive labour of love, but it looks amazing, here’s a sneak preview of our blue floor!


We will do a post on how you can do it too, as we built the whole floor from scratch! And it cost us like a 1/3 of the price getting hardwood flooring would have cost. Once the living room is done and dressed ill do a tour post too! But I’m so happy with how it came out, though photographs just don’t show how bright the blue is, I’ll keep trying to get a good picture for you guys!


So I showed you a glimpse of our living room bookcase but here it is again, which is full of storage, but let’s be honest you can never have enough storage, so we are trying to find fun ways to add storage but in a decorative sense too. Yes this means I’ve contemplated wall papering cupboards and putting in thick wood shelves…everything can be made to look good no matter what! I also love the idea of doing a big hexagon wall piece for upstairs in the hallway, somewhere we can display family photos, and of course plants. I secretly love looking at unique storage solutions.


So like I said above, even when it comes to storage and cupboards, i’m a big believer in maximizing the potential, and the aesthetic. Which why the amount of time I’ve spent designing this next room might surprise you. Our hallway. As you can see in the below picture, we decided on a bold washi tape pattern for the walls. Now we have also picked some tiles, which to my dismay don’t overly go with the crosses on the wall, but I have my ways and there are always ways to make it work. Also decor is like fashion. Do it with confidence and you can pull anything off. I’m hoping to be able to show the hallway sometime in the new year, if it’s finished by that time of course.



Could not post a cute picture of Arch, this was a few months back when he stood up for the first time. Now he’s climbing on everything and trying to run!


So here’s a snippet of our wall, this is pretty easy to do if you don’t care too much about precision. As you can see ours aren’t perfect, but it’s so effective I don’t think it really matters.


We were super lucky that our house acme with an outhouse. Now we had the idea of this aways being my office, but it did cross my mind to make it into a spare bedroom with an en-suite. That idea didn’t last long because I decided an office was better use, plus we have a spare room, so why would we need another..also the price..bathrooms are expensive! So my office is still a working project, but picture salmon pink storage, bright coloured artworks, streamers confetti and maybe a feature wall…I can’t wait til it’s finished.