Designing A Beautiful Gender Neutral Nursery For Your New Addition

If you have a new addition on the way and have resisted finding out the gender, you might be struggling when it comes to creating a nursery. When I was pregnant with Arch, Richard and I decided to wait to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.While this made the birth a lot more exciting, it did mean that designing a nursery was a little more difficult. After doing lots of research and using Pinterest for inspiration, I came up with lots of ideas for creating a beautiful space.

In case you are struggling to design your nursery, I thought that I would share all of my favourite ideas with you, below:


Choose a colour scheme that works for either gender


Due to us renting I wasn’t able to paint the room, so I went for removable decals in copper which I felt were gender neutral. But if you can paint, why not go for some soft pastel colours, like green, yellow or even grey.

There are so many colour schemes to choose from that it can be a little overwhelming. Use sites like Pinterest and Instagram to help inspire you – there are lots of awesome gender neutral nursery’s all around.



This pastel grey is great for a boy or a girl. Once you have had your bundle of joy, you can add little details after that to make it more gender specific.



I love the combination of grey, duck egg blue and lemon in this nursery. Soft pastel tones are great for nursery’s as they are calming and light. Just what you need for your little ones room.

Don’t be afraid to add pattern to the walls. A nursery is meant to be a calming and restful space, so having bright, bold walls may be more suitable for a toddler. However, that doesn’t mean that murals don’t look awesome like the couple below. But using muted coloured patterns always look beautiful.



If you rent, decorating often  isn’t an option. Decals are a great way to decorate your nursery without annoying your landlord or losing your deposit. This cloud decor is beautiful and it’s perfect as a gender neutral pattern. Plus putting up frames and making a little gallery wall will add colour and pattern without having to paint your room.



Ok so this is clearly a little girls room, so not gender neutral in the slightest but I wanted to show you how murals in pastels tones can look so calming and beautiful. I’d love to have done a mountain mural in our nursery. But the copper dots and gallery wall, look just as awesome.



Polka dots and stripes are some of the best gender neutral patterns you can go for, and what’s even more great is that because they are so in right now, there’s no shortage on wall paper, prints and textiles around at the moment.

Going for a theme is always a great idea, especially if you can’t paint due to renting. A great gender neutral theme is animals. As there are so many options. Zoo, birds, safari,under the sea/nautical and dinosaurs. Yes I think dinosaurs are totally gender neutral. Take a look at some of the DIY’s below to add colour and pattern to your nursery.

dinosaur triceratops t-rex and stegosaurus bookends upcycled kids toys (1)


These bookends are great and you can keep with your colour scheme by spray painting them a contrasting or similar colour.



Making little bits for your baby is fun to do when your pregnant and makes your little ones room that more personal. These rattles look so cute and are so simple to make.



Ok so clearly your newborn won’t have need for crayons and craft bits, but these could be great to store cotton wool and bits and bobs while they are still young.

Now lastly the furniture, we went for all white pieces to keep the room neutral and bright, but there are lots of different options you can go for. You will need a cot, and a wardrobe or chest of draws. We opted out of getting a baby wardrobe and went for a full sized one, as we didn’t have room for a wardrobe and a dresser/change table too! So we needed the bigger wardrobe for storage. You can also look at getting a rocking chair and a bookcase for your little ones room. For a beautiful selection of gender neutral items, have a look online. Cuckooland’s baby cots are ideal for gender neutral nurseries, so make sure to check these out. They also have some really lovely mixed wood and white furniture which is super cute and modern!

 Creating the nursery for your little one is such a special thing to do, so enjoy it and don’t stress about it too much. Have fun with it and remember you can always add gender specific details after…our details have included lots of dinosaurs and planes..thanks to Richard!