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Remember a short time ago I was writing about dual purpose rooms. In particular I was thinking about an office/nursery. It’s a rather peculiar idea when you think about it. If the baby starts crying your productivity is going right out the window. On the other hand, it’s excellent if you want to watch your little one while you’re hard at work. But to be honest, I haven’t even finished the room yet. Archer’s side is done, but at the mo, I try to squeeze a bit of blogging in and around his nap times, so more often than not I’m working from wherever I can. Mostly the sofa or the bed. 

A lot of new start-up businesses are run from home these days. Even if you don’t own a business, you might run a blog. Then you will need a place where you can work and update it frequently. So let’s quickly look at how you can design an awesome home office in your house.

Pick A Room

Regular readers will know that I already had a spare room in my home when I created the office/nursery. If you don’t, you’ll have to choose one to clear out either fully or partially. If you can I suggest you start with a room design from scratch. What I mean by this is that you don’t leave any furniture or objects in the room. You want it empty before you start designing it.

Paint The Room

What colour are you going to paint your new office? There are two tips I can offer here. As usual, don’t use a colour that will damage a potential sale. This is typically any colour that is hard to paint over like black. Although why you would paint an office black I’m sure I have no idea. If in doubt just paint it a lovely cream. This colour won’t provide a distraction and can be quite soothing if you’re feeling stressed.

Furnish The Room

Next, we need to think about furniture and there are a few pieces that you will definitely need. These are a filing cabinet, a desk and a chair. That’s all the furniture that you need but you may want to add a couple more pieces to fill a larger room. When buying these pieces think about what you will be using them for. For instance, if most of your records are kept online you won’t need a large filing cabinet. Or, if you’re going to be in the office a lot you should look at 24 hour chairs. These chairs are designed for comfort when sitting in them for a long period of time. They are therefore ideal for a home office.

A Clock

I know a lot of people hate having a clock in a room where they are working. The ticking can be distracting so if you find this you should opt for a digital one. But, there is also the issue of focusing on the time rather than completing tasks. However I think it’s good to have a clock in the room. Just make sure it’s somewhere that isn’t always in your eyeline.Work in bursts of 20 minutes. This way you can have a couple of minutes break in-between these bursts. Male sure you move around and away from your computer or whatever you’re doing to give your eyes a break. Then you can come back with fresh new eyes and do it again.

And most importantly make it somewhere inspiring that you want to work in. Here are some links that I found helpful while trying to be a new mum and run a blog too!

feng-shui-desk-683x1024Gates Interior

When we next move, I am going to try this in my office. Which will hopefully be just my office, not Archer’s bedroom too.Think the little guy needs his own little space.


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This is a great post with some awesome ideas! Plus the whole blog is worth a read too!

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  1. Pat

    Tried to feng shui my work desk, but ended up with neck ache. I work with my back to the door, and can’t persuade anyone to swap, so it’s not going to work. Oh dear.

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