Whimsical Wedding 

How can you make sure that your guests have an amazing day? They’ve got dressed up and travelled to your venue. They may even have booked a day off work, or paid for overnight accommodation. As a result, it’s only understandable that you will want them to have the best time.

However, let’s be honest. The ceremony is sweet and endearing. The evening reception, with music, food and dancing, is like a party! But the middle bit? The afternoon reception in between. It can be pretty boring.

Luckily, there are a number of ways to counteract this boredom and make this bit of the wedding fun for guests. In fact, you might even make it their favourite part of the whole event. Here are some ideas you might want to put into play for your wedding.


Now, don’t skip over this one. Magicians like Dynamo have done a fantastic job of making magic cool again. If you hire the right magician, you too can do the same.

Hire a magician to roam around your wedding venue and chat with your guests for a couple of hours in the afternoon. They can show the adults grown-up tricks, using things like their watches or bank notes. They can also do a show for the children, with suitable tricks for the different age groups.

Garden Games

There are loads of wedding ideas out there online, and one that is growing in popularity is having a collection of garden games at the reception. Hire giant Jenga and Connect Four and both the adults and children will want to play. You could also furnish them with fun-fair inspired games, like Hook-A-Duck or a Coconut Shy!


If you want art at your wedding, but fancy something a bit more casual, how about a caricaturist. Just like a magician, he can roam around your guests drawing caricatures. Let he or she know in advance if there is anyone specific you would like for them to draw; your niece, or bridesmaids, for example. You could even ask them to do some humorous group ones, like drawing all of the groomsmen in Wedding Dresses!

Live Painter

This isn’t something you see all that often at weddings, meaning it could be something you have that is totally unique. Hire a live painter to be at your wedding. Have them do a few sittings throughout the day, painting what they see as it happens. So, they could paint your wedding ceremony when it happens. Then, if all of your guests gather outside for food, they could paint this. Finally, they could do a third sitting in the evening, for the dinner and speeches. It gives you guests something to stand and watch being created. It also gives you a way to capture the day that isn’t just in the form of photographs and videos.