I love a good DIY project, and recently I’ve been thinking about getting my old sewing machine out and having a play at making, or up cycling some of my old clothes. So of course I looked to trusty Pinterest for some ideas and tutorials.

  Naughty Shorts 

A vintage dress can look so pretty especially when carefully prepared by it’s owner. You can find so many lovely fabrics that can complement this look. The internet is a great place for inspiration and sewing patterns to match. With sites like Pinterest bursting with inspiration and DIY’S. Like this one. How to make a vintage dress from a sheet! 

  The Littlest Studio

A skirt might be one of the easier projects to try first if your a sewing newbie. Picking a Bright coloured fabric and futuristic fastenings from companies like Scovill will give you a variety of different finishes. This look above would work well at any time of the year. Just use different fabrics for the different weather.

  Freshly Given 

A  blouse is a wardrobe staple for anyone. They can look amazing teamed with skinny jeans as well as skirts. You can consider different fabrics for this style and use a whole host of sewing patterns to complete the look. I think a pretty look would be to consider a lovely floral print. Perfect for the summer months ahead. The one above is made using an old shirt, something you can easily pick up from a charity shop!  

 Handy Little Me
A jumper is an inspired choice for winter. Do you remember your mother or grandmother teaching you how to knit? It’s  now the perfect time to put those skills into action. Again it would be advisable to follow a pattern or some form of instruction. It is also worth knowing your measurements to make sure sleeves and neck lines sit just right. But the link above will take you to a great blog which is full of patterns and tutorials.

  Everything Golden 

  Sew Much Ado

Apart from in textiles class (years ago)and a few alterations to some vintage outfits, I’ve never really made any outfits from scratch. So I’m thinking I might start with making something for archer. Baby clothes must be easier…I mean the size alone must help? No? Anyway enjoy some of the cute ideas above for  baby outfits. 

  Premeditated Leftovers 

Maternity clothes can be a cost that most new mothers could do without. So making them is a great way to save some money. It can be quite easy as the fabric you want to use should be breathable and light. You won’t need anything particularly tight fitting as comfort will be a priority. The handmade look can work well with a growing baby bump. Plus maybe you could reuse the material after and make something for your little one? 

I’m going to attempt to make some little rompers for arch. I’ll let you know how they go!